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Become a Better Reader Using Apple Books Read «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Whether you have made a resolution to try to read more books this year or just want to set aside time to listen to an audio book every day, it can be difficult to build good reading habits with a lively life. But with iOS 13, Apple Books includes readings, which can give you that little extra encouragement and responsibility to help you reach your goals.

Apple Books lets you set goals for the minutes you want to read each day, as well as how many books and audio books you want to read in a year. By gradually adjusting these goals, Apple Books can help you become a regular reader slowly. With a little motivation, anyone can do it even the longest book, like the copy of "Les Misérables" that has been sitting on the shelf for years.

first View and adjust your goals

To see your current goals and progress, open Apple Books and click on the "Read Now" tab. You see both your daily and annual Medications at the bottom. But if you haven't completed any books or audiobooks this year, you may not see the annual goal at all. Once you have completed a book or audiobook, it should be displayed.

Adjusting your daily reading

"Today's reading" shows how much progress you have made with your daily goal, whether it is reading words on the screen or listening to an audio file of someone else reading. By default, Apple Books sets a goal of five minutes for everyone, so if you've never set one before, that's what yours will be.

Below the target is a button that you can tap to "Explore the Bookstore" if you have no books or audiobooks. If you have any, it will say "Start reading" with a suggested title in your library or "Continue reading" to jump back to the last title you read.

You can also adjust your daily readings from here by doing the following:

  1. Press the timer that shows your current progress on your daily readings.
  2. Click "Adjust Target" at the bottom.
  3. Turn the dial to adjust your daily reading in 1 minute increments. It goes all the way to 1,440 minutes or 24 hours, which we cannot see anyone who chooses.
  4. When you have reached the min / day number you want, press "Done."
  5. Press (x) in the upper right to close the daily target view.

Adjust Your Annual Reads

Books Read This Year During the Daily the reading goal will keep track of any books or audio books you have completed during the calendar year. By default, Apple sets a standard three titles each year for everyone's goals. But again, if you have not completed any titles in your library, the section will not appear until you have completed at least one.

Like the daily reading goal, you can adjust the annual goal to suit your needs: [19659009] Press any of the book or audiobook titles, any placeholders for them, or the "# more books option to reach your goal" ".

  • Click "Adjust Target" at the bottom.
  • Turn the dial to adjust your annual reading in steps with a book. You can have up to 365 if you want, which would be one every day, something that only a few people can probably do.
  • When you have reached the books / year numbers you want to click "Done." [19659010] Press (x) in the upper right to close the annual target view.
  • 2. Share your readings

    You can share your progress for both your daily and yearly reads at any time. When you share your goals, Apple Books will create a picture showing how much progress you have made with your goal, which can then be sent using the stock sheet.

    If you have not yet met your daily reading, the picture shows the progress arc with the completed time and the goal inside it, as well as the time remaining during it. When it is met, it will say "Daily Goal Achieved" with a large blue and white check icon instead of the bow. The Apple Books logo is up with the app's icon at the bottom of both cases.

    For the annual goal, see the covers of all books and audio books completed with " My Year in Books "and the number of titles for the current year during them. Your actual goal is not shown, but if you met it, the text would say "Annual goal achieved" instead. The Apple Books logo and app icon are also displayed.

    To share a picture of your progress goals, simply:

    1. Open the target view by doing either first step above to adjust your daily or annual goals.
    2. Press the "Share" button at the bottom.
    3. Choose how you want to share your image with the sharing sheet.

    3. Progress on your goals

    It seems like an easy thing to make progress on your goals, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

    • Both ebooks and audiobooks count towards both goals, so if you listen rather than watch, you're covered!
    • If you have things you want to read in PDFs, they can count as well. Just add them to Apple Books, then go to your iPhone settings app, press "Books", then enable the "Include PDF Files" option under Read Goals .
    • Only books that have been read and listened to within Apple Books count. Unfortunately, there is no way to log in the time you have spent reading physical books or books and audio books in other apps, such as those through a local library app. However, there is a solution: download the book or audiobook in Apple Books, then see the tips in the checklist below to mark these items as read.
    • Medications are synced between devices, so if you want to read a little on your iPhone while you're out and then curl at home on the couch with your iPad or in bed with your Mac, everything counts.

    In addition, there are a few ways to add a book or audiobook to your list that you have completed this year.

    • When you get to the end of a book, the last page will have a "Done" button. Press it and the book will be added to your list of finished books for the year.
    • In your "Library", press the ellipse (•••) button at the bottom right of each title to open its action sheet, then press "Mark as done" to add it to your finished list . If you marked one as done early and then never finished it, you can go back to the action sheet and hit "Mark as still reading" to remove it from the list.
    • To select more than one book or audiobook that is finished or still reading at the same time, click "Edit" on the "Library" tab, select all titles, then press the Share button and select the appropriate option from the list.

    4. Adjust your notifications

    Apple Books will send messages when you reach one of your goals. It will also send you a warning when you have reached a new high streak to complete your daily reading.

    While encouraging, these notifications can be distracting if you are in the middle of a good book or audiobook. To turn them off, scroll to the top of the "Read Now" tab and then tap your profile picture. Then click on "Notifications", which opens a screen where you can enable or disable "Alarm Alerts".

    5th Turning off Reading Goals

    If you like using Apple Books, but find reading destinations distracting or just not useful, you can turn them off quickly. To do so, open the Settings app, press "Books" and press the "Read Target" button to turn it off. You can also clear all your target data by tapping "Clear Target Data" if you want to start fresh or delete it.

    Although not as comprehensive as the Apple Books review introduced in iOS 12, read goals a nice little addition to an already full app. By using them, reading goals can help build a good habit in your day. After all, we can probably do to have a little less social media and a little more Dickens.

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