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13 key apps that all students need – Review Geek

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Whether you are a brand new college student just entering your first year or a boring senior, college is difficult. But if you are equipped with the right apps, you will not have a hard time keeping things in order or understanding what your professor was talking about. You will survive college in one piece and graduate in no time.

Finding an app when you need it most can be difficult, and having to spend an hour in the app store digging through irrelevant apps is just a frustrating waste of time. Lucky for you, we found some free apps that make it easier to study, help you take notes, write papers, stay in shape, balance your budget and stay relaxed while you focus on your lessons.

Learn (or better understand) concepts: Khan Academy

Khan Academy app for teaching school courses online
Khan Academy

Sometimes you just end up with a professor who does not do a good job of explaining things. Or maybe you just take a course with crazy hard material that just does not sink in. With Khan Academy (free) you can handle all kinds of subjects, from physics to art history in your own time, as many times as you need. The site is full of excellent video tutorials on topics and offers exercises that you can work through to ensure you understand things.

You do not need to create an account at Khan Academy to access the content, but by doing so you can save your progress and bookmark courses for easy reference in the future. The website is the perfect complement to the school and helps you survive difficult courses and professors without sweating.

Brush Up on Literature: SparkNotes

The SparkNotes app for studying literature summaries

If you are struggling to understand a particular book or just do not have time to read, digest and analyze the whole thing in a week, SparkNotes (free, with in-app purchases) has your back. In the app, you can find chapter summaries and study questions for regular books and even take quizzes to see how well you understand the material. You can search for SparkNotes literature guides by author name or title.

SparkNotes is free for one month, to continue accessing the guides you must pay $ 0.99 per month or $ 4.99 per year. The paid version is ad-free, supports dark mode and customizable text sizes and gives you full access to all content even if you do not have an internet connection.

Study for your STEM courses: Wolfram Alpha

Learn how to solve math problems and study other subjects with Wolfram Alfa's app
Tungsten Alpha

Another great resource to help you with your homework (especially for STEM courses) is Wolfram Alpha (free), which is a calculation search engine. The program uses artificial intelligence to solve difficult mathematical problems, such as plotting a function or calculating a statistical quantity. It is also a great knowledge base for all kinds of other things, such as finding out when a particular video game was released, learning about an artistic sculpture or finding out how to split a bill in three ways with 15% tips.

Learn a language: Duolingo

Use Duolingo to help you study for your language courses, with short lessons and help with vocabulary

Learning a new language is fun and will look great on your resume. That being said, elements like verb conjugation can sometimes be quite confusing. With Duolingo (free, with in-app purchases), you can learn a language through simple lessons. Duolingo also makes it easy to review vocabulary and see things like conjugated verbs used in everyday sentences. The app uses listening and writing exercises to cement concepts, and you can even test if you already know a good part of a language and do not want to start over.

Free Email, Calendar and Word Processor: Google

A Google Account gives you free email and other useful apps that you can access anywhere

Google (free) is more than a search engine – it has lots of other tools that are perfect for students. Creating a free Google Account gives you Gmail and access to Google’s other free apps: Photos, Keep, Translate, Calendar, Maps, Messages, Meet, Books, Podcasts, and more. You also get access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, which are the company’s free equivalent to Microsoft Office – perfect for reports and presentations.

The best thing about a Google Account? Everything is saved in the cloud, so no more jumps. Log in from any device to access your emails, files and documents, no matter where you are. The apps are fully integrated with each other so you can schedule appointments from Gmail and have the details displayed automatically in, for example, Calendar and Google Maps. Logging in to a browser also syncs your bookmarks and extensions so that they are always ready as well.

Note and to-do lists: Evernote

Evernote app for taking notes or taking photos and digitizing notes

You can easily take notes in class and review them later with Evernote (for free, with in-app purchases). In addition to taking notes, the app is also great for creating to-do lists and keeping your projects organized. It can even cut and save web pages, scan and store documents and keep your files in sync across all your devices.

Evernote’s listing technology is fantastic. It can search your handwritten notes for a keyword, so you can find important information when you need it most, or capture notes taken on a whiteboard, sticky note or other surface and save them. Evernote can also search for keywords in PDF and DOC files. Having a single place for your notes, to-do lists, projects and deadlines keeps you organized and on top of everything.

Amazing helpful flashcards: StudyBlue

StudyBlue app for creating and studying flashcards or course materials from other students in the app

Flashcards are an important college supply. They help you learn vocabulary or study and memorize important concepts for a test. StudyBlue (free, with in-app purchases) is a digital flashcards app, which means your flashcards will always be at hand, and you do not have to worry about leaving them somewhere or losing one.

You can create your own flashcards with StudyBlue, or view information about the 400 million flashcards already in the StudyBlue database, which saves all kinds of time if you do not have to enter questions and answers yourself. The app can also track your study progress, set reminders for you to study, create custom quizzes and connect with your classmates so you can study together.

Improve your writing: Grammar

Grammar app to help you avoid spelling mistakes and write stronger

Whether it’s on a simple quiz or a scary academic paper, it’s always ticked for typos and other grammatical errors. It can be embarrassing if you often make mistakes in your writing or can never find the best word to use when expressing yourself. Grammarly (for free) can help you with all of this, and is also available as a browser add-on, so you can get help typing no matter what device you’re using.

Grammarly captures spelling and punctuation errors, but can also help you find stronger or more accurate words, write more concisely, and help you sound more confident and knowledgeable. It’s the perfect companion to have when writing a paper, chatting with classmates or sending an email to a scary professor.

Log calories and exercise: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal for logging calorie intake and exercise

MyFitnessPal (free, with in-app purchases) does a great job of helping you log food intake and workouts and can help you set both diet and exercise goals if you try to stay fit during the school year. The app’s huge database contains over 11 million foods, including many from popular restaurants, so it’s super easy to log in. It also has a barcode reader and recipes that you can use for your own meals.

Best of all, MyFitnessPal has a great community. You can contact other users to get (or share) advice on diet and exercise, or get support when you are struggling. It also has integration with over 50 apps, such as Apple Health and Fitbit, for easy logging of your workouts and other metrics.

To budget your money: mint

Mint app that helps you budget money and remember to pay bills

When you live on your own away from your parents, it is tempting to spend all your money on food, drink, games and other fun things. But creating and sticking to a budget means you can always be responsible for paying your bills, covering unforeseen expenses and sometimes having fun with it. Mint (free, with in-app purchases) makes it easy to budget and offers simple, easy-to-understand budget tracking tools. With that, you always know exactly what you have spent money on and how much money you currently have available.

Mint takes all your accounts to one central location so you can manage all your finances at a glance. This makes it much easier to take note of future bills and pay them, and even create a budget based on your personal spending habits. The app also allows you to check your credit score whenever you want, which is a must if you are working on building your credit. Mint can even send reminders to future bills or when the money starts to run out.

Scan and digitize your documents: Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scan app for scanning physical documents or notes

Having a good scanner app is important for submitting important paperwork to the dean of the department or to the registrar. They are also great for capturing, digitizing and sharing notes or other physical projects. Adobe Scan (free) produces high quality scanning and also allows you to easily edit and share files. It can scan a variety of physical surfaces, from whiteboards to magazines to complex shapes, and remove stains or shady shadows.

Fast food (and more) delivered: mail mates

Postmates app for ordering delivery of food and supplies

You can have food delivered directly to your dormitory with Postmates (free, with in-app purchases), which gives you more time to study. The service can also deliver other things such as food, beer or party items. Via Postmates, you can order from over 500,000 restaurants and shops. Postmen also have an unlimited plan ($ 9.99 per month), giving you free shipping on every order over $ 12, no blitz peak hours and other special offers.

You can easily order food from popular national chains, as well as exclusive brands from Postmates such as Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, KazuNori, Sugarfish, Blaze Pizza, Alfred Coffee, Backyard Bowls and Salt & Straw. The service is located in over 4,200 cities across the United States and has over 650,000 employees ready to quickly deliver food and more.

Free emotional support and counseling: 7 cups

7 cups with emotional support and counseling
7 cups

College is often exciting and fun, but it can also sometimes feel incredibly stressful or overwhelming. When you feel down, helping someone talk can help put things in perspective and help you stay motivated and focused on the future. With 7 cups (free, with in-app purchases), you can find free anonymous emotional support and advice at any time of the day.

With 7 Cups you can chat with a listener, calm down with one of over 300 mindfulness exercises, take a free health test, increase your mood with simple activities and videos and connect with others in community forums and chat rooms. It also has the resources to find online message-based therapy with licensed therapists.

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