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7 ways to hike charge your mind and body – LifeSavvy

A man and woman walking.
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Walking along rocks and roots not only gets you out into nature, but it also exercises your body, while nurturing your mind and soul.

In addition to health and happiness, there is also much you can learn about yourself when exposed to the breathtaking beauty that only Mother Nature can provide. Here are seven reasons hiking is great for your well-being.

Being in nature makes you happy

One of the many excellent benefits that come from hiking through forest forests and mountains occurs deep inside. Research links hiking to many benefits, including elevated moods and improved health.

Some benefits are immediate, while others, such as a reduction in depression, may occur over time. Healthcare providers are even starting to partner with local natural resources agencies to promote nature-related activities.

Sunshine is also a great way to get some important vitamin D, which also naturally boosts your mood.

It is an excellent workout

Walking up and down the hills is a sure way to get your heart pumping. It is an excellent cardio workout. You will also notice that walking upwards causes some bone burn. This means that you work and strengthen your muscles, including quilts, hamstrings and glutes.

Keep in mind that balance plays an important role in physical fitness, and hiking over an ever-changing terrain helps with that.

Being out in nature can reduce anxiety and stress

Research shows that spending quality time in nature reduces stress and anxiety. Stanford researchers also found that walking in nature reduced the risk of depression.

Taking in some beautiful sights is a great (and inexpensive) way to improve your mental health. It is a unique way to clear your mind and forget about your lively life, while lowering your blood pressure and overall stress levels.

In fact, it is such an amazing tonic for mental health that in Japan the walk to walk and sit in nature is called “forest swimming.”


Hiking gives you quality time to reconnect

Going outdoors and focusing on putting one foot in front of the other is a great way to clear your mind and focus on the beauty that surrounds you. In everyday life, we are overwhelmed by flashing technology and several tasks that can overestimate or overwhelm our brains.

Being out in nature is an exceptional way to balance your mind and recharge. If you have problems solving or feeling that your creativity is blocked, it can be with the bees and the trees.

Nature humbles

A pair of hiking boots with mountain range and river on the horizon.
Olga Danylenko / Shutterstock

You work hard all day walking up a steep climb or over large boulders when the hot sun hits your back. What awaits you, however, are breathtaking views of moving mountains that are larger than your eyes can comprehend.

There is something so humble about realizing that you are just a tiny little creature on a majestic mountaintop, and that the world is so much bigger than you know. After returning home from such a hike, you get a renewed appreciation of the jewels of nature.

You teach yourself

Nature’s risks and dangers, including fast-moving waters and rocky landscapes, may require you to improvise and overcome certain challenges.

Whether it means a rolled ankle or an end to water, you will learn a lot about yourself during the scary times. Although it is sometimes necessary to improvise, it is always best to set yourself up for success. Here are ten essentials you will want for your first hike.

Walking with someone creates an incredible bond

Many people like the rejuvenating experience that a solo hike offers, but having a friend to share the experience with is also wonderful.

Along the way, you will give each other helping hands, plus you will create some special memories. You will probably find that the bond and friendship created between friends while on an adventure in the woods or mountains is second to none.

Spending quality time in the great outdoors offers an unfiltered, authentic experience that you just can not get from other activities. Being present in the moment and taking in the beauty of nature will boost your mood and give you a nice break from your lively life.

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