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AirPods Sound Great, but convenience remains their Killer Feature – Review Geek

  Apple AirPods resting on a wooden board

Since their release two years ago, AirPods has become one of Apple's most popular accessories – but it's not really because of the sound quality. The selling point is how incredibly comfortable they should use.

Too often, headphones are heard or heard strictly based on how good or bad they sound. Sound quality is definitely a big factor when deciding which pairs of cans to buy, but this inevitably overlook other functions that are aimed at sound quality above all else. AirPods is a perfect example ̵

1; the sound quality is not something to write home (they definitely locked better than I expected), but all the other features that AirPods has justify the high price tag.

De Par Easy With Your iPhone

  Screenshot of AirPods Pairing Screen

Thanks to Apple's own W1 chip in newer Apple devices, connecting AirPods with your iPhone is super easy.

All you do is open the cover of the AirPods case and they appear directly on your iPhone screen and ask if you want to pair them with your phone, that's it. You do not need to enter the Bluetooth menu in settings and place them in pairing mode. It takes literally five seconds to connect AirPods the first time you set them up.

They are simply Pocket Pocket

  Apple AirPods, in an open case, on a wooden table

Due to the small and rounded AirPods case, they are very easy to slip into a pocket and take when you need them. This is such a small detail, but it is quite important when you are on the go all the time and want to take your AirPods with you.

Almost all the other Bluetooth headphones that I own have been super cumbersome when I try to put them in my pocket and take them out. Usually, the cable connecting the two knobs snaps or snagged on something, or I need pussy with some other aspect of the headphones before they are used.

However, AirPods fits well into their own little case, and you can just throw them in a bag or throw them in your pocket without fear of tying or possibly losing one of the buds.

They turn on and off automatically

  Apple AirPods, in addition to its fall, on a wooden table [19659003] The biggest hassle I have encountered in using Bluetooth headphones must be manually turned on and off whenever I want use them. I have to hold down one button for three seconds each time, and it's super annoying.

With AirPods you literally just take them out of the case and they automatically turn on and connect to your iPhone. When finished, put them back in the case and they automatically turn off and start loading.

There is no other way to make that experience more comfortable and I love it.

No annoying cables to touch with [19659019] Apple AirPods, in front of their case, on a wooden table ” width=”1000″ height=”562″ src=”/pagespeed_static/1.JiBnMqyl6S.gif” onload=”pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon(this);” onerror=”this.onerror=null;pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon(this);”/>

Before I got AirPods, my Bluetooth headphones were SoundBuds Slim from Anchor. I still use them one at a time, but my biggest gripe is the thin cord that connects the two knobs – it is constantly constantly.

Granted, it comes with a small piece of rubber that holds the wire together and kind of holds it properly while you carry them, but it still rushes towards my neck and makes it a little inconvenient to wear.

AirPods has no annoying cord at all – they are completely wireless and cordless. Of course, this is not unique to AirPods, as there are many other options that are also completely cordless, but it is another thing that AirPods is wearing.

They are not perfect, although

  SoundBuds, soundproof headphones

Look, I like AirPods, but they are not really the very best wireless headphones. I still have some grip on them.

Unnamed: They don't offer any sound insulation at all, and I'm a sucker for soundproofing. Without that, you have to pretty much screw up the volume all the way to drown the plane and car noise during the trip. At that time, you do not hold any favorites in your ears.

With that said, I still stay with the SoundBuds Slim headphones with special ear tips for air and car, but for general daily use, AirPods are perfect.

Another disadvantage is that AirPods does not fit perfectly for everyone. They certainly fit in my ear and feel most good, even if my left ear gets a little hurt, but I get to know this goes away the more you carry them.

But I know people who can't wear AirPods simply because they just don't fit right in the ears. They are really a product that will not work for everyone, because it is a size that fits most, rather than one size fits all.

However, for daily use, you really can't beat the convenience of AirPods and it's the real point of sale. It is not perfect credibility, perfect fit or soundproofing: it is so frictionless the user experience.

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