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7 ways to use your Instant Pot for meals


It is easy to make bread in an instant pot.


Meal prep is a full-year game. No matter what you do, you always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and you never have as much time as you want it all together.

Enter Instant Pot which helps prepare the meals much faster and more streamlined. And meal preparation helps you eat healthier, save money and spend less time figuring out what to eat during the busy work week.

So get yourself some prep containers for meals to keep all your not-so-hard work, arrange your fridge so you can actually find everything there and consider some handy Instant Pot accessories – and at least part of your life can actually be less complicated.

Instant Pot

This 8-quarter Instant Pot is one of our top choices for meal preparation.

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Here are seven ways to use your Instant Pot to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week – with recipes and ideas on what to do do with your various components so you don't get bored by any of them.

first Make a large batch of hard-boiled eggs

  hard-boiled eggs-instant-pot-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/0kLraZtM-psPGzrd-VvmNfNUXzA=/2019/12/11/100db207- d6ea-4441-a224-0df25dac1753 / hard-boiled-eggs-instant-pot-chowhound.jpg

One of a meal's best friends, hard-boiled eggs (technically steamed, in this case) are perfect for so much: Eat them on your own with a quick sprinkle of all the bagel spices for breakfast, slice and add salts or sandwiches at lunchtime, devil them for a snack or use them to jazz up a bowl with the frame at noon. With Instant Pot, it is incredibly easy to cook a large amount of eggs at once and make them come out perfect every time – plus, they peel like a dream. I still wonder how the shells slip directly every time I make them.

According to Damn Delicious, you should cook them for about four minutes if you like them slightly solid or six minutes for completely solid (but still pale yellow) egg yolks. In either case, be sure to shock them in ice water to prevent them from cooking anymore.

As to exactly how to use them, here are some Chowhound recipes that require hard-boiled eggs to inspire you: [19659013] 2. Poach chicken breasts – and save the broth

Instant Pot makes fool-proof poached chicken breasts, too, and Like the eggs, this protein can be turned into countless dishes from chicken salad to enchiladas.

  easy-chicken-taco-recipe-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/DCBx0_AQIwmsXQUflxDL2QMDbG4=/2019/12/11/9ff976ad-57f2-4543-99b5-4fc2730f734e/easy -chicken-owcohoundrecipe-ow jpg


My go-to Instant Pot poached chicken recipe is from Amy + Jacky, but I usually replace the recommended spices. I leave out the oregano, rosemary and thyme and place some whole peppercorns and a few peeled, crushed garlic cloves. This ensures that the chicken works in virtually any dish you can dream of (eg you can use the same bowl of chicken in many recipes for the week).

As mentioned, you can also add other ingredients to the pot if you know you want to use the chicken in specific dishes. Add some cumin and oregano and maybe a dried chile if, for example, you turn your chicken into burritos and tacos.

The nice bonus here is that the cooking liquid turns into a deep, delicious broth that is much better than boxed or canned items in your pantry. You have about four cups in total. Save it for making soup later in the week or simply use it instead of water to cook more flavorful rice or couscous than usual.

  mexican-meatball-soup-recipe-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet3 .cbsistatic.com / img / cKKPFAXRsnMc_DbI6ljKpPZzc2A = / 2019 / 12/11 / ea488b83-58df-416D-af -Meat bun-soup-recipe-chowhound.jpg [19659029] Mexican-Meatball-soup-recipe-chowhound [19659016] Chowhound
<p>  Just remember to cut down the salt in the recipe you are using, because the broth is already very spicy. If you do not need the same week you use the chicken, it freezes perfectly in an airtight plastic or silicone bag (lay flat to freeze so it takes up less space). </p>
<p>  You can use leg-in-chicken if you like (theoretically, it should make an even richer and more flavorful broth), but I don't usually care. </p>
<h2>  3rd Cook a week's oatmeal for breakfast </h2>
<figure class=  instant-pot-oatmeal-recipe-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/LVrVPCRH1fafQJu5z8B63qpmR4M=/2019/12/11/1044be5f-91b2-4750 -a4b7-78212f9ed41a / instant-pot-oatmeal-recipe-chowhound.jpg [19659035] instant-pot-oatmeal-recipe-chowhound [19659016] Chowhound
<p>  If you like oatmeal for breakfast but never have time to bend a pot on a weekday morning, do a big party on Sunday in Instant Pot. This Instant Pot oatmeal recipe works for both steel cut and rolled oats and uses almond milk because cow's milk is more likely to sweat – so it is also vegan. The base recipe is simply flavored with cinnamon and a pinch of salt, but once cooked you can add brown sugar or maple syrup and a sprinkle of vanilla if you like before you top it however you want. </p><div><script async src=

You can simply continue portioning it out of a large bowl all week, but a better alternative is to let it cool, then freeze it in muffin containers before cracking the frozen oatmeal rounds and sealing them in an airtight plastic bag. (Silicone muffin pans make it easier to grind.)

That way, you can store the cooked oatmeal much longer (unless you feel like oats every day). All you need to do at breakfast is microwave one or two pieces of oatmeal with a splash of milk. If you top each portion with fresh berries or other fruit (such as ripe banana slices and berries or roasted pears and apples) before freezing, it is an even faster alternative on a busy morning.

4th Make homemade yogurt for the week

  homemade-yogurt-recipe-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/QhvHPyGcShtzVTgT7cSRCWdWskk=/2019/12/11/5de129af-02c9-4f4a-a7fc a313aabb4a21 / homemade-yogurt-recipe-chowhound.jpg [19659042] homemade-yogurt-recipe-chowhound [19659016] Chowhound
<p>  Not all Instant Pots have the yogurt making feature, but if you do, take advantage of it. Not only is it far cheaper, healthier (because it is less added sugar – or nothing at all) and more environmentally friendly than buying yogurt in the store, it gives you a real feeling of satisfaction. If you keep it regular, you can use it in tasty recipes throughout the week (think meat marinades, creamy sauces and even healthier mashed potatoes) and eat it with honey, granola and / or fruit for breakfast. </p>
<p>  This Immediate Pot Recipe Guide for Yoga Products contains instructions for making nonfat, full barrels and Greek yogurt. </p>
<h2>  5th Make pulled pork, beef or chicken </h2>
<figure class=  pull-pork "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/LW9krWy8F0GziCpfbefFub6Ihp8=/2018/01/30/eb25d630-7c83-42c6-a2a8-4d8 drug-pork.png


One of the best uses of Instant Pot is to make a huge meat stick into a pile of soft shredded protein that you can split into different dishes throughout the week. Chicken, beef or pork are home to tacos, sandwiches, rice bowls, nachos and even soup.

Exactly how versatile your protein is depends on how you season it, but if you keep your bass flavors on the more neutral side you can always dress your meat with sauce for individual dishes later. This Instant Pot draws pork with garlic, onion, salt and pepper, for example, can be turned into BBQ sliders one night with the addition of your favorite barbecue sauce, but also seamlessly melts into fried rice (or cauliflower fried rice) one evening with a splash of soy sauce. , sesame oil and grated ginger.

If you have a stand mixer, heads-up – it's also great for shredding cooked meat on a jiffy! (But then you have more to wash up.)

6. Make a batch of barley for sides and salads

  couscous-recipe-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/4QqT4epk9Jlv5QjhO3_KtNgicrE=/2019/12/11/0696e694-51b2-437b- a8 -4ea1a10d8892 / couscous-recipe-chowhound.jpg [19659055] couscous-recipe-chowhound [19659016] Chowhound
<p>  You can also cook rice and other grains in Instant Pot, either on your own or via the PIP (pot in pot) method. There is even an official chart for Instant Pot rice and barley with cooking times and water conditions for several types of cereals. </p>
<p>  As with meat, the milder you season your grains, the more versatile they are. You can usually use them as the base in a cold bowl or under a main course like butter chicken, mix in other ingredients and seasonings for a hearty but healthy cereal salad or pilaf or mix them even with vegetables and beans for meatless burger cookies. </p>
<h2>  7th Make a large pot of beans from the ground </h2>
<figure class=  instant-pot-beans-chowhound "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/0WdiTcXVlCStxcKKAT0K6i1px_8=/2019/12/11/235c38e8-83cc-48db -8d7f-e5debea4cc2b / instant-pot-beans-chowhound.jpg

Preserved beans are good in a pinch, but they cost more per pound, can be a pain to store in bulk if you don't have a pantry and they are never quite as good as beans cooked from dried (plus, some people have concerns about feed in commercial canned goods). Fortunately, Instant Pot makes it possible to cook dried beans a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods – and you don't have to suck them in first. Make a batch of the desired variety on Sunday and use them in different meals during the week.

Here are some ideas for using Instant Pot Black Beans, a personal favorite – Note that a jar of beans (usually required in recipes) is equivalent to about 1.5 cups:

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