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8 do not feed you should cook in your slow cooker

Slow cooking is a great way to cook while you are busy doing something else. While most foods are fair games, there are some that you should not put into your long cooker . Here's what to avoid.

Most seafood

Fish, seafood, oysters and mussels must be cooked quickly. Of course, slow cooking is not fast, and will wipe out these delicate proteins. The only exceptions are octopus and octopus because they tend to be tough meat and slow cooking makes them tender.

Dairy Products

I'm not saying you can't put dairy products in your slow boiler recipes at all, just wait until the last minutes of cooking time. Otherwise, your cheese, milk or sour cream will separate and wax.

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Chicken with skin

Chicken with skin still on is a big no in slow cooking. The skin comes out white, rubbery and usually unpleasant. Remove the skin before popping it in the pot. If you really want to eat the skin, brown it in a frying pan to get it crisp and crispy and serve it next to the chicken.

Chicken Breasts

We're talking about chicken breasts while we are on the chicken topic. Long-boiled breasts may tend to be dry or have a rubbery consistency. These thin slices of meat cook so fast, it is a good idea to prepare them outside a cooker. Try chicken thighs instead.


Pasta is another food that must be cooked quickly for best results. Cooking paste in your slow boiler can end with a pasty, muddy mess. Sit on cooking sauces in your slow cooker and let the pasta stand in a pot on the stove.


Rice also becomes mush when it is long cooked. I recommend using a rice cooker instead. You can also use an Instant Pot to cook .

Tender vegetables

Vegetables such as peas, asparagus and peppers can become a musty, cloudy mess in a slow cooker. Stick to the heart root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, leeks and yams, or wait to add the green vegetables to the last 30 minutes of cooking time.


When cooked in a pan, the alcohol in wine can burn off In the enclosed space of a slow cooker, however, the alcohol remains. This can provide you with a strong boozy taste you didn't think of.

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