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A simple lighting solution for connections – review Geek

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  • Price: $ 42

      two switcheroo units on a hardwood
    Craig Lloyd

    If your house has stores controlled by light switches, you can only benefit from a stylish product called Switcheroo, allowing you to easily switch outlets as your light switch controls.

    Here's what we like

    • Super easy to set up
    • No app or Wi-Fi needed
    • RF range covers the entire home

    And what we don't

    • A little expensive
    • ] For lamps only

    These types of sockets are everywhere in my house (and fun in most homes). In fact, most rooms do not have any built-in light fixtures at all. Instead, there is a single outlet in each room controlled by its own light switch. This is so you can connect a lamp and control it with the light switch, which is very convenient and everything, but only if you want to put your lamp exactly where the socket is.

    It is impractical, especially if you want a lamp on the other side of the room where the removed socket is. Normally you need to use a long extension cord, which is nasty at best. But a company called Switcheroo has a nice little one that aims to fix this exact problem.

    Not a "Smart Plug"

    While it looks like a set of smart plugs, it's really anything, but no app is needed and no one connects to your Wi-Fi.

      back of the Switcheroo connector
    Craig Lloyd

    Switcheroo comes a 2-pack for $ 42 – you can also get a 5-pack for $ 92. If you buy more than two, you can use them in different room, or you can get a device to send its signal to multiple devices so that you can turn on multiple lights simultaneously with the light switch. Each unit also has two containers, so you can connect two lights to one unit if you want.

      diagram of a Switcheroo system in action

    One thing that is worth noting here is that we "I have talked about Switcheroo when it comes to home lighting and that is how the company intends to use it. if each plug is rated for 8A / 960W, Switcheroo is very clear in its product documentation that the plug is intended for lamps, not for space heaters, window fans or other devices.

    A No-Hassle Setup experience

      The switch is connected and set to be broadcast on the A-channel
    Craig Lloyd

    The setting is simple: you plug one into your socket and then connect the other to the socket over the room you want to Connect your lamp, from there you match the letters on the dials, with the "Send" section of the one connected to the removed socket and "Receive" on the other unit If you are old enough to remember the X-10 home automation equipment of the 1970s and In the 1980s, this dial-it interface seems quite familiar.

    When you turn the light switch, the first Switcheroo unit will power on and send the signal over the RF to the receiver unit, which turns on your lamp.

    This is really a super simple solution. After deciding which outlet I wanted if the power switch were to control, the entire installation process took about 20 seconds, from the time I set / send the channels, plugged them in and turned everything on – it was super fast and extremely painless. 19659025] When you are running, Switcheroo works pretty much immediately when you turn the switch. I was worried that it would be a second or two delay between turning the switch on the lamp over the room that lights up, but there is no noticeable delay at all which is super cool. If there is any delay, you would need special equipment to detect it.

    Even better, because of RF communication, the range effectively covers the entire house (provided you do not live in an incredibly long ranch home with reinforced concrete walls). Even if the immediate application that runs in mind is just fixing the lighting installation in a single room that frustrates you, you can easily have a single switch and a socket in a room trigger light all over your home.

    Bottom Line

     ] Switcheroo on the hard disk
    Craig Lloyd

    Switcheroo fits into a very special niche in the home, but if you are stuck with switches in uncomfortable places, it is a much needed and profitable solution. Moreover, it is a super simple solution to the problem that does not require costly renovation work or complicated installation.

    Perhaps my only gripe is that they are a little on the expensive side. Two units for $ 42 are certainly not horrible, but it comes out to $ 21 each and you can easily get a smart plug for so much, much more. (If you take a 5-pack for $ 92, it takes the cost per plug down to $ 18.40-cheaper but still around the cost of a reasonable pricing.)

    But if you'd rather not go to the smart plug

    Here's what we like

    • Super easy to set up
    • No app or Wi-Fi needed
    • RF range covers the entire home

    And what we don't

    • A little expensive
    • Only for lamps

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