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Everything you actually need in your first home office – Review Geek

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2020 has become the year to work from home, which makes millions of people have to whip up a home office practically overnight. If you are wondering what you need to create your own home office (or if you want to upgrade your current installation), we have compiled a list of everything you need to get started.

When we worked on this list, we approached it from the point of view that you already have a desk or a working surface, along with a decent laptop or desktop computer. Otherwise, this list covers the best home office supplies, from keyboards to cable management tools. With it, you are ready to handle video calls and watch YouTube videos write reports all day. We also tried to choose ergonomic products so that you can maintain the correct posture while working.

Huge desk mat: Razer Gigantus v2 XXL

Huge desk rug

Protect your desk and make it look better with the Razer Gigantus v2 XXL desk mat. The mat not only provides a smooth surface where you can maneuver the mouse, but it also ensures that your desk is not screwed up when you do so. And, to be honest, it also does a great job of tying everything up on your desk and making it look good.

Gigantus v2 has a micro-textured surface for precise movement and a surface coating that enables both fast and controlled movements. A non-slip rubber base keeps it in place on your desk, and a minimalist approach to branding and design will not distract you.

A quality budget-friendly display: Dell 27-inch LED display

A quality budget-friendly monitor

A good monitor is a must if you own a desktop computer, and it can make it easier to see things if you work from a laptop. The Dell 27-inch LED display is a solid display for your first home office, as its wide design allows for convenient display of two windows side by side. It also shows things in full 1080p HD.

The screen has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and tilts slightly so you can find the angle that suits you best. It also has nice thin frames and a small stand that does not take up much space on your desk. The built-in power supply reduces clutter and offers both HDMI and VGA ports for flexible connection.

A combination of keyboard and mouse: Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard Bundle

A combination of keyboard and mouse

It can take days to try to track down a good keyboard and mouse. Lucky for you, our favorite mouse and keyboard come as a combination and even an ergonomic wrist rest. The Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard Bundle is the perfect combination for your home office, plus the peripherals have a comfortable reliable design that works as hard as you do.

The package includes Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse and Logitech MX Palm Rest. The mouse and keyboard offer a smart and easy-to-use design and their clean modern design allows them to blend in perfectly with most home offices. settings.

If you prefer mechanical keyboards, we also have many options there.

Speaking up: FIFINE K669B USB microphone

Speak louder

If your current computer does not have a decent built-in microphone, a simple USB microphone can easily solve the problem. FIFINE K669B USB microphone is a budget-friendly microphone with good sound for the price and enough for video calls in the workplace.

The 16-bit 48 kHz cardio-polar microphone does not come with software that allows you to adjust the settings. However, its storage settings are good enough for situations such as video calls or recording podcasts right out of the box, so it’s a good beginner – friendly choice.

Listen to music and meetings with comfortable headphones or earphones

Skullcandy place

Listening to employees in a video call can be difficult if you have children or pets, but headphones offer a simple solution. Skullcandy Venue Bluetooth headphones are a perfect choice for those who prefer an over-ear fit with active noise reduction (ANC). The headphones have incredible bass response, a built-in microphone, 24-hour battery and built-in controls for volume adjustment and more.

Jabra Elite 75t

If you prefer earphones over headphones, the Jabra Elite 75t is the pair we eagerly recommend. These real wireless earbuds offer a super comfortable fit, even when you wear them all day, as well as outstanding crystal clear sound quality across all frequencies. The headphones also have an excellent battery life – about 7 hours – which is the better part of a working day, plus another 21 from the included charging case. They will also receive an update at the end of October that provides active noise reduction (ANC).

If you already have some decent headphones or earphones and can afford to wait a bit, the Jabra Elite 85t will be delivered later this year, which should provide improvements compared to the already large 75t.

Light up your workspace: SHINE HAI Touch Control Desk Lamp

Light up your workspace

If your home office could use more light, a simple modern lamp is all you really need. Some, like the SHINE HAI Touch Control Desk Lamp, even come with two fast-charging USB ports that let you charge your devices while you work.

The lamp’s simple minimalist design will easily blend into the rest of the furniture in your room. It has three brightness levels and you can cycle through each one or turn the lamp on or off by simply touching the lamp base or pole. It also has a small footprint that does not eat up too much space on the desk and it comes with a vintage ST64 LED lamp.

Reduce elongation: SimpleHouseware Metal Monitor Stand Riser

Reduce the elongation

Crushing your desk all day and staring at your laptop can cause discomfort to both your eyes and neck at some point. Make your workspace more ergonomic with a tripod step where you can set up your laptop or monitor and keep things at (or at least closer to) eye level.

This one from SimpleHouseware has a clearance of 5.8 inches, as well as compartments on the side and bottom for storage of paper, pens, staplers and other office materials. In addition to providing relief for your eyes and neck, the riser also acts as a supplier organizer, which can keep your workspace insufficient.

Charge all things: AUKEY 5-in-1 wireless charging hub

Load all things

The AUKEY 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Hub makes it easy to keep your phone, tablet, laptop and other devices charged throughout your work day. It supports 10 W wireless fast charging for compatible devices as well as 5 W standard wireless charging. It also has a 100W USB-C Power Delivery port that is perfect for charging like a MacBook Pro.

AUKEY Hub’s HDMI port outputs 4K with 30 fps video to large screens with ease. It also uses USB 3.0, which enables fast data transfer up to 5 Gbps if you need to connect an external hard drive or transfer files from your phone to your computer.

Protect against overload: Bototek Surge Protector

Protect against overload

If you are going to use an artillery of electronics all day, you should have a reliable surge protector at your desk that acts as a protection against power spikes and oscillations. This one from Bototek has 10 AC sockets, 4 USB charging ports and a 6-foot extension cord. It should be enough to cover computers, monitors, speakers, a printer, a lamp and other peripherals without breaking a sweat.

Or you may find it more convenient to invest in a UPS battery backup with surge protection. The 600V APC UPS has seven power outlets and a USB port for charging your phone. This device will keep your devices powered on if your power goes out.

Make video calls with a high quality webcam

If you have a premium laptop, the built-in webcam is probably enough for video calling. But if you do not (or you also want to get into streaming), you want to upgrade to something better.

Logitech C920e

The Logitech C920e is a solid 1080p webcam and it comes in environmentally friendly packaging. Its dual microphones, located on either side of the camera, record natural stereo sound and automatically filter out background noise.


If you have a tighter budget to stick to, definitely check out the AUKEY FHD webcam. It has a 2 MP camera with a 1 / 2.9-inch CMOS sensor that can stream and record in 1080p HD at 30 fps. Fixed focus extends to five meters, while dual microphones capture stereo sound.

If you use the webcam on your computer, you may want to consider using a webcam cover for privacy. And if you can not find a webcam that suits your needs or prefer to save a few bucks by getting creative, check out our webcam options.

For reminders, schedules and doodles: Nøk and Cranny Whiteboard

For reminders, schedules and doodles

This unique writing board from Nøk and Cranny makes it easy to write down a quick note or draw out the week’s tasks. It is made of durable bamboo and even has a pull-out drawer that is perfect for storing drying marks, erasers and other office materials.

Handle wires and cables with washers, sleeves and clips

With all the devices and accessories that you have purchased for your home office, it is quite inevitable that you will need to configure some kind of cable management system. Fortunately, there are some options to help you hold back the chaotic clutter of wires and surge protectors that are likely to swallow the underside of your desk.

Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Management Tray

A cable management compartment under the desk, like these from Scandinavian Hub, are perfect for keeping cords stuffed and out of the way behind or under your desk. It is great for both traditional and standing desks and comes in black, brown and white to match your office. It is easy to assemble and can be combined with others if you need more length.

JOTO cable sleeves

If you want something that is just … smaller, go with JOTO Cable Management Sleeves. They let you line up all your cables together and wrap them in a flexible neoprene sleeve with zipper. The sleeves come in four packs and can each hold as many as 10 cables. You can even use ties or tape to attach it to the back of the desk for a super clean look.

Basic sketch 3-pack cable cutting organizer

Finally, you can choose a cable clip organizer, like this one from Baskiss, if you just want to keep the charging cables ready. The organizer is easily mounted on any surface, whether it is wood, glass, metal or plastic. It has slots for seven cables (each up to a maximum of 6 mm).

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