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10 relaxing gifts for self-care and well-being – LifeSavvy

A woman relaxing by candlelight in a bathtub.
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Give the gift of self-care during the holidays to help your favorite people unwind after a very stressful year. From meditation tools to spa experiences in the bathtub, there is something a little so relaxing for everyone here.

A subscription to the meditation app

An advertisement for the Calm gift subscription with the app open on a phone that sits next to a blanket, two gifts and

Learning to meditate is difficult, but sticking to it and actually practicing it regularly is even tougher. This is where meditation apps come in. They are designed to fit into lively lifestyles and make daily meditation a moment of peace and relief, rather than just another thing to do.

Therefore, they make the perfect gift for someone who needs a little help to stick to their meditation exercise.

Calm is one of the best. It has both short and long meditations, stories about going to bed, master courses created by professionals, relaxing music and even soothing landscapes. There is even a story told by Matthew McConaughey – who can ask for more?

An essential oil diffuser

If your loved one is a fan of essential oils, she will absolutely love this wonderful diffuser from Anjou. With its capacity of 500 ml and the special One-Fill technology, it creates the perfect aroma in any room. It will disperse strong scents of essential oil for up to 15 hours.

It is also quiet, so your friend can also use it at night. It shuts off automatically when there is no more water in the tank, which prevents it from running unnecessarily without “fuel”. The beautiful design makes it an effective, stylish gift.

A long burning candle

Chesapeake Bay peace + tranquility is lit on a tray of flowers.
Chesapeake Bay

It is difficult to imagine a relaxing environment without some wonderful scented candles. They create a perfect spa atmosphere and send body and soul to immediate self-care mode.

Just check out this aptly named peace + calm light from the Chesapeake Bay. The cashmere and jasmine notes simply melt away the stress. It also has an approximate burning time of 50 hours, so your loved one will be able to enjoy it all winter.

Mysig Loungewear

Loungewear was created for cozy days around the house. It makes cuddling in front of the fireplace to read a book or watch a movie even better.

Surprise your friends and family with soft, fluffy items from Free People or SKIMS by Kim Kardashian. Then everyone can enjoy their winter hygiene in ultimate comfort.

A gratitude and happiness

The book

Writing down the things you are grateful for and learning to increase your happiness hormones is an ongoing practice. Help your loved ones track their progress with the popular ones 52 Lists for Happiness: Inspiration for a weekly magazine for positivity, balance and joy by Moorea Seal.

Through the power of lists, it will help your giftee cultivate good self-care habits by writing down what makes them feel happy and grateful.

It is the perfect gift for anyone who can use an extra touch of positivity for the coming year.

Bath salts

A warm bath must be paired with soothing scented salts – they immediately put your friend in Zen mode. This fantastic, all-natural four-pack from Relax Spa & Bath is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to soak in frothy bubbles and meditate away their stress.

It comes in four amazing scents: White Musk and Vanilla Jasmine, Green Tea, Verbena Lime Coconut and Lavender Palmarosa. Your recipient can then choose which fragrance suits her mood.

Botanical face masks

A Ballon Blanc face mask bag on a wooden plank next to a sprig of herbs.
White balloon

Self-care routines include both a physical and mental aspect. Paying attention to your skin color is definitely part of this. A face mask requires a little more time than the usual skin care routine in the morning or at bedtime.

Give the beauty gift to your loved ones this year. Better yet, give one to everyone, and then put them together and watch a rom-com. This fantastic, really affordable sex pack from Ballon Blanc is exactly what everyone needs in colder weather. This is when the skin begins to feel dry and needs a little extra care.

Infused with rich botanical ingredients, applying these relaxing face masks will undoubtedly be everyone’s favorite moment of the day.

A health subscription box

A bottle of Maya Chia Eye Achiever, a palette of eye shadows, a tube of mascara and other items from a Detox Market subscription box.
The detox market

Give your favorite wellness enthusiast a surprise gift this holiday! Sign up for the Detox Market subscription box, and every month, high-quality health products will end up on his doorstep.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on Sephora or Ulta Beauty and tests each new item on the shelf.

Soothing tea

Surprise the tea lovers in your life with a care package from Pukka relaxing tea. They will think of you every time they brew a cup and curl up with a good book. Hot drinks are known for their calming effects

In addition, these teas contain all the ingredients that promote relationship, including chamomile, licorice, fennel seeds, oat-flowering tops, cardamom, ginger and marshmallow root. Fold them in with a cute holiday mug, and your gift will be one of their favorites!

A massage kit for the spa

Wooden reflexology stick, massage comb, loofah, candle and eye mask from Frieda and Joe Massage and Reflexology Kit.
Frieda and Joe

Do you know someone who loves massage? If so, this spa and reflexology massage kit is the perfect gift. They will be able to use when they need some relaxation, but can not get to the spa.

This set includes a wooden reflexology stick, massage comb and loofah. There is also some cucumber-melon shower gel and whirlpool bath, a scented candle and some potpourri, so your loved one can create the ultimate spa atmosphere right in their own bathroom.

The gift of self-care is one that all your friends and family will appreciate – especially this year. The items in this list will make your gift selection much easier.

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