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15 Chrome Extensions for Everyone to Install – Review Geek

Google Chrome homepage on the computer screen
Evan Lorne / Shutterstock.com

Chrome extensions serve many different purposes, from making a particular process more efficient to saving money. the possibilities are quite endless. And while you may already have some extensions you like, there are some that we think are important ̵

1; no matter how you use Chrome.

While all extensions listed here are well-known and reputable (and free!), Not all Chrome extensions are. Be sure to double-check all the add-ons you plan to install to ensure that they are not a fake version of the real one, or that the company that recently published the add-on was not sold to another company. This can lead to a company that you do not approve being able to see or access your information where you would not otherwise allow it.

However, you can take comfort in the fact that Google does a pretty good job of clearing out malicious extensions and has strict on-site restrictions that developers must follow if they want theirs to be published.

It is worth noting that installing lots of add-ons will slow down your browser (and maybe even your computer) so just install the ones you really need.

Block unwanted ads: AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard AdBlocker features to block ads and accelerate page loads

We have all visited one of those websites. Fully stocked with display ads, banner ads, videos, hyperlinks and other blinding pop-up ads that made you wish you had some way to block them all. We have good news – AdGuard AdBlocker is here to do just that. However, most websites do not have too many ads, so we recommend that you install an ad blocker but keep it off until absolutely necessary. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

Save items for later: Save in your pocket

Save, read and discover articles and more with Pocket

Save to Pocket makes it easy to save great articles – or any other content you find – to a central location where you can easily visit them whenever you want. Pocket displays saved items in a distraction-free space and lets you organize and sort them via tags or share them with friends. Pocket also shows relevant stories when you save one and has a dedicated page where you can discover other stories when you get low.

For functionality: Backspace to Go Back

With Backspace to go back, you can do just that
Razvan Caliman / Backspace to go back

Both the name and function of Backspace to Go Back are uncomplicated: It allows you to press the backspace key on the keyboard to return to the previous page. The shortcut was previously a built-in feature in Chrome, but Google removed it in 2016 and some of us refuse to move on. Fortunately, this add-on makes it easy to regain the luminous function.

Manage your passwords: 1Password

1Password extension so you can find or edit your password info

A good password manager is one of the best tools to have if you spend most of your time online, and we recommend 1Password. Having the included browser extension for your password manager makes it incredibly easy to manage your account, add or share login information, and adjust account settings without logging in to the entire site. Of course, the add-on is free, but you must first have created a paid account.

Save money when shopping online: baby

Save money with free discount codes, price tracking and Amazon seller comparison at Honey

You’ve probably already heard of honey on your favorite podcast, but only if you haven’t, it’s an add-on that automatically searches for and applies valid discount codes to your online shopping cart. Honey has coupons for over 30,000 websites and can find lower prices on items on Amazon by comparing sellers and tracking price drops. It also allows you to earn Honey Gold for purchases, which you can redeem as a gift card. It’s like free money!

Enlarge images: Imagus

Enlarge photos, thumbnails, and images or videos from URLs
Deathamns / Imagus

If you have ever sketched to get a small picture online, do not cut anymore. Imagus enlarges thumbnails and displays images or videos from URLs as you hover over them. You can set which websites you make or do not want the tool to work on, but by default it works on most pages. There are other settings that you can consider as well, such as keyboard shortcuts, pre-installed images, and captions.

Check your grammar: grammar

Grammar extension helps you get spelling and punctuation errors and make your writing stronger and more concise.

Grammatical mistakes happen, but Grammar helps prevent them. The handy extension works on almost any website, from Gmail and Google Docs to Twitter and WordPress. It checks for spelling and punctuation errors, improves your grammar and vocabulary, makes your writing more concise and even detects your tone to make sure your text fits the situation. Grammar is helpful for students, professional writers and everyone in between.

Save memory: The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender extension cancels open tabs that have not been displayed for a while to keep the memory free
The big braces

If you’ve ever had 36 tabs in Chrome just open to wondering why your computer works sluggishly, you can find a friend in The Great Suspender. This open source add-on detects tabs that have been open but inactive for a while and automatically closes them in the background. This frees up some of the memory and CPU that is consumed. Of course, you can configure the information, such as making a list of certain URLs or preventing tabs that play audio from being turned off. To get the suspended tab back, just click on it.

Cut and save content online: Evernote Web Clipper

With Evernote Web Clipper, you can save a clip of an article or an entire web page for later viewing or commenting

Evernote Web Clipper is an incredibly effective way to save articles, PDFs or even entire web pages. Also, you never have to worry about dead links or searching for anything from scratch because everything you cut is saved as it is in your Evernote account. It also lets you mark or comment on things and review it whenever you want on any device.

Find a Words definition: Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary displays selected words with pop-up definition bubble and full definition pages

Sometimes you may come across a word that you do not know the definition of when reading online. Instead of skipping it, you use Google Dictionary to quickly determine its meaning so you can move forward with the right context. The extension does a quick job with this, because all you have to do is double-click on a word and its definition appears next to it in a bubble.

For centralized communication: Pushbullet

View all incoming communications from chats to text messages in your browser
push Bullet

For those of you who are very busy but do not want to miss a single text or chat, check out Pushbullet. The extension allows you to send and receive text messages and chats on your computer and manage your notifications without requiring you to drop your phone every time. It is compatible with popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Kik. However, you need an Android phone to access most of these features.

Continue with task: strict workflow

Keep yourself on the task and away from distracting sites with strict workflow
Matchu / strict workflow

Distractions are everywhere. And while you may not necessarily be able to control loud neighbors or your cat, you can prevent yourself from being distracted online by strict workflow. It helps keep you engaged by temporarily preventing you from accessing fun distracting sites like YouTube, Steam, Reddit, BuzzFeed, social media or others that you consider distractions. Strict workflow puts you on a 25-minute work timer and then a 5-minute break timer (where you have access to your fun sites again). It also allows you to blacklist or whitelist websites and customize timer lengths to your needs.

Reduce tab clutter: OneTab

OneTab stores all your inactive tabs in a single tab to preserve your computer's memory

OneTab is similar to The Great Suspender, as it aims to prevent your tabs from jumping on your computer’s memory. Instead of turning off the tabs, OneTab lets you convert your tabs to a list that you can restore individually or all at once as needed. It’s perfect for you who always need to have dozens of tabs open – you can even share your list of combined tabs if you want.

Stay organized: Todoist

Add and edit to-do lists, plan your day, and collaborate on projects with Todoist

Todoist makes it easy to stay organized with its handy to-do list and day-planning features. With the click of a button, you can view your to-do list, add or edit tasks, and collaborate on large projects with other users. The extension makes it easy to add a website as a task, a blog post to your reading list or a product to your wish list. It even helps to remember deadlines, prioritize tasks, build habits and track your progress in projects.

For personal inspiration: Momentum

Momentum inspires you with goals, inspiration, intentions and focus elements.

With Momentum, you can make your new tab page work for you. It actually replaces the page with your personal dashboard, which contains daily photos and inspirational quotes, the weather and your to-do list. You can set daily goals or intentions, customize widgets and track your uptime and uptime, among other features. It’s great for keeping you motivated, inspired and productive every day.

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