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6 tricks to reduce your cleaning time in half

If you're just a step away from renting a household, back from the phone. There are many chores you can add on the autopilot so you can have more free time. While these tips will not solve all your cleaning problems they will get rid of some of the more awful tasks.

Do not let your mail touch a surface

Like many people, you probably have a large mailbox somewhere in your house that needs sorting. From now on, prevent it from getting a simple rule: Do not post your letter to be sorted later.

As soon as you enter your home, go to the trash or trash, and dispose of all junk mail, newspapers you do not read, and unwanted directories. Everything left must go wherever you put notes, wanted newspapers, and important letters.

Pro Tips: If you have not already entered all your bills, they will come to your inbox, not your mailbox. This will eliminate even more paper errors from your life.

Do not put it down!

The same thing applies to disk. Do not let them touch anything. Do not put them on the disc. Do not put them on the sink. Put them directly in the dishwasher after using them, always .

When the rack becomes full, start it. This completely eliminates the tired task of charging the dishwasher.

Get a robot

I'm really bad at vacuuming regularly, so I got a robot to do it for me. Robot vacuum cleaners used to cost a lot, but they have fallen in price significantly.

Many of them can be controlled with your phone so you do not even have to manually start them. Here is our list of the best vacuum cleaners for 201


Okay, robust vacuum cleaner sounds good, but you still have to mop, right? No, there are robot pads, like i Robot Braava Jet . Even better Ozmo 930 bot and vacuum cleaner .

Clean your toilet

Although there is no toilet cleaning, you can still do your toilet self cleaning. All you need is a magic sponge. Here are the details but you basically release a magic sponge in the toilet.

The magic sponge cleanser covers the bowl every time the toilet is flushed so that the dirt does not stick.

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Save Time To Clean With These Devices


Lina Your Refrigerator

Clean the refrigerator just takes a long time. The best way to beat the cooling day is to prevent it. Lina all shelves and drawers with wax paper. When the paper becomes dirty, throw it and relate the shelves. No scrubbing is required.

If you do not like the waste that comes from throwing the wax paper, instead, place the shelves with plastic mats or shelf. Then, on the cleaning day, take the lines out of the refrigerator, rinse them clean and return them.

Here are some more tips to keep your fridge clean and clean with little effort.

Give it all a place

When everything has a place – and you put everything in place – then the rubban never has a chance to build. Here are some ideas:

  • Have a single designated place to put your shoes when you get home.
  • Keep a basket next to the door for your keys and sunglasses.
  • Hang a hook on the back of the door for your jacket.
  • Always put your newspapers in a stack where you plan to read them.
  • Keep a laundry basket in each room where the clothes are taken off (bedroom and bathroom) so things can go into the basket immediately.
  • If empty soda cans are built on the coffee table, keep a recycle bin that is stored underneath where you can throw cans (my husband loves this solution).

How to clean your bathroom in less than 10 minutes .

Here is also a 5-minute cleaning routine for the dirtyest place in your life and no, it's not the bathroom.

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