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Best Prime Day Deals 2020: The Deals You Can Buy Now

Amazon Prime Day 2020 begins at midnight on October 13 and runs through October 14. You do not have to wait until then to get a good deal, but there are a number of early Prime Day deals available now. Just remember – while Prime Day is a 48-hour event, the best Prime Day deals are sold in just minutes. If something tickles your imagination, even now, purse it or risk missing out.

We should also note that the investment in Prime Day offers is reserved exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers. Fortunately, there is a one-month free Amazon Prime trial for those who want to trade sales without handing over $ 1

3 for a one-month asset or $ 119 for an annual subscription. Cancel before the subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the month and you do not pay a penny.

Of course, with so much to offer on Prime Day, it is a very important task to distinguish the best Prime Day deals from the worst. Fortunately, we do all the hard work for you and look through all the discounts on must-have items like cheap Chromebooks and 4K TVs, compare prices with other retailers to give you a list of Prime Day deals you can really have can not afford to miss on Prime Day 2020.

Today’s best Prime Day deals

  • Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition (3rd generation)$ 35, was $ 70
  • Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for PC, PlayStation & Xbox$ 60, was $ 80
  • Instant Pot Duo (6 Quart)$ 79, was $ 100
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm, GPS)$ 169, was $ 200
  • Apple AirPods Pro with wireless charging case$ 219, was $ 250
  • Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Multi Cooker (8-Quart)$ 220, was $ 270
  • 50-inch Insignia Fire Edition 4K TV$ 250, was $ 350
  • Acer CB282 Desktop Monitor (4K Ultra HD)$ 300, was $ 350
  • Apple iPad Mini (64 GB, Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 350, was $ 400

Amazon has launched a lot of “early Prime Day deals” before Prime Day 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of non-Prime iPad deals, MacBook deals, iPhone deals available right now as well. Additional products like AirPods, cheap laptops, Fire TV sticks, Keurigs, Kindles and 4K TVs also have discounts on Amazon. We have cataloged all the best Amazon deals happening today below.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Prime Day 2020 starts at 12 PT on Tuesday 13 October and will run until 23:59 PT on Wednesday 14 October – a little more than the month before Black Friday 2020 and Cyber ​​Monday 2020. However, keep in mind: Most people leave their holiday shopping until November, so Prime Day is the time to buy if you want to avoid stock and distribution delays and total disappointment.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, exclusively for subscribers to its Amazon Prime membership. The event, which usually takes 48 hours, offers discounts on everything from household items such as coffee beans and diapers to must-have technology such as iPads and 4K TVs. Offers are released every hour in limited quantities. In other words: This is a first come, first served deal.

Why did Amazon delay Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day 2020
Prime Day deals arrive in full force on October 13 and October 14.

Amazon was surpassed by orders when COVID-19 broke out in the US in April. So much so that it had to impair the transportation of non-essential objects. Fast forwarding until July when Prime Day 2020 was to take place and the situation had worsened. People had lost their jobs, the infection rate was still rising and the retailer still could not keep up with demand despite employing 175,000 people.

While the degree of infection is still high, people are learning to live with the virus and adapt to a new normal. Those who are lucky enough to still be employed work from home, it is impossible to leave the house without seeing someone wearing a face mask (some friendly advice: you should wear one) and people are seemingly ready to spend again with the holiday right around the corner.

Spending habits have changed, and bargaining has quickly become the new way of life for the masses – and that’s why Prime Day 2020 will still continue. People need a place to buy must-have items on the cheap. If everyone waits until Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday when this usually happens, the distribution network will be stretched thin and the items will not arrive on time.

Are Prime Day Deals Only for Prime Subscribers?

The short answer is yes, Prime Day is a shopping event exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers. It is quite possible for new members to get up to speed on Prime Day 2020 without handing over a penny for a Prime Day subscription: Simply sign up for a one month free trial period the month Amazon Prime is set to take place to be able to participate for the low , low price of absolutely nothing.

Do other retailers participate in Prime Day?

While Amazon will be the core of Prime Day 2020, other retailers will also be throwing their hats in the ring. This means that we can expect Best Buy and Walmart to lower the prices of major ticket items such as Apple iPads and 4K TVs to compete with Amazon. Do not expect them to be wrapped up as Prime Day deals – that brand is exclusive to Amazon.

You can bet on your lower dollar that they will find some inventive way to win on the Prime Day name, though. Maybe we’ll see Best Buy Day or Walmart Day. Some other options are Best Buy’s You-Know-What Day Sale and Walmart’s Blue Arrow Sale. In fact, there will be Prime Day sales, no matter how they end it, and we as shoppers should welcome them.

What Prime Day offers can we expect in 2020?

Nothing is wrong with Amazon Prime Day deals. In previous days, we’ve seen everything from Fire TV sticks and Keurigs to MacBooks and even 8K TVs for sale for a fraction of their regular price. In short: If you are aware of something and you can buy it online, there is a chance that it will be cheaper on Prime Day 2020.

Of course, some articles are treated with greater reductions than others. Amazon’s own products, for example, are often some of the most discounted – with Fire TV Stick it often goes half. Other must-have products like Amazon Echo and Amazon Kindle also get a huge hit with the price-reducing sword, as do digital subscriptions like Kindle Unlimited.

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Still, other manufacturers are rushing to get in on the price cut and offering comparable discounts. Last year’s Prime Day deals saw Apple’s hardware – from iPads to MacBooks – go on sale for up to 50% off. Otherwise, Ring Video Doorbell 2 would have been reduced by 40%. Instant Pots was another massively discounted item, with Walmart offering as much as a 60% discount.

With so many retailers now participating in Prime Day, it is difficult to predict exactly what will be offered. Although Prime Day deals from the past are something to go by, it is fair to say if you are looking for something with a screen, it will be discounted on Prime Day 2020 (if Amazon does not store it, you should be able to find it for sale at another seller, such as Target).

Are Cheap Prime Day Deals Too Good To Be True?

For every good deal out there on Prime Day, there are a dozen bad ones. This is why it is important not only to consult an impartial source of buying advice to find out if the offer you are looking at is really worth your hard earned cash, but also to have an understanding of the tricks that retailers use to deceive customers. looking at the deal from the decade.

Most merchants treat Prime Day as a chance to unload stagnant stock, so most discounts will be on aging models that people are no longer interested in – and they use some immoral methods to whip them. For example, you can find an HDTV reduced to a bottom price, but it says nowhere in the upper half of the page that it is only 720p HD.

So, what’s the problem? Well, the dealers are not technically wrong here. They reveal all the information they are required to provide. But they bury it to trick bargain hunting customers into taking advantage of an offer without doing their homework. Our point? If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is – even on Prime Day. It does no harm to do a little research.

Even if you only go to Google to make sure it has the only function you have on you, you will at least avoid disappointment when it arrives. However, we have some better advice: Search for the best Prime Day deals here at Digital Trends, where our experts separate wheat from the chaff and then describe everything you need to know about each product.

Are you going to shop on Prime Day or Black Friday?

With Prime Day taking place near Black Friday (and by extension Cyber ​​Monday), there is a lot of confusion about when the best time to buy is. Pull the trigger on Prime Day and risk the item becoming cheaper next month, or do you endure Black Friday and risk the product being out of stock? The answer is quite simple.

In fact, more people are ordering online than ever before. Retailers do not want to reject orders. They work to make money, and not turn people away at the (virtual) door. That’s why it’s safe to say that anything discounted on Prime Day will not be much cheaper on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday – the margins are just not there.

Amazon has assured Digital Trends that items discounted on Prime Day will not be cheaper on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Prime Day will see products the cheapest they will be all year round – and it’s not just advanced electronics. The retailer has also revealed that the shopping bonzana will see everything from coffee and diapers to party decorations and skin care products.

Products such as laptops and televisions have been flying off the shelves all year. These are the ones we recommend that you buy on Prime Day, as well as gifts or other items that may see increased demand, such as Instant Pots. Decide to wait until Black Friday and the chance that it will come before Christmas goes out the window as both retailers and manufacturers are struggling to fulfill the large volume of orders.

When it comes to Apple products, you can look at our iPad predictions and Apple Watch price predictions for 2020.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details and availability of the products and offers in this post are subject to change at any time. Make sure they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital trends can earn commissions on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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