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An amazing bag with innovative features – review Geek

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  • Price: $ 220

      Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag review
    Michael Crider

    Peak Design makes the bags clear to photographers, but there is enough careful design in Everyday Messenger to make it worth considering for almost anyone who needs a quality bag. There is fierce competition for similar Timbuk2 and Chrome.

    Here's what we like

    • Stylish headgear system
    • Stylish reversible band
    • Flexible, removable head pocket divider
    • Excellent material and style

    And what we don't

    • Smaller organizer pocket is difficult and hard to reach

    Everyday Messenger is not cheap – $ 220 for the smaller 13-inch version, $ 250 for larger15-inch. But that investment is worth it if you want a bag that is reliable, accessible and flexible to hang around sensitive gear. In one word: fantastic.

    Messenger Design, with a twist

    Everyday Messenger might just be called ironic because the design is anything but. On the surface, it looks surprisingly simple, with a large head pocket that is distributed by sleeves or interior compartments. The portable holder, more or less a requirement for any modern messenger, hides on the back under a sturdy weatherproof zipper. This makes your laptop (and / or tablet, because there is a divider there) available without opening the main tray.

      The bag has portable and panel covers available from the back.
    Michael Crider

    But as it turns out, it's easier to get into the big union than any other Messenger-style bag I've ever used. This is thanks to the unique "MagLatch" slide lock and step attachment system. The aluminum mechanism engages one of the ladder with a slide catch so that it can be easily closed and opened. A large piece of metal holds things securely closed at one of the four positions, while the magnets inside the upper tab keep it relatively stable, without locking if you are in a hurry or need to access the tray several times in rapid succession. It is an ingenious design that is easy to open and close, firm or soft with just one hand.

      The main flap locking mechanism enables easy opening and safe closing.
    Michael Crider

    In what way is there another way into the big pocket. If you need to grab something from the top of your pocket quickly, the flap's top also has its own zipper, giving hand access for smaller gadgets and lenses. It is a good advantage if you often replace gear, but that would not be a practical way of saying, an iPad in and out of the main tray.

      The main tab has easy access zipper to grab items quickly without full opening.
    Michael Crider

    Keeps focus on the main pocket: it looks empty. And on its own, it's a big dump for all your loose equipment. But the bags are also supplied with a pair of separators: two rigid, trapezoidal small walls to allow you to attach at some point thanks to soft Velcro on the front and back of the compartment. If you are used to using dedicated camera covers, you may know the installation.

    These dividers have unique origami-inspired folds in the material, which means that they can be set up in different ways. You can get a long, narrow package that is ideal for a water bottle or zoom lens, a split pocket that works well for an AC adapter below and a mouse above or a dual foldable fold that serves as both a dust pocket and an irregularly shaped platform platform. as a DSLR with the lens connected. The divider can attach at any point inside, with smaller or larger contents.

      Removable, adjustable origami separators allow you to customize the main pocket.
    Michael Crider

    This setting is not perfect. It is difficult to get big things and small things in the main pocket at the same time. For example, I cannot have a mechanical keyboard while I organize smaller gadgets. But it's great for camera equipment and laptop couterments, and I'm sure more general users can make it work effectively for them too.

    Thoughtful outer peaks

    One of my favorite parts of the bag is the strap. It solves two problems that I didn't know I had with my old Timbuk2 bag: one, it's reversible, so there's no need to order a particular bag with a stitched strap for right-handed use or southpaws. And two, it contains a large padded section with a ugly underside, eliminating the call for an extra piece of padded Velcro padding.

      The reversible band has a built-in pillow.
    Michael Crider

    Length adjustments can be made with a non-slip buckle or an aluminum hook mechanism: the former for smaller, faster adjustments, the latter for a large foot transition from low to high berries. There is a crossband included in the package for cyclists, but I found that I never needed it even when riding thanks to the circular hinge bracket (below in red) on both sides.

    The new V2 version of Everyday Messenger Contains a luggage loop on the back, which makes it easy to attach your rolling luggage and secured with another magnet. On both sides, sleeves, with even more magnets, are suitable for smaller gadgets such as a battery charger. Both sleeves have a key inlet (with a quick-release ring in the box) and mini-strips for use with Peak Design's proprietary quick-lock camera Capture Clip. If you use these already, you will love this feature, and if you do not, they are at least not in the way.

      Side pockets double as mount for cameras.
    Michael Crider

    The case material is a hard weather resistant nylon, with stylish seams and angles that reflect the origami design. The only exception is the bottom: it is covered with a rubberized material, which means that you can put your bag on a dirty floor without dyeing the fabric. It's an excellent touch, considering it's designed to go everywhere.

    Less organization is a pain

    If Everyday Messenger has a failure, it's the front organizer box. This is secured with double full-length zippers, which means that it is difficult to access everything inside quickly, especially if you want to enter through the main flap zipper. Internal pockets are small, even the largest ones that are unsuitable for a long phone or a large battery, and the small ones are just big enough for memory cards or short cables. There are not even pocket pockets, something I didn't know I was missing until they were gone.

      The organizer pocket is too small and difficult to access to be very useful.
    Michael Crider

    The whole section is a pain to access regardless of how you carry the bag, which means that I can keep less loose things in the origami parts in the main pocket. If this had been a more conventional organizer part, easier to get to and more useful in terms of division, Everyday Messenger could have earned a perfect rating.

    The large inner pocket has two smaller pockets that I did not mention above, because they are not exceptionally useful. A long, skinny zipper pocket under the flap is just great for solving things that you don't need regular access to … and I couldn't think of anything in my usual setting that fits that description, except perhaps some obscure adapter cables. A loop behind this pocket and an enclosed silicone ring is designed to attach a tripod to the outer flap.

    There is a small, thin mini-pocket on the inside of the chamber wall (red lining below), which is a dedicated phone pocket. But it is so hard to get the phone in and out via the big tab zipper is a chore. I simply found myself holding my phone in my pants pocket instead, and it is so narrow and shallow it is not suitable for anything else.

      The inner tab pocket and phone pocket are difficult to use.
    Michael Crider

    One last quibble, and it's more of an observation than a point against Peak Design: the portable sleeve in the 13-inch version of the bag is actually quite tight. Designed with 13-inch MacBook Pro in mind, it won't admit anything much longer or longer, like my 14-inch ThinkPad. (The smaller MacBook Pro is 11.97 inches, 30.41 inches wide for the record.) If in doubt about getting the smaller or larger version of Everyday Messenger, go to the big 15-inch option.


    Everyday Messenger is a premium all-round bag that fully justifies its price. The MagLatch closing system is ingenious and sets a new standard for quick and easy access. Other design aspects, especially the flexible band and origami interior parts, will delight users looking for a variety of wearing options.

      Peak Design Everyday Messenger filled in the board.
    Michael Crider

    Unfortunately, the bag's choice for the careful organization of smaller items is missing, so it will not replace a bag or purse case if you have many loose ornaments to keep you neat. But the neat presentation, excellent material and thoughtful design elsewhere make up this minor point. Go out and get one if you can justify the high price – and get it bigger if you wonder if you might need more space for your portable or larger gear.

    Here is what we like

    • Stylish headlining system
    • Stylish reversible band
    • Flexible, removable head pocket divider
    • Excellent material and style

    And what we do

    • Smaller organizer pocket is inconvenient and difficult to reach

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