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Beginner's Guide to Working From Home

Almost everyone works from home. Even before the pandemic, freelancers and startups relied on online services to meet their business needs. Now people are rushing more than ever to find the right technology that suits their work situation.

If this is your first time, you may find the situation a bit overwhelming (especially if you also have to take care of the children or

But trust us, it can be quite fun to work from home when you get it. You just have to make sure you have everything and maybe a little more fun to work than usual. Working from home requires two important things: the right attitude and the right tools.

The right attitude


When you think of people working from home do you imagine them with a laptop in bed, in fluffy pajamas, enjoying a steamy cup of Joe?

If this is your vision you may be a little disappointed at first. Productivity does not happen in bed. is new to this, you should avoid being too relaxed as much as possible.

To avoid being completely turned off, it is best to have a dedicated space for work. If you can have an entire room, it would be perfect t, but a chair and a desk should suffice (as long as it is not located in heavy traffic areas of the house).

Keep it clean, get some pens and a diary / notebook and definitely get a telephone stand.


Our brains love routine. And for people who go to work 5 days a week, a sudden stay at home is a huge disturbance.

When you're up and your chores are done, make sure you give yourself two set hours to work. Make sure your family knows what 2 hours you set for work. Provide a gap to eat lunch and do stretches. But go back to work again for 2 hours. Take so many breaks, but make sure you do 3 rounds with 2 hours of solid work and sum it up to 6 hours a day.

It also helps to get dressed for work. It may be a casual outfit (not necessary office clothes), but it shouldn't be pajamas or a sweater! When you dress and get presentable, this signals the brain that you are ready to be productive.

Even if you have the opportunity, pray not to be disturbed when you work.

Finally, there is a limit more you need to set, and that is with yourself. You must have a work schedule, routine for the family and everyone in your team should know and respect it.

The Right Tools

Now that you have the right attitude, let's take a look at the online services and tools that facilitate your work from home

Online Meetings

Platforms such as Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Team are ideal for video conferencing , voice calls with more than two members, whiteboard, file sharing and to hold conversation in one place.

In this way, the company can still hold regular meetings and if you ever need more guidance than stated in an email, you can make a video call with the manager or the entire team.

File Sharing

Because you are not in the same building anymore, you cannot just go to marketing and request the new campaign's short document. But if you think about it, we do this less and less, as it is easier to send an email and ask for the files you need in electronic format (or their location on the corporate server).

When working from home you should use tools such as WeTransfer as they allow zero registration or login and provide 2 GB file sharing via email.

If you are looking for a more robust and permanent solution, look at Box, Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive. [1

9659025] Collaboration

We all know about Slack. Everyone uses it and loves it. There are other great options like Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Padlet and Microsoft Team.

Collaboration is something that teams need for project management and it is sometimes very useful to have a giant company license to get all the tools you need for the remote work situation that the current one we all are in.

One for all

have a Windows machine, why not get their Office 365 license and get it all at once; streamlined to the core!

Your e-mail, collaboration, whiteboard, file sharing cloud drives, meetings, newsletters, projects and much more. You can get all that with a license.

Online Payments

Whether you are a contractor, freelancer or remote employee, you must ensure that your work is rewarded.

Solutions like TransferWise, Revolut, and PayPal make life much easier for people who want to make payments online without dealing with the difficulties of the regular banking system.

If you haven't already, create an account with Payoneer. They provide real bank account numbers for foreign currencies, making it easier for companies to make payments.

Bonus tool

Have you heard of Otter, Loom and AnyDesk?

Otter is a great recording tool that transcribes. Consider giving it a picture, especially if it's a meeting.

Loom is a screen recording tool that saves you from long meetings. Just record what you want to share, learn or explain and send it over. Try it, it's useful. And unlike many services and companies, Loom has lowered its prices and basic plans because of the current pandemic.

AnyDesk is a remote access service. It is extremely useful and is useful in stressful situations when employees cannot get some things to work on their computers.

Think of these!

Yes, change is challenging, but that's how we grow and learn. In addition, working from home is a positive change that frees up your time and allows you to enjoy life on a new level. So why not give it a shot?

There are a variety of online services that we have covered in the past, just jump to our category of services and find several such useful online tools that have been reviewed in a bit more detail.

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