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Best push tool for your home gym – review Geek

You don't need a gym membership to get fit. Pushups are a great way to work your upper body and core, and if you have extra tools, your workouts can give you more intense results.

If you are new to training or you are more than experienced, these tools will help you get the best deal in your pushups, even adding extra difficulties when you need it. Be sure to check out this list if you want to make the most of your pushups because we have chosen all kinds of tools that not only target specific muscles but also muscles that normal pushups do not reach. In addition, we have taken into account safety by simply selecting tools that encourage good training position and protect your wrists.

Best Push Up Trainer: Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up ($ 50)

There are different positions to make pushups in, but what do they all mean? If you want the perfect launch in any position, as well as total strength and conditioning instructions, the Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up can be your training system.

Use the color-coded card to direct your chest (blue), shoulders (red), back (yellow) and triceps (green). With 14 positions, this trainer will promote a suitable shape to not only prevent injury, but to help you get the most out of your workout so you can maximize your upper body definition and strength. Handles that you place on the board are designed to stay in place during your pushups, but can be easily removed so you can change positions. Moreover, they are oversized so that your wrists are protected from pressure (puts less pressure on your wrists than a normal floor press up).

Finally, this training system comes with a 10-week training calendar with three phases: start, rev up and explosion, all of which combine core, heart and plyometric exercises. There are also QR codes on the board so you can see how each position is properly.

Best Rotating Pushup Handles: Perfect Fitness Pushup Elite ($ 25)

While the Maximum Fitness Gear above is good for helping you with positioning, you can look for more intensity with your workout. If so, (or if you are new and want more challenge), check out the Perfect Fitness Pushup Elite Handles.

These handles turn slightly when you push down and up and engage more muscles than a regular push up. From beginner to expert, you can get a good burn and benefit from the increase in strength and tone of your torso. Whether on your knees, toes or even a box, your arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs will be activated.

With the smooth but robust handle swings, your body will move more naturally, as if you were using dumbbells. This leads to less pressure on your joints and lower risk of injury, especially since your weight is more evenly distributed.

Best push-up bars: CAP Barbell push-up bars ($ 19)

Print keys are a great way to not only make your wrists stronger (and ultimately allow you to do more pushups), but they also give you more of a core training than regular pushups. Like the Perfect Fitness Push Elite, these CAP Barbell Push Up Bars are great for simple pushups. With these pushup bars, you can do pushups on almost any surface, especially because of the durable hard rubber feet.

These CAP Barbell Push Up Bars are built to enhance your launch by allowing a larger range of motion, so you bring your chest all the way down to your hands as you hold onto the bars, making you work harder than your standard push up.

And if you work regularly with your workouts, you may know the dangers of the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome and even arthritis. These CAP bars will surely put pressure on these wrists and tone your chest, shoulders, arms, back, abdomen and even your lower body.

Best Ab Wheel: Fitness Ab Machine ($ 27)

Some of the pushups (and upper body training in general) work out the stomachs. Your abs acts as stabilizing muscles when doing pushups, so when using a tool like this Fitness Machine Ab Machine, you not only make a push for pushups, but you really target your abs.

Fitness Ab Machine is a heavy wheel with stainless steel handle. Grab these padded handles with the wheel on the ground and extend your body as far as the wheel takes you. You can be on your toes or knees and you will not lose control of the wheel as it is lined with a solid rubber that gives you total control during exercise.

The fitness device also comes with a knee pad and two e-books: one for nutrition and one for exercise. While this exercise focuses on your abdominal muscles, you will definitely feel a burn in your chest muscles, helping to train you for pushups as well.

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