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5 Things You Will Hate About Android 10 «Android :: Gadget Hacks

New updates are always exciting, even more so when Google is behind the wheel. Yes, Android 10 "Q" is here, at least in beta format, ready for software testers to pop in and explore all new changes. Among these changes, however, are some problems. We will not have sugar lacquer – there are some annoying things baked in Android 10.

If you rock any other smartphone than a Pixel, it is one of those annoying things that is "I don't have beta yet. "We feel your pain. However, this list is more about what is wrong with Q as a whole, and problems you will run into when your Galaxy, OnePlus or other Android device gets the update later this year.

first Screenshots Soak

Take a screenshot on a phone running Android 1

0, and you notice something weird. Screenshots are now masked with a frame that matches your phone's screen, and they look terribly .

] Whether or not you hate the booklet, you have to admit that this is ridiculous.

From the gaping tick in the top center of your image (on phones that have notches) to the awkward black spots in each corner (on phones with rounded screens), screenshots on Android 10 simply look sloppy. Sure, when the navigation bar is black, you are saved from seeing the rounded corners at the bottom of the screen. But it does not ensure the best of the screen shot.

If you rock a phone with a traditional rectangular screen and no notch or screen cut, you will not notice this problem. The "feature" just makes your screenshots like your screen, so your screenshots will still come out as they always have. But for those of us with irregular screens? Yikes.

2. PCB Manager is DOA

If you use a clipping manager on your phone, Android 10 will really destroy your workflow. The new update effectively kills clipboard handlers so you can kiss your days by stringing copied items together.

It is said that there is a legitimate reason why Google does this. No, it is not to punish the clippers' managers. Android's overall theme is user protection. One of the ways Google improves privacy is to block the apps' access to your clipboard and keyboard in the background. Although good apps are obviously damaged by this change, malicious players can no longer look at these things.

As with all things privacy and security, new measures are a take and take. Hopefully, Google presents a solution that lets the board managers continue without sacrificing the actions that the company has taken in this area, but do not hold your breath.

3rd Android Beam is Gone

Have you ever sent files drive to device via Android Beam? You won't be with Android 10. Google has killed the NFC file sharing tool with the latest update, enabling users to reluctantly find a third-party app to do the job.

From here it will be up to developers to enable NFC communication for their apps. Don't be surprised if there is a short "transition period" on this issue.

4. You can accidentally call 911 much

If you have a desperate need for help, Android Q has your back. However, if you only need to turn off the phone, you may experience some problems.

Google added a new "Emergency" button to the power menu – found long press on the power button – and it is very easy to accidentally press. Just as with a touch-sensitive button, it just takes a fingerprint, or just an accidental palm, and you can be in a world of harm.

Well, that's if you really unlucky. The emergency button starts the emergency telephone access, which allows you to call emergency services at any time. Just tapping "Emergency" will not call the police to your place, but some extra taps that may be able to …

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