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16 gift ideas for your favorite runner – LifeSavvy

A man driving on an empty road and checking his watch.
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Do you have any friends or family members who love to put on running shoes and go on the road? The best gift you can give them is something that will improve their performance and make running even more fun. We have 1

6 suggestions for your favorite marathon owner!

A Runner-focused Smartwatch

For runners, a smartwatch that tracks their progress and shows them how they are performing is crucial. Whether they are training for a race or just want to know if they have become faster, a smartwatch is a necessity.

The new Garmin Forerunner 245 has incredible, advanced performance metrics and analysis, including VO2 Max, training status, aerobic and anaerobic effects, and a total training load. It’s definitely extravagant in terms of price, but it’s just another reason it’s going to make a great gift for your favorite runner.

And Theragun

Another gift you can spend on is the famous Theragun PRO. It is a smartphone-connected, home massager for ultimate muscle therapy and deep tissue relief. The new fourth generation comes with an improved engine, so it is very quiet. It also has a continuous battery life of 300 minutes, so treatments can last as long as your recipient wants them to be.

It is especially useful for runners, as their muscles empty very easily. This is why daily deep tissue massage is not only recommended but also encouraged.

A recovery kit

This recovery kit from KT Tape contains the first massage ball that combines regular pressure point massage with ice and heat therapy. It is ergonomically shaped, so it fits comfortably in someone’s hand. The soft rubber grip also prevents it from dropping when you try to hit the hard-to-reach areas.

It is also multifunctional – you can take out the ball in stainless steel and use it yourself.

A foam roller

A woman foam rolling her upper body in a gym.
Karla Tafra

One of the best personal massage tools out there, the foam roller has become practically everyone’s stapling tool. From the usual, plain and supple design to the textured and even vibrant models, there is one for everyone!

Runners love to use these to roll out their legs and back. This structured model is one of our top choices.

Strobe lights for safety

Strobe lights are a smart accessory that all runners should bring with them. They make running in the dark or poor visibility much safer because the ultrabright LEDs make someone clearly visible.

KEYWELL USB rechargeable safety lights are light, thin and really easy to squeeze on clothes. They make a great (and affordable) gift for any runner in your life.

SPF protection

Running for long periods involves a lot of sun exposure, so skin protection is a must! Surprise your favorite runner with this sunscreen from Thinksport. It is specially designed for active individuals and comes with a high, broad spectrum SPF 50+.

It is also water resistant and completely free of biologically harmful chemicals, so you can absolutely not go wrong with this one.

Running sunglasses

Runners around the world absolutely love Goodr OG sunglasses. They are equipped with polarized lenses and a special grip coating that prevents them from slipping or bouncing due to sweat.

A great gift for your running friends, these sunglasses are also a really reasonable price. Consider hooking up with several pairs in different colors for all your favorite printers and marathons.

A running cap

Facial hair and sweat dripping down the forehead are no runner’s dream scenario. A running protection like this from BUFF eliminates the problem quite effectively. Those who swear by it say that it fits the head like a glove, the sweat-repellent headband keeps the sweat from dripping into the eyes, and it is so easy that they do not even notice that they are wearing it.

The runner in your life will be proud to open this, even if they already own one – an extra one will definitely come in handy.

Anti-Chafe balm

Running has a number of benefits, but it also has some unpleasant consequences, such as chafing and blisters. This anti-chafe conditioner from Body Glide handles these problems. It also does not contain any harmful ingredients, such as petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.

It is light, easy to apply, clogs free and does not leave oily stains on clothes, so it works well even with white leggings. It is a great sock stopper for those who always keep ice packs on their legs and armpits after a long drive.

A water bottle

Hydration in exercise is extremely important. When driving, however, it can be difficult to have a water bottle with you at all times. Wearing one can be uncomfortable, distracting and, frankly, annoying.

Amphipod’s simple and effective solution is Hydraform Thermal-Lite handheld water bottle. Its ergonomic design allows the hand to relax in a natural position. It also has a unique, leak-free cap for quick hydration and a removable, padded, easily gripping insulating sleeve. The secure zipper strap even has a secret pocket for essential items.

Your favorite runner thanks you for adding this to your holiday shopping list!

A continuous storage belt

One of the best training inventions out there, a storage belt holds all the essentials of your loved ones, so he does not have to worry about losing them on the go. It is the perfect gift for those who prefer long distance running and always need to have their phone, keys and other valuables.

SPIbelt Running Belt is made of stretchable spandex and can not injure or bounce while driving. It has a large pocket that can easily hold larger objects, such as a smartphone. The expandable waistband fits sizes 25 to 47 inches.

A phone holder

Everyone must keep their phone on the go for safety. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to find a sturdy, non-bulky holder that does not slip off.

The TRIBE mobile phone bracelet has over 8800 “Good” ratings from fitness lovers all over the world. It is compatible with most phones (and cases), made of high quality lycra and neoprene, and it is completely waterproof.

You can even use the phone’s touch screen without removing it from the wristband. It is the absolutely perfect sock stopper for all runners you know.

TRIBE Waterproof Mobile Phone Case for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, 8, 7, 6, Plus Sizes, Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, Plus Sizes and more! Adjustable elastic band and key slot

You will not even notice that it is there.

A headband

Some people love to run hats, while others prefer headbands. If your loved one falls into the latter category, he or she will be happy to get one of these Halo II headbands. It is made of sweat-repellent, quick-drying, silver ion-infused fabric that eliminates odors and prevents the build-up of bacteria.

The anti-slip protection holds the strap in place so that it does not slide down after it has been soaked with sweat. It is a really good, affordable gift option and is available in lots of different colors.

Running Socks

Although everyone has a specific style preference when it comes to socks, they require some specific characteristics for running and fitness. They must prevent the build-up of odors and bacteria, as well as blisters and other irritating consequences.

Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Socks are highly recommended by both top brands and websites such as Runner’s World, Runnerclick, Forbes and even Business Insider. They are made of 100% recycled material and have special ventilation zones that prevent chafing and blisters. This makes them extra breathable and sweat-repellent.

Add a pair (or 10) to your holiday shopping list for your favorite runners, athletes or fitness lovers.

Energy gel

Proper operation while driving is important to prevent nutrient depletion and energy loss. These energy gels from Science in Sport are the perfect treatment for the runners in your family.

They are available in six delicious flavors, and you can get individual packages or a box of six.

A book by a famous runner

Those who are serious about running are always on a learning path. Many people are constantly working to improve their motivation or inspiration, or like to try tips and tricks.

The memories Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory by Deena Kastor is a fantastic story about her ongoing journey, from early childhood to the Olympics. She talks about all the injuries as well as family life and childbirth.

It is the perfect holiday gift for the avid runner in your life.

It’s time to fill in this holiday shopping list! You will surely find something perfect for all your favorite runners on this list.

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