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Coming Soon: Removing Personal Information That Google Assistant Uses Without Opening a Browser «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

New features come to Google Assistant for Android and iOS. You can use the assistant directly inside Waze, enable driving mode to see only relevant activities, get your quick questions answered faster, and make it better to recognize personal references in your life. All this means that you save more data, but there will be more tools that allow you to delete data that you share with the assistant.

While all of these features make Google Assistant more intuitive to use and interact with, the upcoming "Personal References" will be particularly noteworthy, as it treats personal information you share with Google Assistant to more naturally interact with the app. The assistant will better reflect your own unique needs and preferences to complete tasks and questions faster.

By sharing key people, locations, and other personal relationships with Google Assistant, the app can better analyze vague commands and zero in on a specific person, location or object that it considers important based on the data you've shared. If you ask the app for the travel day to a coffee shop you should, for example, give you the time you need to get to your favorite cafe.

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Of course, sharing your personal information with Google Assistant is of course obvious if you value privacy and security. Fortunately, the app will make it relatively easy to delete sensitive data from its database without having to open Google Chrome or another browser in the process.

Check your assistant data and make privacy choices that suit you from "You tab in your assistant settings.

– Google

You would tap your profile picture into the Google Assistant app, select" Settings "and make sure you are from the "You" tab, from there you can change or delete data that you have shared with the app for maximum privacy, which can already be done to some extent, but there are even more options for deleting data and you do not need to open a browser to get the most from it

Image via Google

It is worth noting that while Google Assistant's new Personal References functionality is scheduled to move down sometime this summer along with others like driving mode, some users have reported parts of personal references "new user interface – the new page" your plat look "that lets you add favorite places for the app to use. It is said that we will be careful to cover this function when the rollout begins, so stay tuned.

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