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An outdoor plug perfect for Christmas lights – review Geek

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  • Price: $ 32.99

    Here's what we like

    • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
    • You can leave it in the rain
    • Two outlets, each independently controlled

    and what we do not

    • ] The control flap is a little rough around the edges
    • Plug angle makes it difficult to use with some weatherproof covers

    Most smart plugs on the market lack a thing: They are not intended for outdoor use. However, the iClever IC-BS06 smart plug is built for outdoor life and nasty weather, and even has some nice features affected.

    Let's get out the outdoor-related specifications and the jargon first and foremost. IC-BS06 is rated for temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 140 degrees. So even during the coldest and hottest days, the plug will continue to operate your outdoor displays, water features or whatever it controls. In addition, it is IP44 certified, which means it can splash water like rain and melting snow, but it can not be immersed. Fortunately, immersion will not be a problem unless there are significant floods. Then you are likely to have worse things to worry about anyway.

    So how is it like a regular smart plug? It works well, but there are a few things to be aware of.

    The installation process

    The plug uses an app called Smart Life for both the installation process and the remote control via the phone. It is made by a Chinese developer, so while everything is in English, it is grossly translated from Chinese.

    Most of the time, it's not that much and you can navigate only well and understand most menus and buttons, but there may be some examples that can confuse some users, like this popup firmware update that says "Wi -Fi module: Increase the shutdown function "and then a button that reads" Will be upgraded shortly ", but it actually updates firmware immediately after pressing the button.

    The overall installation process is not as fast as I would like it to be (you're stuck on a connection screen for a solid 45 seconds or so), but it's at least painless and easy.

    Nifty Features

    When you get started, the iClever connector has some pretty features, including two individually controllable containers, as well as some cool automation features that you can base on the temperature, time of y and even humidity.

    For example, you can turn off the smart contact on the temperature at a certain point, or get a humidity report reaching a certain percentage.

    Here are some other features found on the iClever smart plug:

    • Hours and Schemes: You can set a basic timer and schedule so that the switch automatically turns on or off when a certain time has passed , or at a certain time of the day.
    • Voice Controls: The smart contact works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so if you want to be able to control it with your voice, you're welcome to go here.
    • Scenes: These allow you to control your other iClever devices based on actions that the smart plug takes.
    • IFTTT Integration: If you want to give the smart plug even more automation, you can connect it to IFTTT to integrate it with a whole lot of other products and services.
    • Family Sharing: If you have other family members who might benefit from being able to control the smart plug, you can easily share access with them.

    With that kind of varied control, your imagination is really the limit. You can have a moisture sensor-controlled plant solution, lightning lights, and more advanced IFTTT integration with your smart home.

    Use of it on exclusions

    Here's what you may need to compromise a little with iClever Smart Plug. It comes with a built-in extension cord of 5-6-inch lengths, which helps keep the bulk of the smart connector away from the socket and leave room to plug in other things.

    However, the plug itself is at a 90 degree angle, so on most outdoor sockets that have a protective cover, you probably will only be able to connect the device to the upper socket, which will completely block the bottom outlet.

    ] Additionally, the built-in extension is not long enough to completely close my specific outlet and the US electrical code requires that the cover is completely closed in "wet places" when the items are plugged in. "Wet places" Everywhere there is an outdoor outlet exposed to the weather, while a dry / moist place should be under a canopy or a porch. To fix it, I need to get a short extension cord to make it work.

    Take this much into consideration if you are considering purchasing one of these and using it on an outdoor outlet with a lid. 19659024] Bottom Line

    For $ 30, you really can not go wrong with this smart plug. In addition, you get two smart plugs, which is an even better deal.

    The app is really the disadvantage, because it's not the easiest or most fun to use, but if you still use Alexa or Google Assistant, then that's not really a big deal – you can use the app to set the smart plug and then just quench it for firmware updates every now and then.

    Rating: 7/10


  • $ 32.99

  • Here's What We Like

    • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
    • You can leave it in [19659000] The control program is a little rough around the edges
    • Plug angle makes it difficult to use with some weatherproof covers

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