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8 must have magic modules for OnePlus phones "OnePlus :: Gadget Hacks

The idea of ​​a perfect phone is a myth. There are many advantages when it comes to OnePlus devices, but there are also some things that may be better. And even if there was a phone without errors, there are still things you may want to customize for personal preferences. Therefore, we decided to find the best tweaks for OnePlus phones and to facilitate you to apply them.

If you have already rotated your OnePlus 5, 5T, 6 or 6T with Magic, ve has already taken the first step toward a more fulfilling phone. If you do not, it's not too late. Just start by unlocking your phone's boot charger, then install TWRP custom reset and use it to flash Magic ZIP. Things get much easier from there. The installation of the Magic modules below is as easy as installing an app.

Before We Begin

The adjustments described below require Magic and Root, but thankfully Magic can rob your phone so that you can handle both shots in a shot. We have created guides for three of the last four OnePlus devices, and we are now working with OnePlus 6T root / Magic Guide right now, so use the links below to get started if you do not already have Magic installed. [1

9659003] first Ainur Audio

Sound has not been a trophy piece for OnePlus, why we want to do it better. In addition to general sound optimization and tuning, Ainur Sauron offers specific OnePlus speaker amplifiers patches and extensions in its advanced features. The team that developed Ainur Sauron used a hex disassembler to make connections between the features of different files and systems, resulting in a better understanding of how to manipulate the files to create the best possible sound. These studies and experiments led to the creation of Ainur Sauron, AKA Ainur Audio (which makes me clearer clear than stocks).

Installing Ainur Sauron module is easy if you have Magic Manager. You can find the module via search in downloads. Once installed, the Sauron module places the useroptions file in the root of the internal memory. You can use a file manager to create your own experiments with the sauron useroptions file, but otherwise there is no interface. Ainur Sauron modifies the entire SoundFX library and is still compatible with other audio modules like Viper4Android in most cases but may require a patch in some cases.

2. Camera Mod M

While Camera Mod M requires an external zip download, you can then install the mode in Magic Manager. Before you install, you must disable and then enable your storage camera app to restore all changes and uninstall updates. The reason this is necessary is that OnePlus Camera M Mod only works with the original version of the phone's camera. The process is still fast and easy, resulting in a significant improvement in photo quality.

Be aware that with the increase in resolution, an increase in storage space as these images require. This equilibrium exists because it is the compression method used by stock camera that makes photos look a little spooled. Definition is customized before the image is fully processed to prevent this watercolor effect. You get a new option to adjust the sharpness in Settings.

(1) Before Mod M, (2) By Mod M

3. Greenify4Magic

There is no shame in OnePlus battery game, but do you know someone who would extinguish some extra battery life on the device? This Magic module provides fast and effective dimming of apps that otherwise sit in the background and drain the battery unnecessarily. Greenify "Boost Mode" was also revived by Xposed, but Magic might be the better option if you do not want to break SafetyNet.

Magic Mod adds Greenify as a privileged app, resulting in some powerful changes. It's like Android's Doze feature, but much more efficient. To install it, just search "Greenify" in the Magic Manager app under Downloads and then tap the download arrow. From there, restart and open the Greenify app, be sure to give it superuser privileges. After that, you can allow Greenify to analyze your apps or create a hibernation shortcut.

4. HEVC + SM GC Recording

HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Codec. This courage can help your OnePlus device with video recordings that have 720p, 1080p and / or 4K resolutions. It replaces media profiles.xml file located on / system / etc / to enable HEVC. Not only are the recordings better quality, but your phone may not get so hot.

You will also fix the problem of crashing during slow motion playback by installing "HEVC + SM GC Recording" from the Magic Manager app under transfer . There is another similar mode called "HEVC / H.265", but it does not work on Oreo and this one does. Despite it and as always, before you do anything, it's not a bad idea to make a backup just if something goes wrong. A reboot is mandatory after installation.

5. Pix3lify

Google Pixel 3 is out. Have you wondered how it would be to take it for a test run? Well, the "Pix3lify" module is a much cheaper way to get an idea of ​​how Pixel 3 is, rather than buying one. The module includes the blue Pixel Accent theme, the Action Services app, AR Core / AR stickers, Daydream VR support, Appliance Health Services app, Digital Wellbeing app for Pie, Pixel alarm, ringtones, interface audio, media, Google Dialer support, and the Google Sound Picker app for Pie.

It also enables the following: Camera2 API support (to be used in conjunction with a modified Google Camera app), Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google Live Earth, Live Data, and Pixel Exclusive Wallpapers. You can blink from Magic Manager or TWRP. Pix3lify is only available if you run Android Nougat or larger. After an installation and reboot, your OnePlus 5 will become a Google Pixel 3 – at least in part.

6. CloudFlareDNS4Magic

This module allows your OnePlus to use CloudFlare DNS servers instead of the server that your operator or access point provides. This is a feature baked in Android Pie, as some OnePlus phones have already received. But if you're still on Nougat or Oreo, you'll get some privacy by installing "CloudFareDNS4Magic" from the section Downloads in your Magic Manager app.

The advantage of doing so is improved privacy and a faster internet speed than most ISPs offer. Of course you can do it with CloudFare VPN app, but then you would lose ad blocking and other features if you already use another VPN service. If you are worried that your browser history is saved on a stranger's computer, (to – let's face it, that's what a server is: a stranger's computer) this fashion can make you feel satisfying. CloudFlare does not save your browsing history to its servers.

CloudFlare also supports HyperText Transport Protocol Secure (DNS-Over-HTTPS) and DNS Over-TLS (Transport Layer Security) for enhanced privacy. Please note that your ISP is able to block requests if you use a custom DNS address. There is not much that can be done what your operator is doing. But, if they do not, you can pamper yourself with secure DNS through a simple installation with Magic.

7. Ring Recording for OOS

Sometimes I think I need to make a recording; not so much to make a trap, but to remind my husband that he said it, or that I reminded him that something happened. OnePlus phones have the inherent ability to record calls, but it has been disabled in most regions. The reason for this is that it is illegal to record someone without their consent in certain places, so you might want to check out the local laws or let the other person know they are on a recorded line.

There are actually some ways to enable this feature, but most involve root. If you're already rotated, it's easy to install this mode via Magic Manager. Magic module only changes the required setting to enable call recording. not the entire region of your OnePlus device, as some methods do.

8. During installation, you must suddenly have a recording button in your call. iOS 12.1 Emoji Mod

Do you switch devices and find yourself missing your iOS emojis? You can have your old iOS emojis and the new ones from iOS 12.1, like having your cake and eating it too. (What do you do with cake anyway?) Moden adjusts the system font configuration to load the font first and compensate for unicode compatibility issues. It has been tested on older OOS and Magic versions and on OnePlus X.

Here's what you can do to prevent compatibility issues: Remove data from your keyboard application. This is required to enable all emoji fonts in the keyboard. Make sure that the keyboard application you use, such as GBoard, supports unicode 11 emojis. Mature self is available within Magic Manager.

Before I leave, let me say that there is no right or wrong way to customize your own phone, but if you experience problems after installing multiple mods, it's best to first uninstall the one who causes the problems , (if needed) uninstall Magic Manager, or (worst scenario) wipe your phone from TWRP. OnePlus devices tend to be some of the most customizable phones out there, and using Magical Systemless Tweaks reduces the risk and dropout of problems, but you may not want to try this on your work phone.

Cover screenshots and screenshots of Delani Clatfelter / Gadget Hacks

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