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Compared: The 5 Best Reddit Apps for Android «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Whether you have celebrated several cake days or if you are currently getting your feet wet with Reddit, it is a passport to choose your favorite smartphone client. Fast spoiler: The best option is certainly not the official Reddit app.

Reddit's mobile site is pretty decent, but there is no better way to see "the front of the Internet" than with a dedicated app. Fortunately, heated competition in this sector means that we have many good options to choose from on Android. The selection may seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but especially five devices stand out above the rest. These apps will be the focus of today's comparison.

The interfaces for submitting posts for all five of these apps are very similar, but the browser experience varies a lot. Some use Android built-in web pages (WebView) to display all links, while others can handle links from YouTube, Imgur and more with a built-in popup viewer. Some follow the Android principles of material design, while others have their own unique interface. So there are many differentiating factors, and I will go into them in more detail below.

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Key Comparison Points

App 1: Synchronize for Reddit

If we do not nitpick there are just two things Sync for Reddit could do better: Be cheaper and implement upwote / downvote gestures. Outside of them you are about the perfect Reddit app here. Polished user interface? Verify. Infinite customization options? You bet. Show locations that are perfect for all types of media? Oh, you don't even know.

Let's start with the interface. The basic look is inspired by Google's material design 2, which emphasizes single sun colors to help apps invert their colors if they choose to implement dark mode. Synchronization has also followed in this respect with a dark mode that can be set permanently or automatically based on time of day. But the theme does not end there – you can set custom colors for each element in the app, from the background to buttons and accents.

When it comes to customization options, Sync is only rivaled by Joey, Slide and Boost, but Sync's setup menu is much more organized than them and even has a search feature so you can easily find the option you're looking for.

One of the best features here is the "Show customization" menu where you can select and select exactly which elements are displayed on posts, in comments and even the navigation box. So if you want a button to quickly save posts, you can add it. Or, if you prefer the same button to hide posts, you can replace it. If you want more options, you can add both buttons together with some others – or you can delete everything except the menu button for a clean look.

The area where Sync stands out most is with link management. Virtually every media site shared on Reddit is supported by Sync's built-in viewers, so tapping on an image, GIF or video in your stream results in media being played almost instantly rather than being loaded into an internal or external browser. This makes it feel as if Reddit is a place instead of a collection of links.

Other areas where Sync shines contain filters that can block content from users, websites, keywords, sueddits or even posts with a certain sense. GIF files and videos can even autoplay when you scroll, so there is no need to tap through. There is also support for almost all major Reddit-specific features, except for favorites (although Sync allows you to use star blocks for use on the desktop, it does not just change your subreddit list based on this system because it allows you to do so in app.)

Then there are two useful features in Sync that no other app shared: image fliers and offline downloads. The former is good for subs as / r / nba using logo-based style, while the latter is where Sync gets its name: you can synchronize a subreddit's media and comments to your device so they are still available when you're offline.

Synchronization offers two ways to browse your list of subreddits: a page navigation menu or a drop-down menu. The former can be accessed by seeping in from the left edge of almost any screen, while the latter works by tapping the subreddit's name in the taskbar upwards. Navigation guests are smart, including a turn-to-back feature and the ability to watch images and videos by long pressing them.

Syncs Developer, Laurence Dawson, is extremely active, issues regular updates for over five years now and responds on community inquiries, so the app just keeps getting better. That being said, the gap between Sync and the rest of the field has closed in recent years, largely to the next app on our list.

App 2: Joey for Reddit

Joey goes toe-to-toe with synchronization, fills the sheet with almost all possible features. Important differences are lack of support for Imgur albums (quite a big disappointment), no ability to see a subreddit in their native theme and subpar support for built-in Android features like Appgen Shortcuts and Adaptive Icons. However, it does clear Sync in a key area: Unlike the first app on our list, Joey is completely free and does not show ads.

As one of the newest applications on our list, it's simply impressive how Joey's developers, codesForLiving, have quickly managed to put together one of the most rounded Reddit programs available. Joey really shines with its extensive themes and customization options, along with support for almost all major Reddit features. In short, you won't miss any major features with Joey.

Joey has more settings than a person may need, but that's the point – the app is built to accommodate all tastes. If you don't like how Joey behaves as a standard, even with the smallest things, chances are you can fix it. You have to do some poking around because there is no setup search but you can tweak everything from the animations to the font.

This app can handle almost all types of media submissions on Reddit, but there is a big exception: Imgur albums. If there is an Imgur link in your flow with only one image, it opens perfectly in the built-in viewer. But if the same type of link points to an album with several images, the app uses WebView to open the mobile version of Imgur instead. It's a little frustrating, but on the bright side, it's Joey's only major drawback.

However, where Joey really shines is with its price. Unlike other apps in this list, there is no pro version – Joey is completely free and does not display ads, so there is nothing to upgrade. So while it is missing in a few smaller areas compared to Sync, if you are not willing to pay for a Reddit app, this is what should go with.

Browsing the suberdits is a simple task thanks to a traditional page navigation menu and a set of tabs. You can swipe from the left edge to display the full list of easy scrolling, or you can swipe left or right to scroll through your subscriptions one by one. And there's a really cool Instagram-like up / downvote gesture: double-click to offset a post, or triple-stroke to downplay it.

The guests do not stop there. When you look at a post, you can swipe right to go back. If you want to quickly see content without tapping through and then pressing your back button or swiping back, you can see almost anything in Joey by long pressing it. This works for media, links and even comments, which you can see in the second GIF below.

Aside from the specific issue with Imgur albums mentioned above, the only general complaint I had after testing Joey for a couple of days is the lack of Polish. Not to say that the app is not beautiful with smart UX elements – no, this is a very small issue. These are things like a crowded and tricky navigation menu and some minor quirks with animations.

Honestly, though, I can't say enough good things about Joey. If you are a fan of customization and you want to milk Reddit for everything it is worth – all without paying a dime or posting ads – this should be your new Reddit app.

App 3: Slide for Reddit

Slide is another do-it-all Reddit client, and like the two entries before it, it marks so many boxes. Some features are hidden behind a pay wall, but if you are willing to spring for the trial you will end up with one of the most robust Reddit programs for all platforms – an open source there! [19659002] There are many themes in Slide, but automatic day and night themes are not available in the free version. That being said, you can choose from dozens of colors to use as the main background and different user interfaces, and all of these can be combined with one of nine basic themes, including a true black theme for OLEDs.

There are some data points from the above diagram that I should clarify here. First, the image-based user's feel was used (there is a button in each sub-editors' sidebar offering "Sync Image Flair" and subtracting the part's CSS), but I couldn't get it to work. Ideally, this will happen anyway, as is the case with Sync for Reddit.

Secondly, upward and downward gestures apply only to comments once you have enabled the "Navigation bar vote gestures" setting. Doing so may hover up the up arrow or down arrow at the bottom of the screen to vote for comments. Don't give me wrong here, this is a good thing and an interesting feature – I just wanted to make it clear that you wouldn't get double and threefold buttons on the cast as with Joey.

Slide's setup menu is well organized and full of features, plus you can also search for a specific setting. You can find almost all types of media links on Reddit supported in the app's built-in pop-up viewer, which includes Imgur albums. But perhaps the best setting is a simple shift: Save NSFW History. With this turned off, you leave no traces when browsing the NSFW subdivisions.

Gestures are superfluous here – it's after all that Slide gets its name. Like Joey, you have two options to navigate your subreddit list: the page navigation menu or a set of tabs that you can swap between. The latter can be awkward if you subscribe to dozens of subs, but if you rearrange your subreddit list to put your most visited subs first, it becomes an indispensable feature.

You can watch photos and GIFs with long-lasting presses, and you can swipe right to go back. But Slide's coolest gesture is a simple left-swipe: when you look at a post, just slide your thumb aside and you will be taken to the next post. Compared: The 5 Best Reddit Apps for Android ” width=”234″ height=”234″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  Compared: The 5 Best Reddit Apps for Android

While Slide slides to third place due to some minor features it was missing, it really is neck and neck with the top two on our list. Try, and if you like what you see, buy the pro version to support open source software, unlock some more features, and reach parity with Sync and Joey.

App 4: Boost for Reddit

Hot on the heels of our top three is Boost, a highly customizable option that offers great support for Android's latest features, such as App Steps, Adaptive Icons, and Notification Channels . When you combine this with theme accessories and polished interface, you end up with a smooth and modern Reddit app that is easy to love.

If you're not a fan of Boost's standard look, you don't have to add up with it. There are so many different theme options, from the primary background color down to the text color used to indicate that you have read a post. Combine this with automatic day and night modes, and you have a theme system that can possibly be competed with Sync for Reddit.

The setup menu is quite robust but it is a bit disorganized and there is no search function so you have to point around a lot. It is said that there are controls for the appearance and functionality of virtually every aspect, and the domestic viewer supports the vast majority of Reddit media links.

In order to clarify the data in the diagram above, favorite undercover is a single feature of the app because it does not draw your favorites from Reddit itself. You can star subreddits to move them to the top of the list, but it only applies to the list in Boost. And while there is no true incognito mode, you can completely turn off the history. Not ideal, but a potential solution if it is a must-have function for you.

To navigate between your subreddits, the Boost has the default menu, which is really all you need in most situations. But this is complemented by a drop-down menu of varieties that appear when you press the subreddit name in the taskbar at the top of the screen. I say "of varieties" because it's not a real drop-down menu – it's more like a complete menu, complete with search functionality.

Gestures are not as expansive as some of the other programs on this list, even if they are fluent. You can swipe in from the left edge of almost any screen to get to the page menu, and you can swipe right while in a post's comment section to return to the main list.

Overall, Boost is highly synchronized or Joey – if you have used any of them, you will feel at home with interface. There are no important functions, with the possibility to watch the media and see that live comments are the biggest. But if these are not important to you, it is as good as the first three programs on our list.

App 5: Reddit Relay

The app, previously called Reddit News, Relay for Reddit, runs out our list. To be honest, it is a good Reddit app, but compared to the four first programs above, it is a clear step behind. It is said that there are some unique properties that can make the relay the right choice for you.

Relay port a reinforced Material Design interface with a bottom field in addition to a page navigation menu. It may feel a little beef for some, but it is a matter of taste. Objectively, however, it does not have as many theme settings as the first four programs in this list, but it has at least two dark and bright themes each.

The setup menu is well organized but there is no search function to find specific options. You can choose custom fonts, but it's about the scope of the UI element customization. While most media links are opened in the app's built-in viewer, Imgur albums are unfortunately opened in a WebView browser window.

Filters are almost not as robust as the first four programs on this list, be careful about scrolling / r / all. If a post contains a data table, it becomes a jumbled touch on the first look, but you can see a properly formatted popup on the table by tapping a link that Relay will provide. Other notable features include a live comment mode, the ability to view media, and inline GIF playback.

To navigate your list of subreddits, you must press the "Subreddits" button on the unconventional bottom field, then turn up from the same area. This does the job, but it is not as natural as a page navigation menu would be, and the fact that there is no other easy option for navigating subs puts Rela one step behind the rest of the package here.

Where Rela really shines is with the rest of their gestures. You can swipe to the right of a post to display options such as up and down buttons and the overflow menu. When you tap a link, the external site is loaded by default and you can browse through to read the entire article, but you can also turn from top to bottom of the screen to download the comments section for that submission on Reddit.

My honest recommendation with Relay is to try one of the first four programs on this list first. If you do not know the usual Material Design interface, they all share or you wish there were more creative gestures, then gives Relay a try.


We tested Top Nine Reddit apps for Android. There was a clear separation between the four best apps and the rest of the package. Sync, Joey, Slide and Boost were the cream of the crop, and Relay was the best of the rest. On its heels was Now for Reddit, BaconReader and Reddit Fun, then at the end was the official Reddit app. Here's what you should know about our top five at the end:

Synchronization: Highly polished, extremely feature rich and supports almost all content on Reddit. The only real drawback is an expensive pro version to remove ads.

Joey: Lots of features, very close to Sync overall, clearly better than the rest of the package, but can use a little bit more polish. If you refuse to pay for a Reddit app, Joey is the best option – it's completely free and doesn't show ads.

Slide: Just a slant under Sync and Joey in terms of features, but robust and polished anyway. Themes are missing something, but the possibility of swiping between subreddits or posts is attractive.

Boost: Neck and neck with Slide. Upsides are a solid interface and many options. Declines are a lack of smaller UX features and fewer options for displaying the media.

Relay: A step behind the first four applications, as it lacks something in customization options and has a design that some can find sticky. But if you're a fan of gestures, Relay is a good choice.

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