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9 tips for mastering Paper Mario: The Origami King, from battles to finding toads


Mario: “I’m back.”


Seven months to 2020, we have had a global pandemic, murder horns and a hoax of a parallel universe. But finally, the mustachioed plumber in Mushroom Kingdom has come to restore a certain normality in our lives. It’s like Mario has pulled a Michael Jordan and faxed through a simple two-word statement after an extended interruption:

“I’m back.”

It may seem like a strange analogy to make, but it’s appropriate, I can assure you – the first Mario game 2020 has come in the form of “Paper Mario: The Origami King” for the Nintendo Switch, a game about paper, origami and sometimes fax. It’s a game that has been described by CNET’s own Scott Stein as a “distracting beach read” and lord knows that we requires a distraction right now.

It may not be the Mario-shaped distraction we necessarily want, but it is the one we have. For those unfamiliar with the series, Paper Mario is a constant development of Mario-based role-playing games. Games in the franchise include hockey jokes, weird memes and turn-based battles. If you’ve never played one before, you might be looking for some help. We’ve got you covered with a handful of tips that will send you on your happy path through the lush surroundings of Origami King’s folded worlds.

But first: Origami King introduces ring battles, which basically place Mario in the middle of a dartboard for each turn-based battle. Before each battle begins, you must complete a kind of puzzle, slide and spin enemies in rows or 2×2 squares so you can take them out with your boots or hammers. These puzzles are relatively easy to solve but can get tricky as you progress into the game.

The tips below focus mostly on making fighting much easier and faster, as it can become quite a moth when you just end up away all the time. So, uh … let’s go, as they say.

Use the overview in battle

You will not always have to do that, but sometimes you may want to switch to the overhead view in battle. I had no idea that this was an option until later in the game because I’m the person who does not go through the extensive Help menu. Just press the right shutter button during a battle and the view will change – can make things a little easier for you.

2. The + button is your friend

If you’ve struggling to find a solution during a ring battle just hold down the + button and give yourself extra time by spending a few coins – it’s always worth it to set up enemies as it usually means you can eliminate goombas and shy guys in turn, prevent damage and you get extra coins to do so!

3. Thank you all!

There are hundreds of hidden toads throughout the game world. These toads help you in battle (if you pay for it) and sometimes give you things when you find them in the world. It is mostly obviously where these toads are hiding – because they are pretty much everywhere. But if you walk around with absurd flowers, baskets, butterflies, logs, pillows, pots … you will find the majority of them without even trying.

Eventually you will get an item that can find where these toads are. Speaking of…


Beat everything. Seriously.


4. The toad radar is critical (for supplement workers)

After defeating the first boss and removing the red streak, you gain access to a lab on Picnic Road. Inside, a professor toad will hand you the toad radar, a roll-out object that says how close you are to a hidden toad. For the most part, finding a toad is pretty routine and you can only base them with a hammer, but there are some places where it is especially difficult to find a toad. The radar is super handy – and the only downside is that you have to go back to the lab to recharge it from time to time. Fortunately, you can quickly travel back to the lab from most places in the gaming world.

You can ‘t waste confetti so party, Mario

Honestly, I wish I knew this simple truth sooner. Confetti plays a big role in The Origami King, as it lets you paper over gaping holes in the gaming world called “Not Bottomless Holes.” To connect the doors, you throw confetti in the air and see that it is raining down on the holes – but sometimes it seems to be completely missing and you get the feeling that you have just wasted an explosion of small paper. You did not. Confetti that does not land on a hole is not lost, so feel free to throw it there as if you are at a wedding.

paper mario review

6. Motion controls off

Joy-Con operation kills you? Do you not like the motion control system? Just turn it off in the settings. It has been a couple of times for me and when I turned it off I completely forgot that it was one thing. It is not necessary at all. Turn it off.

7. Timing is everything

If this is your first Paper Mario game, you will experience the turn-based battles in the franchise for the first time. An important component of the Paper Mario experience is to time an attack – when you jump on an enemy you have to press the A button on only right before you land on their head and when you smack them with a hammer, you want to set your A keystroke with the expanding circle that appears around your whackin tool.

Timing is critical: It increases attack power and helps you finish battles much faster. If you need a little more help, you can also practice at Battle Lab, located in Toad Town, to really get the timing down.

8. Set up boots and hammers

Early you arrive at Toad Town, an area of ​​hub located outside Peach’s Castle that you can go back to, via the tube, quite often. It is full of shops, staffed by friendly toads, that will make your trip much easier. When you discover some items in the game world (they are hard to miss) they will be available to buy: I recommend that you buy some shiny hammers and a decent range of iron boots – the latter allows you to jump on top of spiked enemies like spinners and sidesteppers.

papermariotok-scrn-boss battle 03

Chief battles are about arrows and strategic attacks.


9. Boss types are tactical. Go slowly

Boss battles offer a small variation to standard slide and spin ring battles. Instead of feed enemies up, you have to row arrows up to lead Mario close enough to the boss to attack. The important thing to remember here is to add extra time if you need to with the + button and think through each attack strategically. Each boss is removed with a slightly different method – in order not to ruin the fun of training it, the best thing you can do is pick up the envelope shown on the ring during the first turn and learn to approach the boss.

Bonus: Make Nintendo to increase text speed

Okay, that’s not really a tip, but man, having to sit through the slow scrolling in an incredibly text-heavy RPG is a bit of a drag, right?

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