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Facebook rolls out live broadcast to Messenger room – Review Geek

Four poeples live broadcasts in a Messenger room.

Recently, Facebook Messenger Rooms revealed it is a Zoom-like video chat. It supports up to 50 callers, and you join via Messenger or a shared link on Facebook. Now Facebook is rolling out the opportunity to broadcast your Messenger Room live so that everyone can see the conversation without joining.

As the pandemic continues, we have begun to use video conferencing in new and interesting ways. You will find table readings of sections of Community or send from movies like Lord of the Rings reunited over video calls and broadcast for all to see.

Facebook built its new Messenger Room feature for such scenarios. Maybe you have a book club meeting and belong to a book lovers group that would be interesting. Or you want to reactivate a favorite scene for all your friends. All you have to do is start a room and then send it to your profile, page or group and invite people to watch. Anyone can then watch the chat without joining the room and participating directly.

Facebook made some sensible restrictions. Only the Messenger Room creator can choose to send. And before the broadcast begins, everyone in the room must join the live stream or leave if they do not want to participate.

The room creator can add or remove participants at any time, and participants can choose to leave at any time as well. It should prevent anyone from getting caught up in a live stream. Facebook says the feature is now being rolled out in “some countries”

; and plans to roll out to all countries that will eventually support Messenger Rooms.

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