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Amazon Day Lets Prime Members Choose which day package will come – review Geek

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Do you hate it when your Amazon orders arrive one day you will not be home? If you know a certain day of the week will always be the best day of delivery, Amazon Day will ease your frustration.

It never fails, you ordered the sweet gizmo that will change your life and the best of all it offered two day freight on Prime. But you forgot that you are out in town this weekend, or it was actually not sent from the warehouse for two days, and now it will arrive at an uncomfortable time. Your package will be on the veranda all day.

Somehow, Amazon packages seem to always appear on the most uncomfortable day of the week. And Amazon wants to help you with that, and save a quick money too. When you choose Amazon Day, someone qualified you will order throughout the week to arrive at your preferred day, and where possible, Amazon will send in fewer boxes.

First of all, to use Amazon Day, you must be a Prime subscriber. Also, not all articles are eligible for Amazon Day, but most items that have two days of free availability will work. And you must order at least two days before your preferred arrival date. When you check out you can choose the standard shipping options or your Amazon Day selection.

How to use Amazondag

If you're a member of Prime, the next time you check out, you'll see "Select your Amazon Day" button. Click on it.

 Amazon Checkout Options with

Select the day you prefer and then click the "Save and Continue" button.

 Choose your Amazon Day Dialogue ]

When you check out, you have the opportunity to post on your Amazon Day. Amazon will remind you exactly what day it will be. If there is something important that you need now, choose the usual delivery options instead.

 Amazon freight options with the desired day, call out

The good news is that you can always change your preferred delivery date. Just click on the "Change" option when you see the Amazon selection in shipping.

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