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10 Roblox Settings You Must Double-Check to Protect Your Child's Privacy «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Among the younger generation, Roblox rivals big titles like Minecraft as one of the most popular online games out there. In fact, it is common to hear children tell new comrades that "friend me in Roblox!" so they can play together online. There is nothing in itself sinful here, but with all online interaction, children's safety becomes a factor.

Roblox is a comprehensive online platform that lets you create maps of different themes, such as worlds inspired by other famous games such as Sonic Hedgehog and Cuphead, or custom maps such as MeepCity, for truly endless possibilities. The game is one of the few out there that burns your child's imagination to create or participate in fun maps full of young players from all over the world.

Tip 1: Verify your child's age with Roblox

The easiest way to protect your child's safety and privacy at Roblox is to properly enter their age when you first register first. If your son or daughter is under the age of 13, the game automatically limits their ability to communicate with other players, limits chats in the app, and messages only to friends he or she has done.

If your child is 13 years of age or older or if you have chosen to enroll in Roblox with your age to keep your child's age private, you can manually set the program's privacy and security options depending on your child's needs to ensure that They are sure to play in the game. I'll show you how to do it in the next tip.

Tip 2: Enable account restrictions

Account restrictions are automatically activated when you register and enter your child's actual age and he or she is under 13 years of age. This feature disables your child's ability to communicate with others – regardless of their friend's status – via chat in game or app and private messages. In addition, this only allows your little one to access curated content that is considered the appropriate age of Roblox.

If the registered age in your child's Roblox account is 13 years old, you can still activate Account Restrictions by first selecting "More" in the lower right corner of the main menu on the screen and tapping "Settings" on the following page. Select "Security", and from there, press the switch to the right of "Account Limitations" to activate the feature.

Tip 3: Register a valid email account

Because you No need to register an email to play, Roblox accounts are notoriously easy to create. Failure to register an e-mail account is uncertain and leaves your child's account vulnerable to hacking, as it is almost impossible to retrieve a lost or forgotten password without an e-mail account. This would almost guarantee a tantrum if your baby has accumulated lots of howl and slot machine.

Thankfully, you can register an email address for your child's Roblox account at any time by going to "Account Information" from within the App's Settings page and then "Add Email" in the address bar. You will need to verify the email address once you have entered it. Then check your email inbox and click the "Confirm Email" button in the email to complete the registration.

To further improve your child's safety and privacy, register a valid email account with Roblox unlocks more security features like me

Tip 4: Enable 2FA for control access

With two-factor authentication enabled, your child's Roblox account provides extra protection against internet theft. The feature can also help you monitor the time he or she spends on Roblox by requiring you to enter a six-digit 2FA e-mail code each time he or she logs in to the app.

To use Roblox 2FA function, you must first verify your email address with Roblox as shown in Tip 3. Once you have done so, select "Security" within the app's settings and then press the switch on the "2 step verification" tab on the following page and enter your password when prompted to activate the feature.

Tip 5: Activate a security PIN

Roblox takes another approach to activating a security PIN. Unlike a majority of apps that use the feature to prevent unwanted access to the app as a whole, the game instead uses the ability to lock down the security and privacy settings you have to prevent your child from making unauthorized changes.

When the "Account PIN" is enabled on the "Security" page of the app's settings, Roblox will prompt you to enter your four-digit PIN before changing the security and privacy settings you have entered. Doing so will give you a five-minute window to make further changes to your child's safety profile.

Tip 6: Double click on the child's Roblox profile

Children have a delightful accustomed to sending their hobbies and interests to the world, and this also extends to their user profile at Roblox. Too much information can potentially spell disaster with respect to privacy, so we recommend that you look over your child's profile to make sure he or she doesn't provide too much personal information to strangers.

To view and edit your child's Roblox profile, first tap "More" in the lower right corner and then select "Settings" on the following page. Then tap "Account Information", then simply click on your child's profile box under the section Personal to change his or her profile and delete any personal information.

Tip 7: Restrict who your child can interact with [19659008] Roblox comes with its very own chat and messaging feature in the game that allows your child to notify friends to organize game meetings, plan games in-game, or just chit chat. As practical as these features are communicating with friends, however, the app is not immune to the temporary online trolling and bullying that can adversely affect your child and family as a whole.

While we cannot completely isolate our children from potential online harassment, we can at least minimize the risk in Roblox by limiting users who can chat or notify them in-app or in-game. To do so, go to the Contact Settings section of the "Privacy" page of the app's settings and set the following contact options as "Who can chat with me in the app" according to your child's needs. [19659040] 10 Roblox Settings You must double check to protect your child's integrity ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  10 Roblox Settings You need to double check to protect your child's integrity

Tip 8: Restrict who can invite your child to VIP servers [19659009] VIP invitations are a great way to invite friends and other players to visit new and interesting player funds in Roblox. Unfortunately, some of these maps may contain inappropriate content and may not be suitable for your child. Because of this, you can limit who can send your child invitations, which can be done on the "Privacy" page of the app's settings under "Who can invite me to VIP servers".

Tip 9: Restrict who can see inventory

Showing off your collection of rare and valuable trick to your friends as proof of your game power is often as satisfying to acquire them. As innocent as it may sound, it is not ideal for your young child to freely let others see his or her Roblox inventory, as it can give strangers a perfect excuse to initiate unwanted contact or call.

Fortunately, Roblox gives you the opportunity to place restrictions on who can see your child's Roblox inventory. The setting for "Who can see my inventory?" can be found on the "Privacy" page of the app's settings, under the section Other Settings .

Tip 10: Stay connected with social networking private [19659008] With Roblox, users can view their social media, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, for others to show. Of course, this can be an unwanted gateway for sketchy individuals to find out more about your family, so you should limit their visibility. You can adjust this setting by going to the "Account Information" page in the app's settings and then tapping "Visible to" in the Social Networking ” width=”270″ height=”270″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>
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