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Best Mini and Tabletop Tripods – Review Geek

Good cameras are smaller and cheaper than ever. But if you want to take crisp pictures and videos on the go, you'll need a versatile portable tripod to keep your camera steady and placed where you want it.

You see that the stand is like the bread on a sandwich. It does not matter how big, small or artistic inspired your sandwich is. If it is not supported by bread, you will have a medium-sized mess on your hands. I mean you do not need a tripod to take pictures of the family at Olive Garden, but can you imagine how your yearbook pictures would look if the photographer did not have a tripod?

Most mini stands are small enough to fit in the pocket, making them a great option for people who want a lot of portability. But they are also a great option for photographers who need a lot of versatility. You can use a mini stand indoors, outdoors or on a desk. They can be adjusted to take the perfect picture in hard terrain, or to get a crisp photo in low light. Some mini stands are so easy that you can attach them to trees. Joby Gorillapod and iGadgitz PT31

0 are especially impressive as they can double as handheld stabilizers or magnetically adhere to and enclose surfaces.

Of course, you do not need to buy your own camera or camcorder to shoot good photos or videos. Your mobile has a powerful camera built into the hardware (you do not know if it is not). Some of the tripods we've recommended come with a phone clamp, but generally you want to attach an adapter to the phone if you want to use a tripod. While you're on it, you might want to take a Bluetooth shutter on the remote to make things easier.

Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325 ($ 23)

Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325 is the most versatile mini-item you can buy. With its magnetically tilted flexible legs, you can take stabilized images from impossible angles. Yes, GorillaPods look gimmicky, but they can wind around tree branches, magnetically stick to the walls and adapt to roughly uneven surfaces. Imagine recording an hour-lapse video from a glove, or taking a selfie from the building's barriers. These are options that either do not exist or are too uncomfortable to consider without a GorillaPod.

Oh, and Joby GorillaPod is not limited to tripod service. You can convert GorillaPod into a selfie stick, hand stabilizer or shoulder rig by bending the legs in different shapes. It's a good option for people on the move and need to be creative with their camera location.

A final note about GorillaPod: there are thousands of cheap knockoffimitations and we strongly recommend avoiding them. The building quality of the cheap clones is typically horrible and we have got our legs broken into our hands, just unpack them.

iGadgitz PT310 ($ 16)

If you are looking for a reliable mini-support with an iGadgitz PT310, it may be right in your alley. It has rubberized rubber and a strong frame to prevent sliding, a ball and a 360 degree adjustability jacket, and a bubble level to keep your shot from being cocked. When the rubber ribbon for this mini stand is folded, it can double as a hand stabilizer. This is a great option for people who shoot a lot of video on the go, as the PT310 is relatively versatile and easy to install.

The iGadgitz PT310 can hold up to 3.5 kilos, making it perfect for compact cameras and lightweight DSLRs. Just keep in mind that this tripod does not have adjustable legs, so you have to use it on a relatively flat surface.

Oben Ultrapod ($ 12)

If you're looking for a rugged, portable miniature, Oben Ultrapod has your name written over it. This thing weighs only one tenth of a pound, and it is folded down to the size of a pocket knife. Despite the small size of UltraPod, the aluminum and fiberglass frame can support all cameras below 3 pounds. Just for reference, most small DSLRs are about 3 pounds. You definitely do not need to worry about this tripod collapsing during your point-and-shoot.

It is fair to assume that such a small, cheap tripod would be a hammock. But the Ultrapod is actually quite versatile and can stand up against larger stands in the table, such as Joby or iGadgitz. It has a built-in ball and power cord that can turn the camera to any angle. You can also attach the Ultrapod to a tree branch or a rail with the supplied one wrap strap (a piece of Velcro strap), just do not try a heavy camera or a wimpy branch.

RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod 30 $)

RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod is a mini stand that sports professional, traditional features. Each of RetiCAM's legs can be adjusted and locked independently so you do not have to worry about which terrain you are shooting. It's shortest, RetiCAM is about 10 "long but can be adjusted up to 19" if you try to shoot something from a reasonable height. Compared to a full size stand, RetiCAM is incredibly portable (it only weighs 1.5 pounds), but it can hold a camera up to 6 pounds.

Have you noticed what really puts RetiCAM apart from other mini stands? It has a 3-way pan / tilt head instead of a ball and jack, which means you can achieve even and even panning when recording video. Whether you're trying to record a quality movie or just try to avoid jumpers in your Youtube videos, RetiCAM is worth considering. It's a good tripod for professional videography.

Neer Compact Tripod ($ 38)

Just like RetiCAM, the Neewer Compact Tripod has a traditional design and traditional features. In fact, the two stands are almost identical. Both have independent extendable legs, a 360-degree ball and sockets, and a bubble height head. Both can adjust from about 10 "high to 19" high, both weighing 1.5 pounds, and both can hold up to 11 pounds.

Here is the difference; Neøver is aimed at photographers instead of videographers. The Neutral sport has a 360 degree ball and socket instead of a pan / tilt head, which means that video can not be smoothed when it can be adjusted to any angle. If you are a photographer who needs a rugged mini tripod, Neewer is a good candidate.

Photopro Monopod ($ 26)

Yes, this is a monopod. It has only one leg. It may sound like a stretch, but Fotopro Monopod can stick to and surpass any table rack. As a traditional tripod, Fotopro Monopod can stabilize your camera on a flat surface. Unlike a traditional tripod, the monopoly achieves stabilization by curling up like a worm. You can also use it as a self-adhesive pin or wrap it around protective rolls like Joby.

Now Fotopro Monopod's most exciting and groundbreaking feature is its multi-mounting equipment. Each end of the monopod is equipped with a tripod mount, so it is possible to mount a phone or camera on each end of the device. We understand that it may be a bit much to take in once, but here is the best use case we can imagine with Fotopro: you can use Monopod to Facetime your girlfriend while watching La La Land. Welcome to the future.

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