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Amazon Fire Sales Discount Fire Tablets, Fire TV Boxes and Light Up Up to $ 50 – Review Geek

Amazon Fire TV, Fire HD and Kindle

Amazon’s first-party Fire hardware has been a worship service for people who want cheap technologies of pretty decent quality. Today, the company offers a smattering of its first-party Fire HD tablets and Fire TV set-top boxes at some steep discounts from its already low sticker prices. Well, they would be sticker prices if Amazon had stickers, anyway.


7;s talk tablets first. The bottom-round Fire 7 tablet, seven inches with just one gig of RAM and 16 GB of storage, is $ 15 off. It brings the full price down to just $ 35. Fire HD 8 is a pretty huge step up in terms of creative conveniences thanks to an HD screen, USB-C charging, 32 GB storage and a much faster processor. There is a $ 30 discount, at a price of $ 60.

Four 7-tablet

Four HD 8 tablets

Fire HD 8 Plus increases RAM to 3 GB and adds wireless charging, which is good for FireOS Show Mode, which turns the tablet into an Alexa device with a large screen. Fire HD 8 Plus is normally $ 110, but is on sale for $ 80 today. Finally, Amazon’s largest tablet is the Fire HD 10, with a 10-inch 1080p screen, but strangely only 2 GB of RAM and lacks wireless charging. It’s usually $ 150, but today it’s on sale for an even $ 100. The Kids Edition of Fire 7, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10, which comes with a squishy case and special software, is also on sale.

Fire HD 8 Plus

Fire HD 10

If you need Amazon (and a bunch of other apps) on your TV, check out the Fire TV collection. The Fire TV Stick 4K dongle is a $ 15 discount today, and at $ 35 it is actually cheaper than the standard model (non-4K). Fire TV Cube, which is basically a combination of an Alexa smart speaker and the above-mentioned 4K Stick, is $ 100. It is $ 20 of the normal price.

Fire TV Stick 4K

Fire TV Box

If all these games and movies make your head spin, you may be interested in Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. Today, the standard Kindle is $ 20 off, only $ 70, while the upgraded and waterproof Kindle Paperwhite drops from $ 120 to $ 100.

Amazon Kindle

Kindle paper suite

These offers are marked as “limited time” and are listed on the Amazon Gold Box page, which generally means that they are only available for today.

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