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10 amazing things you can do with coke

Reset shine to coins and jewelry

Coins and jewelry that have begun to collect a sweet dirt can be cleaned with nothing but a can of coke.

If for some reason you care about how shiny your booty is to simply drop the ugly coins in a kettle and leave them overnight. In the morning pour coke down into the drain, rinse the coin in warm water and dry them dry.

I took a handful of ugly pennies and nickels, dropped them in a cup of coke and let them sit overnight. While most did not return to its original shine, the black gloss was removed from almost every penny. But they needed a little polish with a cloth.

It's wise to be careful when trying this on jewelry, as the Coke's acid can also remove paint and rust from metal if left out for a long time. Remove jewelery and rinse immediately.

Published: Description: Taylor Martin Photo: Taylor. For something a bit safer, you might want to stick to cleaning jewelry with aluminum foil instead. Martin / CNET

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