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10 Devil May Cry 5 tips to help you quickly send demons

To enjoy the deep battle of Devil May Cry 5's sea, you must first learn to swim. Listen to the game's encyclopedic list of attacks with these 10 tips.

Devil May Cry 5 is Capcom's latest entry in its iconic demon-slaying action series and a strong contender for this year's game. It retains the rich games mechanics of previous games, adds all new ones to master and makes commands more lenient, thus lowering the knowledge field of new players.

That being said, Devil May Cry 5 gives players an encyclopedic list of attacks to inject into combination strings, and learning to integrate these abilities effectively can be a surprise.

Don't worry, because the DMC5 has many beginner-friendly features that make learning the upset battle much easier than previous games. Prominent tutorials make it easy to learn important commands, and the sharp skill list can always be seen from the menu if you ever need a refreshment.

But there is only so much that reading can do for you: creativity is at the heart of DMC5's battle. Devil May Cry teaches you how to perform movements, but it is up to you to decide what to string together to form your butt-whoopin combos.

If you're new to the series and want to know how to do most of the PC game is crazy action, I compile a list of 10 DMC5 tips to remember when playing. Some are just suggestions, while others are highly recommended. Give them all a shot and see what works for you. Who knows? Maybe one day soon you will be turning out nice DMC5 combo videos for the world to see.

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