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Call of Duty Warzone: The Best Gray Loadout in Warzone

How well are you performing in Call of Duty: Warzone has a lot to do with the weapon you use. War zone is a real test of skill, as it throws you into all sorts of situations, from near to long range firefights and everything in between. One of the best weapons in the game is Grau 5.56, which excels in many situations, making it an excellent choice when choosing firearms. But what attachments should you use with it? And what about the benefits and equipment that complement it?

In this guide, we go through some different Grau loads that you definitely want to try – as well as some tips to learn how to use each one. So whether you are brand new to War zone, or a veteran looking for a new load, this guide will surely help you.

Here are the best Grau 5.56 loads in War zone.

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Grau 5.56 overview

Grau 5.56 is one of the most versatile weapons of all War zone. It works for most playing styles, has high accuracy and range and is relatively easy to control. It also has useful iron sights, which frees up an expensive attachment space to make it even better. The other great thing about this weapon is that you can cut it out with various accessories to effectively turn it into an elongated laser beam or a close SMG. You can add up to 60 round mags to it and even remove its layers to make it as light or heavy as you want it to be. Grau 5.56 is a great choice for new players because it works in so many situations, but that does not mean that experienced players can not use it either.

Long range

Let’s start with the long range, as this is probably the most useful due to the number of battles you will encounter by far. In most cases, we always recommend that you drive with a suppressor of some kind to avoid being detected on the mini map. In this case, we have added the monolithic suppressor, which also increases your range and accuracy, at the expense of the ADS speed (downward direction). We also recommend the Tempus 26.4-inch archangel barrel to increase the damage area and bullet speed and help reduce recoil.

Commando foregrip lower mount bracket helps with recoil, and Cronen Sniper Elite rear grip helps aim for stability, giving you extra accuracy and control. Finally, we want to add 50-round mags since the time to kill in War zone is much higher. Some players choose to use 60-round magazines in their place, but in our experience, 50 is enough to get the job done, and going with fewer rounds will increase your mobility. If you find yourself in situations where you often need more ammunition, add the 60-round mags.

If you have problems with the iron sight, you should change either the rear grip or the bracket under the barrel of your choice. Since you will be using this for long battles, you will need all the accuracy reinforcements you can get, which is why we choose to stick to the iron sight.

Here are all the attachments for a long-distance Grau 5.56 installation:

Muzzle Monolithic damper
Barrel A 26.4 “archangel
Lower sleeve Command advance
Ammunition 50 round mags
Rear grip Cronen Sniper Elite

Here is a clip of this class in action.

For this particular encounter in the video above, we could pretty much hold down the shutter button to take out the enemy. For longer distances, it is best to press the shutter button to ensure you stay on target. If you are struggling with this, you can actually equip the 3-round burst benefits instead, but we recommend it because it eats up a mounting spot. It is better to learn to fire by pressing the shutter button. The weapon has a relatively high rate of fire, which in turn increases its recoil.

When it comes to your secondary, you want something that complements your long-distance Grau. Something that the Akimbo .357 with Snake ammunition will do wonders. The secondary from your charge is not as important in Warzone, as you can easily pick up an extra weapon from a delivery box.

For benefits, we usually always use Cold-Blooded, Ghost and either Amped or Tune Up for the third benefit. Cold-blooded protects you from those who use thermal range, Ghost will prevent you from appearing under the enemy’s UAV and will keep you away from the enemy’s heart rate sensors. For the third benefit, it depends on the type of player you are. You can not really go wrong with Tune Up, which increases your revival time by 25%, but if you find yourself having to change weapons often, Amped should be your go-to, as it increases the weapon change speed.

Finally, equipped with either C4s or proximity mines, depending on your playing style. Those who like to sit in one place for longer periods can choose to have a mine to protect their backs. For us, even though this is a long distance class, we think the C4s are the most useful. You may want to add the heart rate sensor as your tactical equipment, even though we have been driving with smoke to keep us safe in sticky situations.

Close up

But what if you are not a long-distance player at all? Do not worry, we have covered you with a fantastic near Grau installation. You can completely transform it from being a long-distance power plant to an SMG by using specific accessories. Again, stick to the monolithic suppressor to help with accuracy and for a small range increase (you can also replace it with another suppressor if you do not mind the recoil). The ZLR Drifter A-08 barrel significantly reduces weight, increases ADS speed and improves recoil, while the Tac laser also improves ADS speed and helps with accuracy and stability.

To further help with your mobility and ADS speed, remove the layer completely. This gives it a real SMG feel at the expense of increasing the recoil, something – which is perfectly fine because you will still use this up close. Finally add the Cronen Sniper Elite rear grip to increase its accuracy and control. You may feel inclined to add extra ammunition, and if you do, replace either the Tac laser or the aforementioned Cronen grip. We found that in most cases it is 30 rounds a lot, but that may not always be the case for you.

Use these attachments to make your Grau an SMG:

Muzzle Monolithic damper
Barrel ZLR Drifter A-08
Laser Tac laser
Stock No stock
Rear grip Cronen Sniper Elite

And so it looks in action. Note that a clip of 30 rounds was enough to eliminate two players before reloading.

Since you will be using this weapon up close, you can definitely hold down the shutter just like we did in the video above. In general, we recommend that unless an enemy is in an empty range, you should always aim at the target. You will notice that the added attachments are aimed at improving the ADS speed. For dot-blank intervals, this version of Grau can be effectively fired from the hip.

This is one of those rare occasions where we stick to the secondary we have applied to the load. With this setting, we want to use RPGs, as they are extremely useful and deadly in many situations. RPG complements Grau nicely, so you can take out enemies at medium – and in some cases – long intervals. Although RPGs are tough to use, especially if you’re new to Warzone, maybe pick up a sniper along the way, or equip the Snake shot Akimbo .357 Magnums.

Again, the benefits will be the same as before – Cold-Blooded, Ghost and either Amped or Tune Up. But with this class, you can choose to swap Ghost for Overkill, allowing you to carry two primary weapons. This can be useful for those who want something that is effective in the long run to complement the SMG version of Grau. It’s about how you play, but we highly recommend sticking with Ghost to keep you away from those who use heart rate sensors.

In this case, we recommend that you use either flash grenades or stuns as you will encounter players up close. C4s are again a primary choice here to quit players if you run out of ammo. To do this, throw the C4 forward and detonate it when it comes down and turn it into a much more accurate and deadly grenade. Molotovs are also good, but they are a little less powerful than C4s.


When it comes to a Grau installation that works in a variety of situations – both from long distances and up close – we have a class for you. This class will be useful in most scenarios, but it excels especially at near medium range. Since you will be using this in a variety of scenarios, it is not a bad idea to keep an optic on it. As we mentioned earlier, the iron sights are completely manageable, but this is one of the few circumstances where we recommend that you use a range because you will rely on the weapon in a variety of situations. If you are good without range, replace it with a lower mount.

Be sure to add monolithic suppressors for the reasons listed above, as well as the FSS 20.8-inch Nexus barrel to give you a healthy balance between increased damage, recoil control and bullet speed without sacrificing too much mobility. Use 50-round mags to make sure you have enough ammunition to secure multiple kills in one clip, while still maintaining mobility. Finally, the Cronen Sniper Elite is a solid choice, as it increases your accuracy and control.

Here are the appendices we recommend for a more general version of Grau:

Muzzle Monolithic damper
Barrel FSS 20.8 ″ Nexus
Optical Aim for reflex vision
Ammunition 50 round mags
Rear grip XRK Void II

And here it is in action. Although they are designed to work on medium to long distances, these tools are also effective up close. And even if we reloaded between the dead in the video below, the 50-round mags would have been enough to secure both eliminations within the same clip.

As for your secondary, you can go with either a close range SMG or sniper, just like before. The main purpose of this version of Grau is to be as versatile as possible, so hopefully you do not have to switch to your secondary too often. However, a sniper is never a bad choice, as you will not get any kills from extra long distances with this version of Grau.

For benefits, use the same as we recommended above – Cold-Blooded, Ghost and Amped or Tune Up. We found that cold-blooded and ghost are extremely effective here, as these benefits allow you to remain undetected – perfect in any situation. Remember that if you absolutely need a secondary, replace Ghost with Overkill and add a sniper or something that excels in nearby situations.

You can go with some different equipment for this class. Because your goal is to be as versatile as possible, smoke is always a fixed choice, as you can throw one under you to protect yourself or use them to get to a place. Flashes and stuns work well but are intended for close use, so if you do not feel comfortable with it, go with smoke or a heart rate sensor.

One of the three classes above is likely to work for your gaming. You want to select one and then adjust if it does not feel quite right. The great thing about Grau is that almost all statistics are high by default, and its disadvantages are completely manageable and can be mitigated by adding certain attachments. Other weapons have better individual statistics, but when it comes to a good firearm to use overall, Grau is one of the best.

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