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5 ways to improve your relationship with Google Assistant

We have already explored some ways in which you can make Alexa more companions during our current stay-at-home existence; Of course, there are many ways to do the same with Google Assistant.

If you like, you can change the sound of Google Assistant's voice (a trick that Alexa can't do, apart from the celebrity cameo), learn your nickname, and even participate in something surprisingly authentic and back with her (or him, whichever voice you choose).

Changing the Voice of Google Assistant's Voice

If you have tired of the vaguely sterile sound of Google Assistant's standard voice, switching to a new one is an easy way to get a fresh start. Ten different voices (including the standard assistant) are available, with both male and female options, plus voices from American or British accents. You can also choose Issa Rae (co-creator of HBO's Insecure ) to take on some of Google Assistant's default information, including answering questions, giving you weather reports, and telling jokes.

To change the sound of the Google Assistant voice, open the Google Home app, tap Settings then scroll all the way down and touch More settings . Press the Assistant tab, press Assistant Voice then drag the slider to select an option, ranging from red (the default Google Assistant assistant) and Orange (a male voice) to British Racing Green (a British voice) and Sydney Harbor Blue (an Australian accented voice).

Tell Google Assistant your nickname

No, you can't change Google Assistant's watchful words that you can with Alexa, but you can change what Google Assistant calls you . By default, she'll call you with the first name listed on your Google Account, but if you want, you can let her call you with a nickname or other name you like. (If my eight-year-old had her killer, she would have Google Assistant call me "stupid head" or some other classic name.)

To change your Google Assistant nickname, open the Google Home app, tap Settings scroll all the way and tap More settings then press Nickname under the You tab. You can either spell out your nickname or record it to help Google Assistant learn how to pronounce it.

Turn on continued calls

It's hard to maintain the illusion that you are actually chatting with Google Assistant when you have to say "Hello Google" every time you say something to her. Fortunately, Google Assistant has a setting that makes it easier to forget you're talking to a machine. When you enable the Continuous Conversations feature, Google Assistant continues to listen to follow-up questions after an initial command.

On a practical level, it means you don't have to say "OK Google" over and over if you ask her to set the volume level for your songs. On a more touchy-feely level, Continuing Conversations makes your Google Assistant chats flow much more naturally. To enable Google Assistant for continued conversations.

Say "please" and "thank you"

Like Alexa, Google Assistant is quite receptive to courtesy. Provided you have enabled the Conversation feature, Google Assistant will respond with "You have it" or "No problem" if you say "Thank you" after following a command. It's a simple touch that makes your chats with Google Assistant much more personal.

Try talking to her

Google Assistant can be surprisingly good at having a conversation. If you ask, "Hello Google, do you want to chat?" She will gladly accept and if you encourage her ("what do you want to talk about?") She will suggest discussion topics. For example, Google Assistant offered to reveal her secret crush (Jarvis from The Avengers she told me), and then she asked if I wanted to hear "something strange" (like the bees have two stomachs). Or you can ask the assistant that she wants to do something fun and that she will tick some options.

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