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ESPN + is the best kept secret in the Disney package

Now we all know that Disney + and the Disney Bundle are a great deal. With Disney + which usually costs $ 7 per month, for an extra $ 6 per month, you get Hulu and ESPN + which is a great value. $ 13 per month for three streaming services? What more could you need? You have all the latest Disney content, Simpsons, Marvel movies, the Star Wars series and all the latest Hulu exclusives. Oh yes, and ESPN + – the forgotten gem of the Disney Bundle crown.

It’s something that may not sound immediately appealing if you’re just a casual sports fan, but we think ESPN + is actually the best kept secret in the Disney Bundle. It offers so much more than you expect with gripping content that will surely fascinate you.

First and foremost, it gives you access to thousands of events from MLB, NHL, MLS, Serie A, FA Cup, Top Rank Boxing and much more. It includes both live sporting events and stock footage, so if there is a classic match between your favorite sites, you can easily dive in and remember the good old days, especially if your team is not so hot right now. College sports are also an option that gives you good insight into upcoming big stars in the near future.

ESPN + is also home to the entire UFC with exclusive PPV events, Fight Nights, Dana White̵

7;s Contender Series and archives of the UFC’s biggest fights. There is no better place to stay up to date on the latest developments in the UFC.

Where ESPN + becomes a little more unusual, it is through ESPN + Originals coverage. It would be easy to think that ESPN + is about what’s going on at this very moment, but its latest on-demand programs and documentaries are really fascinating. Want to know more about Oscar Pistorius’ life? There’s Oscar Pistorius’ life and try exclusively on ESPN +. There are also compelling documentaries from the legendary NFL star Peyton Manning in the form of Peyton’s Places, together with Bettor Days, an exciting look at unforgettable sports game stories.

There is also full access to the award-winning library 30 for 30, a series of documentaries that look at interesting people and events in sports history. And there is plenty of coverage to help you with your fantasy football team, and who can resist good tips on that front? It’s a great way to make sure you have a chance to beat your buddies who always seem famous every season.

ESPN + is far from just about live events and that’s why we think it’s a phenomenal value. With the Disney package that only costs $ 13 per month, ESPN + is effectively thrown in for free. Irresistible, right?

Do not delay – sign up today. Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + all for just $ 13 a month are the best streaming deal out there, and you’ll be so happy to have so much to choose from.

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