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Battery almost dead? Here’s the best way to squeeze more juice out of your iPhone without a charger. «IOS & iPhone :: Gadget hack

Your iPhone is almost out of battery power, there is no wired or wireless charger in sight and you left your portable power bank at home. You do not want your battery to die, but you still need to use your iPhone. This is when Low Power Mode is useful, but you can waste valuable time and energy if you activate it incorrectly.

You can go to Settings -> Battery and turn on the low power switch, but that’s the slowest way. Or you can simply say “low power” to Siri, but you have to wait for it to process your request, activate the feature and provide a proof of success – it’s just too much. Instead of one of these, you can create a faster and more convenient switch.

Open the Settings app, then tap “Control Center”

;. On iOS 14 and later, tap the plus sign (+) next to “Low Power Mode” below More controls. On iOS 13 and later, you need to tap “Customize Controls” before you can add the low power control. Click “Settings” or “Back” to save your extension, then exit Settings.

You have just added the power save mode to switch to the Control Center, which gives you the battery saving function at your fingertips. Whenever you have some juice, pull up (Touch ID models) or pull down (Face ID models) Control Center from the bottom or top of the screen. Press the control with the battery icon and it is on. You can do this from apps, the home screen or the lock screen, so it’s super convenient.

To turn it off again, you can do the same thing or wait until your battery reaches 80 percent charge, in which case it will turn off automatically.

If the control is too low in the Control Center, you can return to the Control Center settings and rearrange them with the triangular icons next to each one. Raise it higher to make it easier to access. If you have many active controls, you may need to swipe up in the Control Center to find the battery icon unless you move it.

In true Apple mode, this Control Center trick is far from the only way to enable or disable low power mode. You may want to familiarize yourself with all the other options because switching to low power mode is a great way to speed up your iPhone. Just check them out after the battery is slightly charged.

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