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A Pocket Notebook is the best productivity booster – LifeSavvy

Woman writing notes in a small pocket notebook
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You can find productivity apps and tools for every conceivable productivity system and need out there, but it̵

7;s hard to beat the simple paperback notebook when it comes to pure productivity-enhancing power.

During the years between my career (testing apps, life hacks and productivity enhancers) and my personal life (being obsessed with apps, life hacks and productivity enhancers) I have tested very of different tools and techniques. However, the one biggest productivity booster and all the useful tools I’ve ever used is the simple pocket notor. Here’s why.

You can capture everything

Most people are hung up on the actual part of doing the task of being productive, but for many (myself included) the bigger hangover is remembering the task in the first place.

With a laptop with a pocket, you can capture everything that is relevant to your personal goals or projects and projects the moment you think about it – prevents you from forgetting it until sometime-then-never.

Remember you ran out of milk? Write it down. Have you just heard of a book about NPR that you want to read? Write it down. Your boss just mentioned something important about a project? Write it down. Noticed Grandma’s cutting board looks pretty rough and a nice new one would make a good Christmas present? Write it down.

Everything you want to remember later for some reason can go in the notebook. Some people just write things at the bottom of the page and then edit the notebook at the end of the day or week, others work directly from the notebook with pages or sections to do lists, projects, gift ideas and so on.

But if you do, however, you will capture everything important before it pulls away in the ether of oblivion. Developing a laptop usually never forgets anything again. Never forgetting anything again means that you will never find yourself failing to start an important task because you did not remember the important task long enough to start it.

It is without distraction

Phone apps are pretty amazing, and between features like document scanning, location-based reminders and more, it’s tempting to use one app for everything.

The beauty of scribbling things down in a simple pocket laptop is how distracting it is. You can not open a notebook and “accidentally” browse through your Instagram feed. You can also not open it and see that you have 17 unread emails. The laptop is there for you to write things in it, and that’s it.

As a bonus, you look at other people conscientiously. When you pull out your phone (even if you’re only recording one important thing), you look like you’re checking out of the conversation (and if you’re distracted by notifications, you can just be). A notebook is a different story. If pulling out your phone is the conversation equivalent of leaning out, pulling out a notebook is the call’s equivalent of leaning in – it looks like the whole subject is, it’s important enough for you to write it down.

It works everywhere

There is no battery, no synchronization, no connection requirements or anything particularly complicated with a laptop. Card of the notebook that ends up at the bottom of a river (hopefully without you letting go) or on fire, it just works.

Not only that, but there is no risk of software bugs or missing bits and pieces. Although good apps are pretty reliable these days (and the best ones even have cloud syncing), there is no “yes my list goes” app crashes when working with paper.

It’s always with you

Maybe as you have read you have been thinking “but hey, how about a big notebook?”. If you have a bag with you at all times and you want space. Sure. Use a large notebook with spacious pages.

The nice notebook, however, is the size. You can slip it in your pocket or purse. You do not need a bag (with space to save). Throw in a mini pen or even a key ring pen along with the notebook, and you’re ready to capture your thoughts anywhere – no day pack required.

If you are sold on the idea of ​​pocket notebook, check out our favorite pocket notebooks on our sister site Review Geek for some sleek and durable options.

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