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8 things to know about a second stimulus check after the vote in the House

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Here’s what’s happening with a second stimulus check today.

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Despite the weeks of inactivity, there is still hope that one the second incentive payment will be authorized to assist qualified Americans if ongoing negotiations can amount to one comprehensive bill, but the journey there has not been the easiest to follow.

As we approach November 3 election, there are eight important facts about incentive payments that can help you understand the situation right now. They continue to change as situations develop, including where the bill stands today, (it’s different every day) ins and outs of eligibility, how fast you can get a second stimulus control and how these incentive payments reflect on your income taxes. We update this story regularly with new information.


High unemployment and a tight economy underline the need for more support.

Angela Lang / CNET

A new stimulus bill has passed, but here’s what it means

The House of Representatives approved a revised stimulus bill with a stimulus check on Thursday, which includes $ 600 a week in federal unemployment benefits and assistance to airlines and restaurants. But – and this is important – the bill is not law. The negotiations on another, bipartisan legislation is still ongoing, which may change the legislation on stimulus controls and more.

If the talks, which are under enormous pressure, succeed, they can give a whole new team that both chambers would then vote on. About conversations is not it successful, the US may have to wait to see what happens next (some likely scenarios below).

Both parties want you to have a new check for up to $ 1,200

There is strong bipartisan support to provide an additional direct payment to people who qualify (more on that below). Republican and Democratic lawmakers and President Donald Trump all say they want a solution that includes a second stimulus check, including other measures in the relief bill, such as improved unemployment benefits.

Provisions for a second inspection have been part of three proposals since the CARES law was adopted in March, one written by Democrats and two by Republicans.

The IRS can speed up the process of obtaining checks

IRS and Treasury Department sent first round of incentive payments to recipients within 19 days. Mnuchin has said he could send them much faster this time when new legislation is signed.

“I was able to get 50 million payments really fast” and start making payments a week after a bill is signed, he said in August. We have mapped how fast a new check could come.

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Next Stimulus Controls: What to Expect


You do not pay tax on incentive money

IRS does not consider incentive money to be income, and a payment you receive this year will not reduce your 2021 refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2020 tax return. You will also not have to repay part of your check if you are entitled to a lower amount in 2021. IRS said that if you did not get everything you owed this year, you can claim it as a credit on your federal income for the 2020 tax return by filing in 2021. Here is everything to know about stimulus checks and taxes.

The eligibility rules can be moved to your advantage

While we believe that a second stimulus control would largely follow the same guidelines as the first, eligibility requirements may change. It may even benefit your family if a new incentive bill redefines it which is considered a qualified addict.

Other eligibility remarks:

The IRS has a strategy for who gets their check in which order

With the first check, the IRS and the Treasury Department sent checks in three ways: direct deposit, physical checks, and prepaid EIP cards. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Finance (from June), this is how the almost 160 million payments are broken down:

  • Direct deposit: 75% or 120 million payments
  • Paper check: 22% or 35 million payments
  • Prepaid EIP debit card: 3% or 4 million payments

It is expected that you will get your money the fastest with direct deposit, followed by the check and then the EIP card. Read more about priority groups here. The IRS automatically selects the payment method, but will likely open its portal that allows people to sign up for direct deposit if new legislation is approved.

We already think we know how much money you can get

If you are still waiting for your first payment or looking for an estimate of how much a second check may contain, you can use ours stimulus control counter to get an idea of ​​how much you, your family and your relatives can expect to get, especially if the qualifications change with another stimulus check. Our calculator tool does not save your personal information in any way.


Less than a quarter of eligible recipients received their payment as a check in the mail.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Payment information can be complicated

When and if a second stimulus check arrives, the details will require some rewinding. While some situations are simple, other complications about you and your loved ones can make it unclear if you are eligible, the size of a check you can expect and when it will arrive. Striped cases abound.

For example:

There is much more to know about other government payments during the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know about a possible interest rate check from the IRS, den $ 300 federal unemployment benefits and the administration’s payroll tax cut.

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