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3 ways to make your Chromebook safer

With its multiple protection classes, Chromebooks make an admirable job out of the box to keep your files and personal information safe. And they will soon become even safer when Chrome OS adds USBGuard to block access to the USB port's access while the device's screen is locked. A USB memory can be used in what is called a Rubber Ducky attack to steal data or infect it with malicious code when you turn off or otherwise leave the device unattended for one minute or two. In addition to the built-in security features, there are some ways to protect your Chromebook.

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Guest Mode

If you share your Chromebook with friends and acquaintances, you need to get to know the guest mode. It allows someone to use your Chromebook without being able to touch your Google Account. Not only does it prevent them from accessing your data and files, but it also prevents them from destroying your settings. A guest's browsing history, cookies, bookmarks and downloads will be disrupted when they are finished with your Chromebook and you exit Guest Mode and log back to your account.

Guest mode should be enabled by default, but to make sure it is You can go to Settings and in the section People click Manage other people and check that Enable Guest Search is switched on.

To start guest mode, log out of your account (the fastest way is to turn Ctrl-Shift-Q twice) and then click Browse as Guest at the bottom of the screen. locking

Close the lid of your Chromebook and rest. Open it again, and your Chromebook jumps awake. It is certainly easy in this way, but if you are worried that others will access your sleeping Chromebook when you are away (or sleep), you can set it when it sleeps and requires a password when it wakes up.

Go to Settings and click Screen Lock and Login in the People section . Then enter your password and select Show the lock screen when you wake up from sleep . If you have a long, complicated password that you would rather not have to enter each time you wake up your Chromebook, select PIN or password and then click Set up PIN button and Select a six digit ( or several) PIN that you can use instead of your password to unlock your Chromebook.

HTTPS Everywhere for All

Created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project, this Chrome extension will use HTTPS version of a site when available. Many sites default to unencrypted HTTP and HTTPS Everywhere will request the HTTPS version. If the use of the extension violates a site you are trying to access, you can click the button to disable it. And for that super-security conscious, you can check a box to block all unencrypted sites.

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