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Amazon Mailing A Print Toy Store This Holiday Season (And We Love It) – Review Geek

This high season Amazon sends out a traditional toy catalog to earn money on any nostalgia and give kids and parents something to browse through while shopping on vacation. We have already gotten a copy and we love it.

The catalog is already in the mail for many customers and will be delivered to several million by the end of the month. It's featured as a traditional toy catalog with bold graphics, pictures of children playing with different toys, and some digital age updates that you probably did not see in the toy catalogs for your youth.

What kind of updates? Firstly, there are no listed prices. Each article has just a description and where the price should go, the Amazon article number. It is a convenient way to handle fluctuated prices in digital shopping time (the days of a LEGO rate that cost exactly MSRP at each retailer are far away). Secondly, each two-page spread of the directory contains a QR code in the corner, seen below Mickey's hat, which takes you to the specific toy category for the page's spread (like character toys, LEGO kits, Nerf blasts or what do you have). Oh, and did we mention that there were stickers?

As adults, it's easy to say things like "Why are they sending out a catalog? What a waste of paper!" Because we are old and years of payment of taxes and responsibilities have made our hearts to charcoal. But a print catalog filled with toys, with a wish list for writing your most loved toys, and with stickers to flag the toys too? It is exactly the kind of things we would have loved when we were children and today our children's experiences with the new catalog show the shiny pages of a toy catalog a timeless allure.

Would you like a look at the directory before it arrives in your mailbox? There is a PDF file available here.

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