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5 reasons not to shop on black friday

Black Friday deals personally in big box stores are things of hilarious memes to be thrown into battle, being trampled to death or simply guilty of gross consumerism the following day was theoretically thought to be grateful for what they got. There are many true reasons that are big and small to avoid a real hunger game scenario on the most outdated shopping day of the day, starting with personal safety. But the truth is that if you want a bargain, you do not have to wait until November 23, and sometimes the black Friday papers are not really deals when you really break them. Below are some options for jumping in fray that day.

The day after Black Friday is a pretty cool day to shop

It's called Small Business Saturday, a day when consumers are encouraged to #ShopSmall.

Go out is free

REI is the only big company that does a great deal about not which is open on Black Friday as a way to encourage both staff and customers to spend the day instead who participate in any kind of outdoor life, or just simply enter the fresh air. There is even an official hash tag for it: #OptOutside.

Many Black Friday Offers Begin Early

If your black Friday fever simply will not go, there will be plenty of offers that are expected to be announced in early November that you will actually be able to order before November 23th, so that you can avoid crowds or not participate in breaking the Internet that day.

There are other "business days" as well

On a particular day, sales can be seen online as Best Buy Today's Deal and Target's Electronic Deals. The big father with annual online business days, Amazon's premiere day, has already happened this year, but if you like to sweep up many offers at once, consider waiting / saving until the 201

9 date announced.

You can get great deals on refurbs now

If you are itching to get a deal on a Black Friday ticket, you can get a more immediate form of bargaining by shopping for refurbished items. You may know that you can buy refurbs from companies like Apple, but did you know that you can also buy a refurbished Vitamix for the kitchen? Learn what types of refurbs to avoid before starting your hunt.

If you have shopping on Black Friday

Shop locally! Think about supporting companies in your community.

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