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4 YouTube Woodworking Projects You Can Complete In One Week – Review Geek

A person measuring the length of a board on a workbench.
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If you have already handled some small projects that you can carry out over a weekend, you may be ready to take on something more complicated. It can be furniture that everyone in the home can enjoy or a project that implements new skills. You can complete these YouTube projects in one week or whatever time frame you can save.

For the YouTube videos we present, we tried to focus on some specific goals. An engaging personality is a must; if you can not finish the video of boredom, you will not learn much. The video should show many of the steps but not necessarily all. As your knowledge grows, it should be easier to see how to do something without seeing everyone in and out; many projects share similar methods. Bonus points if there are plans.

Tutorials assume that you have basic woodworking tools, such as table saws, miter saws, circular saws or routers. You may see joints and planers, but if you buy the right wood, you can skip milling steps. And there is always another way to cut unless you have a specific tool used in a video.

And even if the guidance is generally a week to complete, you can always take longer if you can only spare a few hours here or there. In some cases, your specific set of skills may help you complete the project faster than a week. Let̵

7;s make us!

A floating desk from Wengel’s workshop

New in our YouTube woodworking series, Wengel’s workshop gets the nod for several reasons. This floating desk is handy, especially at a time when many people are working from home. You may find it cheaper to build a desk than to buy a desk, especially if you want a larger, sturdy desk.

One of the difficult parts of building a desk is designing a robust leg system that also looks great. But this project avoids the problem by “floating” the desktop, you attach it to your wall instead. The downside is that you need a corner seat for extra support. And finally, thanks to cheap materials, this is a practical project that does not break the bank. You will not find plans for this building, because the home is different. But all the steps you need to know are there; you are essentially building a box.

A coffee table from 3X3 Custom (Tamar Hannah)

Who does not like to sit down to watch TV with a cold drink? But if the space is a premium, you may not have any end tables to keep your drink for you. This end table from the 3X3 Custom channel solves the problem perfectly. It is small, compact, can be adapted to the arms of your sofa and even sports a little storage.

However, you will find some challenging places in this project, including the center section of a waterfall edge and the collapsing router. If you do not have a crosscut sled, I suggest you check out Tamar’s crosscut sled video; it is excellent. The 3X3 Custom website has cheap plans you can buy and a written overview of the steps. You just need to adjust the height to work with your sofa.

If you are not sure about the more advanced technologies, you can check out Tamar’s simple version of this final table. All you need for that is a circular saw.

An Adirondack chair from Jackman Works

Traveling is everything without going through a pandemic, so you may feel like you are hanging out at home more. But that does not mean you can enjoy nature, especially if you have a deck or a garden. So why not build an Adirondack chair?

This video from Jackman Works avoids its usual hypercut and minimal storytelling style to give you a thorough tutorial for the famous chair. You will still get some laughs from his legendary videos, but you will see clear instructions from start to finish. While he mentions building more in one week, the first ones will probably take you longer – especially when setting up templates.

But thankfully, you can purchase plans and see a written tutorial on the Jacman Works website. And this is one of those projects that you can even turn to and sell if you are so inclined.

A retro arcade cabinet from SimpleCove

If you visit Review Geek and read this article, there is a good chance that you share two interests: woodworking and video games. So why not combine the two? This may be the most difficult video in the group because you will not find any plans or exact steps.

This is because you are creating a small arcade machine with a screen you are familiar with, and all screens are different. But you will find all the necessary steps to create an arcade shell. You can find more traditional full-size arcade studios, but this one uses less material and will fit on your desk.

When you are done, you need to set up the Raspberry Pi to play retro games. The SimplyCove video does not go into that, but it’s OK. Our sister site How-To Geek has you covered.

Of course, there are many more projects on YouTube that you can consider. Think of these suggestions to inspire you. If you like a certain idea in this list, but want more instructions or a different style, you can probably find other YouTube makers who have taken the same topic.

When you study more complicated projects, you will clearly make more mistakes than you have made before. Do not be discouraged, think of those lessons to be learned from, both to avoid the mistake and how to fix it. As always, have fun doing things.

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