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AirPower is dead, so buy this charging mat instead – review Geek

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  • Price: $ 99

      An Apple Watch, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 on an unravel charger
    Jason Fitzpatrick

    I really love wireless charging, but I don I love to pack multiple wireless chargers when I travel. The unravel charger from Ampere makes it easy to pack light. Now, AirPower is dead, it is an even more compelling product.

    Here's what we like

    • Packs light
    • Folding 3-in-1 design is both smart and useful
    • Comes with a 60w USB-C charger

    At CES 2019 I got one chance to have a look at Unravel in person and was really impressed with the design. While everyone was waiting for AirPower to arrive, this company was not just a triple charge plate but one that could be folded up to pack and even transform. With the latest news that Apple's AirPower project is dead, Unravel looks better than ever.

    The project was then a successful Kickstarter, which will be up for distribution and can now be purchased at Amazon so that everyone can get into the stylish design without a trip to CES or play the Kickstarter lottery. But should they get in on it? Let's take a look at Unravel's design and features.

    What it is: A Jacobs Ladder for your Gadgets

    When you first unpack Unravel, it looks like a Jacobs Ladder toy, folded up and waiting. As a Jacobs Ladder, the design is quite smart (but much more useful for our modern needs).

    The charger is three separate 10w wireless charging panels, all hinged and powered by an included 60w USB-C charger. All three panels offer Qi wireless charging that you can use with any Qi compatible phone, including iPhone 8 and later, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 series, Google Pixel 3, and Qi compatible accessories such as these AirPod wireless cases. In addition, one of the panels is not only a general Qi-compatible charging plate, but also charges your Apple Watch.

    In the most compact form, it looks like this:

      Upload the charger in folded compact form
    Jason Fitzpatrick

    When fully collapsed as shown above, the charger is still fully functional, but only the upper the charging plate is in operation. This position is handy if you don't need to use all the cushions or you want to mop your Apple Watch over it (if you have a particularly stiff curved band that won't lie flat). Given that, it's an excellent design choice to place one panel that supports the Apple Watch at the top of the bar so you can use the charger, in the "single stack" mode as you like.

      Unravel charger in flat mode
    Jason Fitzpatrick

    The other way to use the charger is to completely expand it flat. In this mode, you can charge three devices if there are three different phones or a mix of phones, an Apple Watch and other accessories. While rumors of AirPods 2 are getting stronger and pointing to Qi charging, we are still waiting for this version (it feels like always) for an official release. In the meantime, you can always use one of the third party solutions mentioned above.

    Finally, there is a really smart third position that you can use your Unravel charger in: mode mode. By setting up the charger flat and continuing to wrap the charger until the two outer edges magnetically click together, you create a tripod.

    In this position, the sides of the triangle are about 45 degrees and by turning out a small recessed lip from the face of one of the panels, you yourself have a practical little stand that supports your phone in either landscape or portrait mode.

    As if it wasn't cool enough, despite my first belief that there was no way my Apple Clock would be in portrait mode while the charger was set up as a stand, it actually works. It's pretty good for those who like to use Watch's Nightstand Mode. Just be careful to keep it there for a moment to get a firm connection to the magnetic base or it will slide down.

    How is it in the real world?

    Everything I just described in the previous section sounds good on paper, but how well does Unravel work around and around the world? I have used Unravel as both my primary wireless charger at home and during the past two months and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

    It loads all my devices, including Apple Watch, as fast as any of my other charging stands (but you know, sometimes 3 units). When traveling, my wife can easily drop the phone on it to charge without having to plug it in. You get all the benefits of a wireless charging stand without having to pack a full-sized charging station to take the road. [19659039] Ampere Unravel Charger "width =" 1600 "height =" 900 "data-credittext =" Ampere "src =" / pagespeed_static / 1.JiBnMqyl6S.gif "onload =" pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); "onerror = "this.onerror = null; pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this);" />

    When AirPods 2 is available we are ready. Ampere

    For someone like myself – who has become common van getting their phone busy in a stand just in front of them while working on their desk – it's so nice to take a stand on the road without the hassle of packing the full-size and inflexible that is on my desk right now. is good if they do not move anywhere but impractical to take the road.

    Really, if you are in the market for a flexible wireless multiple device charger, the only thing that can give you a break is the cost, while you are not unreasonable for what you get (a premium wireless wireless charger are with wooden plates that also support your Apple Watch and come with a good 60w USB-C charger and cable) is $ 99, yes, $ 99. But when you consider a good 60w USB-C will drive you $ 35-40 , the price is a little more tasty.

    Cost aside, but we struggle to come up with something negative to say. It's smartly designed, it works well, packs light and offers more versatility than any other charging plate or stand we've used, tested or reviewed. If you are in the market for a very flexible wireless travel charger, it is a tough product to lower.

    Here's what we like

    • Packs light
    • Folding 3-in-1 design is both smart and useful
    • Comes with a 60w USB-C charger

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