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Apple releases iOS 12.2 Public Beta 4 to Software Testers at the beginning, includes new icons and other small tweaks «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple released iOS 12.2 beta 4 to developers on Monday, March 4, and shortly thereafter it ran out to everyone on the public beta program iOS 12.2. All previous public beta updates for iOS 12.2 were released the following day, but this is changing the course. In the iOS 12.2 public beta 4, there are new icons, an updated "About" page, and better now playing tiles.

Thanks to our honeymoon with the developer version and its accompanying release notes, we know exactly what makes iOS 12.2 public beta 4 tick. In particular, there are new icons for the News app, which matches the new icon added to the app earlier, as well as the Apple TV remote that appears as its own tile in the Control Center and in the now played video tile is seen the entire system.

The "About" page also has a small face lift, since storage information is grouped into a suitable section. It was previously updated for group information together better for a more organized layout, but now it is even more with storage information separated from Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth address, modem firmware etc.

In addition to these changes, beta 4 is completely easily contains smaller bug fixes to make iOS 12.2 more stable in general. In fact, the release notes for beta 4 are identical to beta 3. It says that this update seems strictly focused on problems with the subheading with some small UI tweaks.

App Store – Promote Your New Offers Subscriptions

StoreKit now supports subscription offers in addition to introductory offers, so apps with auto-renewable subscriptions will soon be able to offer discounted rates for some duration for existing and formerly subscribed customers. You will be able to use subscription offers to help win back subscribers who have canceled their subscriptions or are upgrading to a different subscription at a special price. Customers can accept the offer, even if they have already made an initial offer.

StoreKit introduces a new series of SKProductDiscount objects within the SKProduct class to show offers within your app to authorized customers. Add a new SKPaymentDiscount item within the SKPayment class to allow these offers to be accepted by the customer.

Apple Pay – Known Issues

  • You may not be able to verify within Wallet after selecting a card. (44919900) Solution: On an iPhone with Touch ID, double-click the Home button when your iPhone is locked and then select the desired card in the wallet and verify before holding your iPhone near the reader. IPhone X S iPhone X S Max and iPhone X R double click on the page button, select the desired card in the wallet and verify with facial ID before holding your iPhone near the reader.

Cellular – Resolved Issues

  • Solved a problem that prevented prepaid data plan purchases when using mobile data. (47272516)

HealthKit – New Features

  • High and low heart rate messages and irregular heart rate remarks are now available as read-only test types. (46422154)

iCloud Photos – Resolved issues

  • Images shared with sharing suggestions are now correctly added. (47401696)

Lock Screen – Solution Problems

  • The device charge level no longer remains on the lock screen after removing the unit from a charger. (47363913)

News – New Features

  • Apple News will be available in Canada with iOS 12.2, and is now available to Canadian users on the developer beta. Apple News in Canada supports both English and French. Readers can access a bilingual experience when following a channel in a second language. Note! Publications in beta do not reflect all content that will be available. Top Stories and Digests are not updated as often as they will be in the freight product.

Siri – Resolved Problems

  • Siri works in iOS simulators. (46681836)

To update your iPhone to iOS 12.2 public beta 4, sign up for the beta program to get a valid configuration profile if you don't already have it. If you have enabled iOS 12 new "Automatic Updates", you can have the software updated overnight. Otherwise, start Settings, select "General" and then "Software Update". Touch "Download and Install", then follow the instructions.

Beta 3 Trains bring along a number of new bug fixes and features, including 12.1.4's Group FaceTime bug fix, a newly developed Apple TV remote control and News app header and a "Charged" lock screen problem fix. These changes are just some of the many who come to 12.2 as a whole, with every beta update giving a more exciting overall release.

But some doubt that a public release of 12.2 is imminent. Users point to the internal name of the building (beta 4 is listed as "F-build") as evidence that beta testing 12.2 is far from complete and claims that this beta has been returned six times for problems. However, it can only indicate treaties of different team members, not necessarily problems with iOS 12.2 altogether. Will 12.2 see the public anytime soon? We don't know for sure. Until then, the only way to experience all these new features is to jump on the beta itself.

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