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Best smart devices for an Airbnb home

So you get a living space ready for Airbnb. You work to remove or secure your personal valuables. You are double-checked supplies and make sure you are fully stocked with things like toilet paper, soap and towels. Maybe you add some safety features, such as sliding mats in the bathroom or a first aid kit. And you definitely clean everything from top to bottom.

But do you know what really makes an Airbnb spotlight? The best technical and smart devices. For an optimal Airbnb experience, you should really consider installing the right devices to secure the space, make it more comfortable and manage it from much easier. Here are the best devices and ideas to turn your rental into the ideal Airbnb room.

Internet info and router

  samsung smartthings wifi network network router konsol2 1

Your guests will absolutely expect a Wi-Fi connection that offers reliable access throughout the living space (plus, you need it for many of the smart ones) units that we will mention later). Make sure you have a router that can provide such service and that it is on and ready to be connected. Provide clear access information for your router in a printed card or similar edition for guests. However, make sure that the router's account access is different so that they cannot log in to your settings.

Smart security sensors

  Smart Smoke alarm detects fire and natural gas detector

Smart security sensors play several important roles in your Airbnb home. First, we suggest a leak sensor or two that are connected to your phone and can send messages if they find out that water is leaking out. You do not want leaks to develop during the washing machine or in the bathroom and damage before they are discovered.

Second, we propose a smoke and CO detector. Not only can this device help to catch fires early if they start – they can also let you know if your guests smoke when they should not be, which should be a clear violation of your rules.

When it comes to security cameras, it is something for you to decide for yourself. Security cameras inside the house are a bad idea. Guests hate them, they have previously been used for decent purposes by Airbnb renters, and you are legally required to tell guests if you have them. But an outdoor security camera can add security to the property and help you keep track of your arrival and departure if you feel it necessary.

Smart door locks

  August Smart Lock door

Smart door locks are one of the best units for an Airbnb rental. Inside, they can protect rooms that you may not want guests to come in if it is not absolutely necessary (work or hobby areas, areas with sensitive / expensive units, etc.). At the front door, they are a great way to ensure that the door is always unlocked for your guests and locked for security when needed … no matter where you are.

Make sure you get a smart door lock that includes the possibility of offering temporary smartphone sent to other phones for a certain period of time. Then it is not necessary to change keys with guests – and any possible problems that the process can give.

Chargers for mobile devices

  Ikea Nordmarke wireless charging plate

It is high that your guests will have several mobile devices that will serve as a smart addition. needs regular charging. Help them by including a multi-port charging deck of different types that can help load different devices simultaneously. Everyone will appreciate it. Or, if you feel even more advanced, including a wireless charging pad large enough to hold some smartphones at the same time.

Smart thermostat

  smart home Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Smart heating and Smart thermostat options like Nest Thermostat have various advantages with Airbnb rental. They allow you to set temperatures to ensure that the living room is comfortable for guests arriving before they get there. They also allow you to keep track of the temperature and ensure that it is comfortable, normal and that guests do not argue with it too much. Smart thermostats are also good for adjusting based on how and when people move around the home, taking some work out of your hands.

Smart Device TV Program

<img src = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-dt-lazy-src = "https://icdn2.digitaltrends.com/ image / the-roku-channel-canada-720×720.jpg "onerror =" dti_load_error (this) "class =" size-large wp-image-2285841 dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending "alt =" where to watch free movies online roku channel canada [19659005] No matter how busy your guests can be, there will be times when they want to sit down and watch some TV. If you have a TV you can make it easier for them by add an HDMI and / or USB cable, making it easier for travelers to connect their own devices and stream their favorite programs.

Or you can connect a TV streaming own service, such as a Roku Express, Amazon Fire TV stick or Chromecast that delivers a variety of streaming options from the best programs (think Netflix, HBO, local TV tuner etc.) This can be a valuable staff that guests will really appreciate.

Some also like to include smart speakers with instructions on how to ask them directions or connection to music devices. However, these devices tend to be unpopular among many guests, who are often concerned about their integrity. Owners often find them disconnected or hidden instead of being used, so think carefully before including anything like an Amazon Echo device in your rental.

Bedtime Devices

  how to clean a humidifier

Several units can make bedrooms and sleep more comfortable for your guests, something safe to win you appreciation. Customize them to your situation. If you live near a busy road, you might want a white noise machine. If you live in a dry climate, you may want to create a humidifier. A good alarm clock is always a plus as well. Not all guests want to use the phone to check the time.

A good coffee maker

 best smart devices for an airbnb home sharkninja coffee maker

Impress the guests through including a nice coffee maker. It doesn't have to be smart, but with many options for setting timers and bridge strength is a good bonus.

A Wi-Fi printer

 smartest devices for an airbnb home printer

Yes, a good printer is a surprisingly important device for Airbnb. guests. There are many times where they may have to print tickets, passports and permits for various activities during their stay and when they return home. Not everyone accepts or prefers digital passports, so a small Wi-Fi friendly printer can be a very valuable service for your guests.

A Luxury Welcome App


If you really have invested in Airbnb rental, especially as a source of reliable income, you can also go to extra steps and guest management platform like YourWelcome. YourWelcome offers a guest table that explains services, offers local recommendations or services, and provides them with an environment of space and surroundings within their fingertips. Guests can use it to easily communicate, check in in advance, request details and more. It is also common to sell extra services and make extra income from your properties.

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