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AT&T customers can now make calls through Alexa speakers – Review Geek

An Amazon Echo speaker on a bedside table.

If you have an AT&T number and you do not like to carry the phone throughout the house, Alexa may have some good news for you. Thanks to the mobile company̵

7;s Numbersync software, you can now use your Alexa speakers, as an Echo point, to make and receive phone calls from your AT&T number.

To get started with “AT&T calls with Alexa”, go to your Alexa app and find the Communication section under settings. There you can select the AT&T option and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your number.

Once you have set everything up, you can make or receive calls from which Alexa speaker you have connected to your account. When a call comes back, Alexa will notify “Incoming calls from John Smith” or whoever you have in your contact books. You can also vote by either saying “Alexa call John Smith” or telling Alexa which number you want to call.

Obviously, you may not always want your calls to go through your speakers so you can control it too. You can set times when the phone call goes to just your phone (so you do not get 3:00 calls all over the home), and you can tell Alexa “I’m leaving home” to turn off the speaker connection. If you work 9-5 abroad, you can create a routine to turn off speaker calls.

At the moment this is only an AT&T feature and limited to US numbers (but you can call Mexico, Canada and the UK. No word on when the feature will reach more carriers or countries.
You may want to think twice before activating the service. All your calls come through your speakers. Nowadays, crazy with robocalling makes that idea less desirable.

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