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Everything you need for Ultimate Mobile Office – Review Geek

Your desk is large, comfortable and perfect for getting things done. Your laptop is … less so. But with a few extra gadgets you can pinch the basic amenities of a full desktop installation into a bag and take them anywhere.

We have selected some perfect add-on items that will work with any laptop running Windows or MacOS, and most Windows-powered tablets as well. Getting the whole kit and caboodle unrolled in an airport is not very practical, but for a longer work session in a hotel room (or your mother-in-law basement), it's a good package. Mix and match them as you like, pack things or leave them as your needs require.

For Comfy Input: A Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard

Laptops are much better than what they used to be when it comes to keyboards and touchpad, but you just can't hit a real mouse and keyboard combo. It's double if you've made the transition to a tablet: these combinations of keyboard clothes make it a lot to be desired. Bluetooth is convenient and connects automatically, and it will work with all modern laptops.

For your mouse, we recommend Logitech's excellent Triathlon M720. This mouse is bigger and much more comfortable than your typical "travel" mouse, but it contains all the features you want, with five standard buttons and fast scroll wheel. The mouse contains both a typical USB dongle and Bluetooth compatibility, and it can quickly switch between up to three programmed devices. (Practical if you also bring a tablet together!) Best of all, an AA battery lasts for several months. The walking price of this mouse switches around, but it can often be found for less than thirty dollars.

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Logitech makes keyboards with the same quick connect technology. It is a mechanical board that uses low profile switches and a compact layout, which embodies a full-sized mechanical feel to something that you can easily slip into the bag. The switches feel better than any laptop or ready-made keyboard, and it comes with backlighting and multiple devices. The keyboard is available with white (clicky), brown (bump, but no click) and red (smooth linear) switches; Choose the last one if you are worried about writing noise. Bonus: It comes with its own bag.

For more work space: A USB powered screen

If you have been spoiled by a setting with two or three screen screens at home or at work, things that are done on just one screen may feel suffocating. Fortunately, there is a solution: bring a monitor with you! And since most backpacks cannot accommodate a 20-pound screen, there are portable versions that use a single USB cable for both power and video. Obviously pulling it out and setting it up for every work session is not ideal, but it is excellent if you have some time and space to save.

For most users, we recommend HP's EliteDisplay S140u. The 14-inch size goes well with most laptops, and features a sturdy stand that is stable and protects your screen while traveling. Its 1600 × 900 resolution will not tax your laptop's integrated graphics, and the A-style USB 3.0 cable works with most modern machines without adapters. If you need something higher with USB-C, check out this Asus model instead.

For trouble-free power: A portable surge protector

Belkin surge protector has three my companions on every major business trip in the past decade. It's simple, flexible and keeps you from having to fight the mob at the airport for the only available outlet. In addition to a basic protection for your precious laptop, it includes dual USB jacks to give a quick boost to your mobile gadgets without having to pull out another adapter. Always make sure this is in the bag and you will be the most popular participant in the conference.

For easy viewing: A Tablet Kickstand

 anchor, boot stand, tabletop stand, ipad stand, portable,

If you're traveling with a tablet, or if you just want a more convenient way to See your phone for extended periods, this Anchor stand is an excellent feature of your work bag. It is lightweight but strong and it can handle even the largest, heaviest tablets in almost any reading or point of view.

For emergency backup: A portable battery

 portable battery, helo video, usb-c ]

If you are a regular traveler, you probably use a portable battery to keep your phone charged. But if you are looking for a new one, this model from Heloideo is good. It plugs directly into the wall for charging and includes Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C cables integrated into its body – all you need to load almost any mobile device into a tight package. 10000mAh should charge all phones at least twice, and it includes a standard USB port for non-standard devices. Do you need a battery that is large enough to charge your laptop? Then the RAVPower Portable AC socket, with dual capacity and a standard wall socket, is built-in, whatever you want.

Merge everything: A good portable bag

You need something to put all these things in. If you don't already have a laptop bag that you like, we have plenty of recommendations for both premium and budget options. The vegetable cream is Peak Design Everyday Messenger, a bag filled with excellent materials, smart design and flexible storage options. It's expensive at $ 250, but it will carry your laptop, all in the list above and more, while looking great and protecting it well.

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