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Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire: How to remove ads and special offers

If your Kindle has ads or "Special Offers" that appear on the screen, it is because you have made an agreement. You chose to save money on your Kindle purchase price by accepting the discount "Special offers". It seemed like a good idea at that time, but now you are ill on the ads.

The good news: You can return from this store. The bad news: It will cost you.

Why Do My Kindle Special Offers Have?

You may not have thought much about buying your Kindle, but Amazon offers a lower price for the e-reader if you accept special offers. As Amazon explains, "If your Four Tablet or Kindle e-Reader contains special offers, you get sponsored screensavers and special offers, including personal advertising, from Amazon directly to your device."

With Special Offers The button is set as default when shopping for a Kindle (see bottom left corner of the screen below):

  Kindle Paper White With Special Offers Amazon

If you buy a Amazon Kindle Paper White example) with special offers, the cost is $ 119.99- $ 20 of the list price.

By keeping the option with special offers default setting for this purchase, this Kindle Paper White costs $ 119.99. [19659000] See what happens if we instead choose Without special offers :

  kindle paperwhite without special offers Amazon

If you buy an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite without special offers, the cost is $ 139.99. A prize that may be worth if you do not want to see ads.

When Choosing Without Special Offers the price of Kindle Paper White is up to $ 20 to $ 139.99.

How do I remove ads and special offers from my Kindle? Melissa Riofrio / IDG
  Melissa Riofrio / IDG </small></figure>
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<p>  Melissa Riofrio / IDG </small><figcaption>
<p>  If your Amazon Kindle reader has special offers, you'll see ads like here on your home screen or lock screen or as a screen saver when your Kindle is in hibernation. </p>
<p>  Remove ads and special offers from your Kindle are easy, but Amazon does not let you go for nothing. Yes, you have to pay to get rid of the ads or "Exit from special offers" as Amazon expires. </p>
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How to do it:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and go to Manage your content and devices > Devices ].
  2. Select the Kindle device from which you want to remove special offers. Device information is displayed under the device list on the screen.
  3. Look for a line that says Special offers / offers and ads . If you have special offers, it will be "subscribed".
  4. Click the link Edit next to Subscribe and follow the instructions to cancel the subscription. Amazon will tell you how much you need to pay and charge you through your 1-Click Payment setting.

At this time, we will not judge you if you pause and decide not to pay to get rid of the ads. Money is money. We understand. Enjoy your Kindle, and bookmark this page if you become desperate.

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