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2019 vs 2018 tax calculator: See how your tax bill will change

Despite a state suspension the IRS has confirmed that it will still collect taxes in 2019. Suck.

This year, the tax season starts on January 28 the first day you can file your 2018 taxes. Whether you decide on email or email in your tax return, there is a online tax preparation tool that can help you through the process – perhaps even for free, depending on your annual income.

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Before filing, it is worth taking a look at how the law is implemented by the end of 201

7 will affect your 2018 tax bill. Tax deductions and work teams have significant consequences for almost everyone in America, whether you are single or married, work for someone else or are self-employed, own a home or rent.

Although all IRS sites are closed, resources are available to help you register your taxes. The Agency published a useful 12-page PDF covering the major changes that came into effect in 2018, and there may be some answers to your questions on the IRS website. And CNET has taken a fresh look at how the various online taxed services are stacking up this year.

But if you are looking for a quick way to appreciate your bill for 2018, the non-profit tax fund has developed a calculator to estimate tax liabilities in a number of common scenarios. You can also define your own custom parameters to see exactly how tax laws affect you. Test it for free below. (If it is not displayed correctly in your browser, try this page.)

You can learn more about this calculator here and about every example taxpayer here.

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