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4 Amazon Echo features that only Prime members can use


Being an Amazon Prime member has its benefits.

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Your Amazon Echo is useful on its own – it can turn on the lights when you get home and Protect your house while you are away. But it can bring more benefits if you have an Amazon Prime membership to follow.

For example, Prime members do not have to listen to advertisements while playing music. They can also get better deals by shopping with Alexa – especially at Prime Day.

Here are four Amazon Echo features that only Prime members have access to.

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You can listen to Amazon Music without ads

Prime users with an Echo speaker do not have to worry about ads playing and interrupting their dancers for one person. Since Amazon Music comes with Prime membership, Echo owners can immediately start listening to ad-free music when they connect their device to their Amazon account.

If you decide to upgrade your account to Prime, your Amazon Echo should be adjusted automatically. If it does not, try disconnecting your Echo device and reconnecting it.

Get extra discounts by shopping with Alexa

When you shop with your Amazon Echo, you can get an Alexa voice agreement. To hear the offers, ask “Alexa, what are my offers?” Alexa will let you know which Prime offers are available and how much you are saving by ordering the items. You have the option to add the item to your shopping cart, buy it now or move on to the next store.

As a Prime member, you get free shipping on these items, plus exclusive access to offers for Prime Day, which is 13 and 14 October this year.


Watch Prime Video programs and movies in your Echo Show.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

If you have an Amazon Echo Show, you can stream movies and TV shows from Prime Video. To get started, say “Alexa, open Prime Video.” You can also request Alexa to display your video library and Prime Video Watchlist.

Prime members can get two free audiobooks from Audible’s premium section

As a Prime member, you can download two free titles from Audible’s premium section when you sign up for a free trial. Everyone else only gets one free book to download. You can listen to the audiobooks on your Alexa devices by saying “Alexa, read my audiobook.” You can also ask to hear a specific audiobook in your library and ask Alexa to read faster.

Note that your Audible and Amazon usernames must be the same to listen to your Echo speaker.

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