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Best Prime Day iPad Deals 2020: iPad 10.2 and iPad Pro

All types of personal activities have been postponed or suspended this year, and online events have also been affected. Prime Day, Amazon’s big summer inflation for Prime members, was delayed (although thankfully it did not stop) and is now scheduled to occur on October 13 and 14 – not long before Black Friday, the big sale that inspired these Prime Day deals Firstly . Prime Day is always a hot time for deals on all kinds of advanced technologies like Apple gadgets, and we expect there to be many deals on iPads this year as well. To help you find them, we’ve put together a list of all the best Prime Day iPad deals along with a summary of some of our sales predictions.

7;s best Prime Day iPad deals

  • Apple iPad Mini (64 GB, Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 350, was $ 399
  • Apple iPad Air (256 GB, mobile + Wi-Fi)$ 680 with two year contract, was $ 780
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (16 GB, renewed)$ 289, was $ 400
  • Apple iPad (128 GB, Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 400, was $ 429
  • Apple iPad Pro (1 TB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, latest model)$ 1428, was $ 1,449
  • Apple iPad 10.2 (128 GB, Wi-Fi, latest model) $ 395 was $ 429

Prime Day has not started yet, but given the unmatched demand for these tablets, there are always iPad deals floating around if you know where to look. If you’re looking for an iPadOS tablet and do not want to wait for Amazon’s big annual blowout to begin, here’s our backs: Here’s a quick and dirty compilation of the best pre-Prime Day iPad deals available right now at 10.2 -inch iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and premium iPad Pro.

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When are the best Prime Day iPad deals?

As with all seasonal retail events, the best Prime Day iPad deals are likely to drop during the actual sales days. That said, as is the case with other sales, Amazon likes to throw out some early teaser deals in advance – usually during the week before Prime Day – to whet the appetite and give Prime members a taste of the good things to come.

Some of these early Prime Day iPad deals may actually be your best chance to get a discount on a particular model you have become instantly. If you see one you like, do not send it by assuming that it will be resold (or even if it is, that it will be the same configuration you want to be offered at the same low price). If you see that it is cheaper, Prime Day will come, you can always return the one you bought and buy it again at the lower price. Do not be shy when using Amazon’s generous return policy to your advantage. That’s what knowledgeable customers do.

What the Prime Day iPad offers to expect

There are five iPad models on the market that we currently recommend: 2019 10.2-inch iPad, 2019 iPad Air, 2019 iPad Mini, 2018 iPad Pro and 2020 iPad Pro (Pro is the only one we think is still worth buying last generation if you find it at a discount). Also keep in mind that the iPad Pro is available in two different sizes: 11 inches and 12.9 inches. We expect to see all of these among this year’s Prime Day iPad offerings, so whatever you are looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find it.

Based on what we have observed during other sales, we hope that the 10.2-inch iPad starts at $ 50 off, iPad Air and Mini at $ 50- $ 100 off, and 2020 iPad Pro at $ 100- $ 200 off . These predictions are for the base models, so you can find even bigger discounts on the more expensive upgraded devices with more RAM and storage. However, the best Prime Day iPad deals may actually be for the iPad Pro 2018, as retailers like Amazon are trying to move these older generation of latest generation to make room for the newer stuff. If this turns out to be the case during Prime Day, do not hesitate to grab one as it may be a sign that they will not be staying much longer (and certainly not at these prices).

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

If you’re looking for a new iPad, wait until Black Friday (and in addition Cyber ​​Monday) you will not do anything good. This is because prices do not vary much on Black Friday compared to Prime Day. You will also see major shipping delays if you shop on Black Friday because unlike Prime Day, the offers are not exclusive to Prime members. The high demand during the Black Friday season can also lead to the iPad you want running out of stock and you lose the chance to get your holiday shopping ready on time. Take advantage of these Prime Day iPad offers so you can get the tablet you want, at the price you want, before it runs out of stock.

Are some Prime Day iPad deals too good to be true?

You can never go wrong with any Apple products. That said, if you’re looking for a new Bluetooth keyboard or cover for your iPad, you’ll probably buy products from other companies. When looking at products other than Apple that you can use with your new iPad, make sure you put some basic research into them. Make sure you look at product reviews and ratings and choose your iPad accessories from a company you’ve heard of before. . If you see a heavily discounted Bluetooth keyboard or iPad cover from a company you do not recognize, it is safe to say that the deal is suspicious and may be too good to be true. Stick to these simple tips and you will save yourself from lots of disappointment.

How to choose an iPad

Prime Day iPad Deals

There are a decent amount of iPads available out there, especially with Apple announcing the new iPad Air at the September event this fall. That said, which iPad should you choose? It all depends on what you plan to use your tablet for.

If you want an iPad that most closely resembles a regular computer, go with iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is powerful, has thin frames and an edge-to-edge screen and long battery life to keep you productive all day. It also has a pixel-packed floating retina display that gives you clarity like no other tablet has done before. If you are big on using heavy apps like Photoshop and want to replace your work computer with something more compact, buy iPad Pro. It’s the most expensive iPad on the market, but its A12X Bionic processor and sleek design make it worth the investment.

For those of you who want a tablet that offers the iPad Pro workhorse function without the real price tag, buy iPad Air (2020). Available in October, this iPad has the newer, more powerful A14 chip processor and has wonderful narrow edges that make it the lightest and most powerful tablet at its price tag. It’s definitely a step up from its predecessors and like the iPad Pro, it can also be paired with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, making it a sleek 2-in-1 device. It also uses Touch ID unlike the iPad Pro, so if you’re not a fan of Apple’s Face ID, this is the tablet for you. Not to mention it’s about $ 200 cheaper than the iPad Pro.

If you are looking for an even more affordable and compact alternative, the iPad Mini is for you. It is considered a small screen tablet but still has some of the best features of the iPad Pro and Air. It has a powerful retina display and integrated Touch ID for extra privacy. It can also be paired with an Apple Pencil so you can use it to take notes or illustrate in your spare time. Although the bionic chip A12 is not as powerful as for the iPad Air or iPad Pro, you can still multitask with ease on this mini tablet. In addition, it weighs just over half a kilo, which makes it the most portable Apple tablet out there.

Finally, the latest iPad 10.2 is every hunter’s favorite option. It only costs $ 329 (without Prime Day discounts) and has almost all the same features as the iPad Mini except for having a larger screen. If you are looking for an affordable iPad with a great retina display and decent multitasking features, go for the latest iPad 10.2.

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