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6 Smart Speaker Features You Probably Don't Use

Not sure what your Amazon Echo and Google Home can do? Here are some hidden features and things you didn't know you could do with your smart speaker or monitor.

Smart speakers and monitors from Amazon and Google offer a variety of features. And yet most only use them for basic tasks such as listening to music or controlling weather.

Obviously, it is difficult to discover what these speakers can do. Most smart speakers are designed to have an invisible interface. Just speak a command and your music starts to play, or your timer begins to count down. This is good for using the commands you know, but it makes it very difficult to detect those you do not.

Smart shows like Amazon Echo Show and Google Home Hub c frustrating, even with a touchscreen, because no platform has found a really good way to show users new features. So we've found some of the most useful and least gimmicky ways to use your smart hubs that you may have missed.

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