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12 luxury throw blankets to give a cozy gift – LifeSavvy

A cozy blanket in faux fur on a nice sofa.
Peter Cripps / Shutterstock

Do you want to do movie marathons and lazy mornings even nicer? Add a throw blanket! It̵

7;s the perfect gift for the lounge lover on your holiday gift list, but if you buy one (or three) for yourself we will not tell you.

A throw blanket may seem like an afterthought, but they actually come in handy quite often during the chilly months. With a throw, you can stay warm on the couch without stealing blankets from your bed. You can even throw one on the bed for a little extra warmth at night.

In addition, a beautiful throw can make a room look better. Check out our favorites below and keep everyone cozy all winter long.

Genteele Sherpa caste

Sherpa is a synthetic fabric that is intended to mimic the texture and warmth of sheep’s wool without itching or difficult cleaning. This plush blanket has sherpa fleece on one side and soft velvet on the other.

You can wash the machine and tumble dry it so that it is easy to care for. Best of all, it comes in many beautiful colors, including neutrals, jewel tones and seasonal prints.

LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket

This blanket offers a different impression of sherpa, and has a beautiful pattern created with blurred fleece. The white geometric design is reminiscent of snowflakes, making it a perfect addition to winter decor. It is also reversible with a solid white sherpa on the back.

It is available in various sizes and colors, including coral, navy blue and rose brown.

Utopia fleece bedding

This fuzzy fleece is also available in standard sizes for bedding, but the throw is perfect for throwing over a chair or sofa. The fuzzy structure means you never want to leave your place!

You can wash and dry this too. The high-quality construction means that it will last for seasons to come. It is available in gray, white and a range of fun lights.

PAVILIA Buffalo Plaid Throw

Give your home some rustic cottage vibes with a Buffalo Plaid Fleece. It comes in several sizes, but 50 x 60-inch makes the perfect throw.

It’s light and easy to care for, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself packed in it every day! In addition to the classic Buffalo Plaid, you can get it in Ombre, or even cheetah prints.

Bed bag 100% acrylic stick

For something a little lighter than fleece or sherpa, try a woven throw. They are perfect for milder days or when you curl up next to the fireplace.

We love this acrylic knitting for its subtle woven pattern and rich colors, from vibrant green to neutral camel. The edged edges give an extra touch of style. But do not worry – even if it looks nice, you can still wash and dry it.

Chanasya textured knitted super soft blanket

A white Chanasya blanket draped over a chair behind a fireplace.

Take the knitting in a notch with this slightly heavier choice. It has lovely edged edges and an extra soft texture. The fabric also drapes beautifully over furniture.

This blanket comes in a rainbow color, so you have no problem matching any decor. You can wash the machine and dry it in a mesh washing bag so that it looks good as new.

la Reine Chunky Knitted felt

A thick knit never goes out of style for fall and winter, and it’s not just for sweaters! We love the bold, heavy design of this thick blanket.

Choose light gray to keep things neutral or pink to make a statement. It’s more expensive than most others on this list, but it’s handmade, so the quality makes it worth it.

Bedding soft knitted woven blanket

For a more subtle texture, you will love the delicate woven pattern of this blanket. The herringbone fabric not only looks good, but it also feels good.

In a soft, quite gray, it will look nice in any room. Because it is light and drapes so nicely, you can even wear it as a nice oversized scarf!

Double-sided faux fur throw

If you are decorating with lush textures, a faux fur coat may be just what you need. Many, like this one, are machine washable and super durable.

You can choose from several neutral colors or a beautiful charcoal striped pattern. This blanket is also extra long to keep your feet warm or share with your sweetheart.

Decorative extra soft faux fur throw

This faux fur coat has a fluffier structure that makes even more of a statement. It comes in light pink or yellow, as well as classic neutrals.

The fluffy faux fur is on one side and on the back you get velvet fleece for a fun choice of textures. If the classic cast is not large enough, it is also available in two larger sizes.

Eternal Comfort Faux Fur Throw Blanket

An eternal comfort in faux fur in black draped over a cream chair.
Eternal comfort

For another statement blanket, try this roll. It has a solid color on one side and a bold tie color pattern on the other. In neutral shades such as black or gray, the pattern will remind you of an animal’s winter coat. However, you can also get this blanket in light teal or red.

Faux fur fabric is on both sides, but it is durable enough for everyday use to give a little luxury to the peaceful days at home.

North End Decor Faux Fur Throw

This beautiful faux fur coat is an ice gray that fits almost all interiors. On one side you will find plush, long faux fur and on the other is a soft shearling.

Due to its decadent structure, this blanket cannot be machine washed. However, you can spot clean it with a damp cloth. The extra length of the coat also gives an elegant, unique look that makes all rooms more inviting.

Throwing blankets raises your decor, keeps you warm and is simply fun to pack in. So why wait? Get one for the couch and one for the bed and spend the cool months in style.

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